Saratoga County, New York

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William J. Burke & Sons Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates 1923 through 1929

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ID Surname Given Name age Where born DOB DOD Place of Burial Place of Death/Last Residence Occupation Race Rel Mar Book PG Death Notice Notes Father (F)Birth Place Mother (M)Birth Place Spouse Charge to/ordered by Nearest Relative
1224 Richards Erastus John 69y4m19d Greenwich,NY 17Aug1853 05Jan1923 Greenridge Wiltonville,NY Blacksmith American P M 1922 26
Dr.Roods Peleg Richards Greenwich,NY Amanda W.Hurd Greenfield,NY Hattie A. Green Estate
1225 McCormick John J. 53y Cohoes,NY 1870 18Jan1923 St. Peter's 91 Oak St. Laborer American C S 1922 27
Dr.A.J.Leonard Patrick McCormick Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary Crough Co.Tipperary,Ireland
1226 Carpenter Joseph 50y8m2d Nebraska 20May1872 22Jan1923 Greenridge Bacon Hill Farmer American P M 1922 28

Harriet Osborn Estate
1227 O'Brien Hannah 68y10m

28Jan1923 St. Peter's Brooklyn,NY Housewife
C W 1922 29
lived 504 Broadway

John O'Brien Estate
1228 Hlavaty John 33y Czecho-Slovakia
03Feb1923 Greenridge Vault Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C M 1922 30
Dr.VanAernem/lived Greenfield John Hlavaty Siknice,Czecho-Slovakia Maria Hlavarty Siknice,Czecho-Slovakia Elizabeth Qecenk? Estate
1229 O'Connor Mary 76y

21Feb1923 Greenridge Vault Greenfield,NY Housewife Irish C W 1922 31
Dr.Clayton King

Estate daughter-Mary O'Connor
1230 Berrigan Mary 59y3m30d Co.Tipperary,Ireland 27Apr1869 25Feb1923 St. Peter's 237 Maple Ave Housewife Irish C M 1922 32
Dr.D.C.Nolan William Daley Co.Tipperary,Ireland Anna Singleton Co.Tipperary,Ireland Thomas Berrigan husband
1231 Bowers Howard Bentley 63y7m4d Clifton Park,NY 25Jul1859 01Mar1923 Greenridge Vault Saratoga Hospital Laborer-(S.R.) American P M 1922 33
Dr.Carl Comstock Peter Joseph Bowers Germany Barbara Sugard Germany
1232 Pettit Everett H. 36y8m5d Malta,NY 25Jun1886 02Mar1923 Greenridge Vault 128 Clinton St. Merchant American C M 1922 34
Dr.A.J.Leonard Everett D. Pettit Saratoga Springs Adelia Mullen Rock City Falls,NY Mary McGhan Estate
1233 Varley Sarah 42y8m11d Co.Sligo,Ireland 02Jul1880 13Mar1923 St.Mary's,Schuylerville 124 Union Ave-rear Housewife Irish C M 1922 35
Dr.G.S.Towne Michael Burke Co.Sligo,Ireland Hannora Grimes Co.Sligo,Ireland Richard Varley Estate
1234 Schwartz Mary Charlotte 49y11m13d Saratoga Springs 11Apr1873 24Mar1923 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife American C M 1922 36
Dr.George Comstock/lived161Elm St. John Galligan Co.Cavan,Ireland Charlotte Brannigan Co.Queens,Ireland Adam Schwartz husband
1235 Mahar Mary 75y3m10d Co.Cavan,Ireland 15Dec1844 25Mar1923 St. Peter's 75 Lincoln Ave. Housewife Irish C M 1922 37
Dr.John B.Ledlie Peter Gahon Co.Cavan,Ireland Ann Co.Cavan,Ireland John Mahar Estate
1236 Dillon John G. 63y26d Chateaugay,NY 27Feb1860 25Mar1923 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Clerk-W.S. American C S 1922 38
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived221Washington Michael Dillon Co.Clair,Ireland Ann O'Neill Co.Clair,Ireland
1237 Whipple Nathan E. 72y2m22d Chestertown,NY 05Jan1851 27Mar1923 Greenridge 23 Hyde St. Engineer-D&H American P M 1922 39
Dr.G.S.Towne John Whipple England Lucinda Ward Ireland Eudora Pasco Estate
1238 Cavanaugh Thomas 60y Saratoga,NY
30Mar1923 Greenridge 16Shackleford Bldg. Flagman-D&H American C S 1922 40
Dr.A.A.Swanick Thomas Cavanaugh West Meath,Ireland Catherine West Meath,Ireland
1239 Heeney Patrick J. 56y18d Albany,NY 21Mar1867 08Apr1923 Greenridge 273 Union Ave Retired
C M 1922 41
Dr.F.J.Sherman John Heeney Ireland Ann McCloskey Ireland Elizabeth Tanner

1240 Snyder Nellie Reedy 42y5m29d Saratoga Springs 10Oct1880 08Apr1923 St. Peter's Reynolds Corners Housewife
C M 1922 42
Dr.Chapman,S.Glens Falls James Reedy Ireland Mary Gallagher Ireland Winfred Snyder wife
1241 Dorsey Elizabeth 70y

23Apr1923 St. Peter's Little Sisters of Poor,Troy,NY Housewife
C M 1922 43

John Dorsey Hugh Dorsey
1242 Ouderkirk Wm.E. 56y6m1d Saratoga Springs 30Sep1866 01May1923 Greenridge 16 Greenridge Place Painter
E M 1922 44
Dr.M.E.Varney Wm. Ouderkirk Schenectady,NY Sarah L.Guied? Saratoga Springs Nellie Wilcox

1243 Koenig George 69y6m8d Monzeiheim,Germany 03Nov1853 11May1923 St. Peter's 48 White St. Retired Barber German C S 1922 45
Dr.T.J.Goodfellow Jacob Koenig Monzeiheim,Germany Margaret Gough Monzeiheim,Germany Teresa Heffernan Mary T.Koenig
1244 Reynolds Cecelia M. 45y2m15d Saratoga Springs 26Feb1878 11May1923 St. Peter's 146 Elm St. At Home
C S 1922 46
Dr.R.H.McCarthy Michael Reynolds Co.Kildare,Ireland Catherine Farrell Co.Meade,Ireland

1245 Counihan Mary 75y11m7d Co.Kerry,Ireland 12Jun1847 19May1923 St. Mary's,Ballston Spa Cor.Church&Broadway At Home Irish C S 1922 47
Dr.C.B.Small/lived24Shackleford Bldg Dennis Counihan Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary Slattery Co.Kerry,Ireland
1246 Martino Antonio 47y3m27d Caserta,Italy 06Feb1876 02Jun1923 St. Peter's 55 Walnut St. Mason Italian C M 1922 48
Dr.H.Loop Angelo Martino Caserta,Italy Grace Viotte Caserta,Italy Rosa Lachese Mrs.Matrazzo
1247 Lang Francis E. 46y7m30d Albany,NY 08Oct1876 07Jun1923 St.Agnes,Albany,NY 149 Phila St. Housewife
C M 1922 49
Dr.C.B.Small John Byrne Ireland Mary O'Neill Ireland Charles M. Lang Mrs.James A. Leary
1248 Clipper Henry 68y2m Johnstown,NY 08Apr1855 08Jun1923 St. Peter's 119 Woodlawn Ave Teamster
C M 1922 50
Dr.M.E.VanArnum Frank Clipper Johnstown,NY Catherine Hitchcock Johnstown,NY Anna O'Brien George Clipper
1249 Minehan Jeremiah M. 60y5m25d Fort Edward,NY 25Dec1862 19Jun1923 St. Peter's 136 Woodlawn Ave Retired
C S 1922 51
Dr.Earl King Michael Minehan Co.Limerick,Ireland Ann Keehan Co.Limerick,Ireland Michael J.Minehan Mrs. Slack
1250 Cunningham John 65y7m21d Co.Donegal,Ireland 30Oct1857 20Jun1923 St. Peter's 17 State St. Retired Irish C M 1922 52
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie John Cunningham Co.Donegal,Ireland Mary McCall Co.Donegal,Ireland Bridget McIntyre

1251 Quinn Leo Joseph 16y3m4d Saratoga Springs 16Mar1907 20Jun1923 St. Peter's Saratoga Lake Student
C S 1922 53
Dr.M.E.VanArnum/lived51Lincoln Ave James T.Quinn Troy,NY Catherine Cusack Troy,NY

1252 McQueen Walter 52y7m2d Schenectady,NY 27Nov1876 29Jun1923 Greenridge Lake George,NY Real Estate
E M 1922 54
Dr.D.K.Burt/livedNew York City Daniel P.McQueen Schenectady,NY Sally Myers Schenectady,NY
1253 Waters Sally 60y1m6d Prince George Co.MD 24May1863 01Jul1923 Mt.Olive,Washington,DC Saratoga Hospital Cook
C M 1922 55
Dr.Thompson Lewis Henderson Prince George,MD Charlotte Butler Washington,DC John H.Waters Mary E.Booker
1254 Clayton Florella A. 17y4m29d Brooklyn,NY 05Feb1906 04Jul1923 Greenridge 16 Cherry St. Student
E S 1922 56
Dr.M.E.Varney George E. Clayton Washington,DC Sarah E. Hargrave Charleston,SC
John L.Brooks-grandfather
1255 Meeker Margaret H. 55y2m2d Hudson,NY 06May1868 08Jul1923 Greenridge 34 Clark St. Housewife
M M 1922 57
Dr.A.W.Thompson John E. Heath
Sarah Stevens
Charles V.Meeker Mrs.Jno.J.Savard
1256 Brown Katherine C. 18y2m19d Ballston Spa,NY 21Apr1905 10Jul1923 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Textile Worker
C S 1922 58
Dr.Thos.Goodfellow/lived 86 jefferson St. Wm. Brown Ballston Spa Mary Smith Schylerville,NY
1257 Flanagan Margaret B. 72y10m Co.Down,Ireland 12Sep1850 12Jul1923 Greenridge 200 Regent St. Housewife
C M 1922 59
Dr.A.J.Leonard John Smith Co.Down,Ireland Sarah Smith Co.Down,Ireland John P.Flanagan

1258 Spardolis Nicholes 45y5m2d Srnyrna,Greece 11Feb1878 13Jul1923 Greenridge Homestead Sanitorium Tailor
Gr.C M 1922 60
Dr.Dimock/lived 21 State St. Peter Spardolis Greece Crystal Salvia Greece Bessie Sameo

1259 Woodward Rose 75y

17Jul1923 St. Peter's 7 Pine Alley Housewife
C M 1922 61
Ireland Benjamin Woodward Harry Price
1260 Armb Lorenzo 91y5m6d Germany 21Feb1832 27Jul1923 Greenridge 252 Nelson Ave Tailor German
M 1922 62
Dr.G.F.Comstock George Armb Germany Barbara Steinacher

1261 Patten Mary 76y6m26d Saratoga Springs 16Jan1847 11Aug1923 St. Peter's 18 Russell St. Housewife
C M 1922 63
Dr.A.W.Thompson James Cavanaugh Ireland Ann O'Brien Ireland Henry Patten John T Patten
1262 Donohue Rev.Richard 53y2m26d Greensburg,PA 16May1870 11Aug1923 St. Clement's St. Peter's Hospital Priest
C S 1922 64

Thomas Donahue Ireland Cecelia Nise Greensburg,PA
1263 Mason Mary Anna 53y Balitmore,MD
15Aug1923 St. Peter's Bensonhurst Ave Housewife
C M 1922 65
Dr.D.C.Moriata John Owens Baltimore,MD Mollie Owens Baltimore,MD Wm.M.mason

1264 Ahearn Michael 53y5m30d Saratoga Springs 21Feb1870 20Aug1923 St. Peter's 162 Church St. Supt.-Sewage
C M 1922 66
Dr.Jno.Humphrey David Ahearn Waterford,Ireland Mary Morrissey Waterford,Ireland Alice Jones

1265 Shine Michael 64y8m14d Manchester,England 15Dec1858 29Aug1923 St. Peter's 147 Divison St. hosler-D&H RR
C S 1922 67
Dr.F.G.Eaton John Shine Co.Kerry,Ireland Margaret Lally Ireland
Margaret Cavanaugh-sister
1266 Smith Kate 60y Virginia
01Sep1923 Greenridge 26 Cowen St. At Home Colored AMEZion S 1922 68

1267 Tessier George E. 68y11m Montreal,Canada 2Oct1854 02Sep1923 St. Peter's 15 Jumel Place Housewife
C M 1922 69

Georgie Contier Paris France Adolphus Tessier

1268 Mulholland John 65y New York City
09Sep1923 St. Peter's 16 Diamond Retired
C S? 1922 70
Dr.R.H.McCarthy John Mulholland Co.Donegal,Ireland Catherine Cunan Co.Donegal,Ireland Ann Gillespie

1269 Collins Calvin M. 71y10m24d Pittston,NY 21Oct1851 14Sep1923 Greenridge 427 Broadway Merchant
B M 1922 71
Dr.D.C.Moriata Asa Collins Brunswick,NY Esther Davis Brunswick,NY Eugenia Brokaw Charles Eighmey
1270 Lambiase Francisco 69y Italy
21Sep1923 St. Peter's Saratoga Cure Flagman
C S? 1922 72
Dr.D.C.Moriata/lived30Beelman St. Carl Lambiase Italy ?? Centore Italy Madeline Mangini Thomas Lambiase
1271 Smalldone Lillie 45y Caserta,Italy
15Oct1923 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 73
Dr.F.J.Ressique/lived30Beekman St Francisco Lambiase Italy Madeline Mangini Italy Antonia Smalldone

1272 Bloechal Rev.Louis J. 36y2m17d Baltimore,MD 01Aug1887 18Oct1923 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Priest
C S 1922 74
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie Louis Bloechal Germany Frances Caspar Germany
Rev. Charles Huff
1273 Mulqueen Sarah A. 43y10m20d Greenfield,NY 29Nov1879 19Oct1923 St.Mary's,Schylerville McCarthy Hospital At Home
C S 1922 75
Dr.C.B.Small/lived Bacon Hill John Mulqueen Co.Limerick,Ireland Sarah Lennon Saratoga Co.
1274 Smith Sarah Jane 87y6m10d Wilton,NY 22Apr1836 01Nov1923 Greenridge 244Nelson Ave Housewife

S?W 1922 76
Dr.A.W.Thompson John E.Boyce
?? Huested Nassau,NY Thadius Smith

1275 Rourke Thomas P. 74y3m6d Saratoga Springs 01Aug1849 07Nov1923 Greenridge 7 Mitchell St. Retired
C S 1922 77
Dr.A.J.Leonard Thomas Rourke West Meath Co.Ireland Ann Hackett Co.West Meath,Ireland
John J.Rourke-brother
1276 Saultz? Thomas 83y Co.Kildare,Ireland
09Nov1923 St.Mary's,Corinth Porters Corners

C S? 1922 78
Dr.Clayton King ?? Saultz Ireland Mary ?? Ireland
James Saultz-son
1277 Roohan James 71y5m18d Saratoga Springs 24May1852 11Nov1923 St. Peter's 46 State St. Retired
C M 1922 79
DR.D.C.Nolan James Roohan Co.Queens,Ireland Alice Fitzpatrick Co.Queens,Ireland Nora Sheehan

1278 Dennin Elizabeth J. 65y8m7d Saratoga Co. 07Mar1858 14Nov1923 St. Peter's 69 Hamilton St. Housewife
C S?W? 1922 80
Dr.F.J.Ressique Michael Turner NY Bridget McCormack Ireland John H. Dennin John P. Dennin
1279 Moran James M. 61y11m1d Whitehall,NY 25Dec1861 26Nov1923 St. Peter's 2 Washington Apts. Machinist
C M 1922 81
Dr.Earl H. King John Moran Co.Cork,Ireland Elizabeth Crow Ft.Ann,NY Mary Keefe

1280 Mohan Catherine 78y Co.Mayo,Ireland
29Nov1923 St. Peter's 74 State St. Housewife
C W 1922 82
Dr.D.C.Moriata Martin Murphy Co.Mayo,Ireland Marie Hart Co.Mayo,Ireland Thomas Mohan Estate
1281 Davis Wm.H. 70y Quaker Springs,NY
30Nov1923 Quaker Springs Saratoga Hospital Laborer
1922 83
Dr.John B.Ledlie/lived 22 High Rock St. James Davis

Mrs.Julia Burch
1282 Hayes Dennis 29y8m2d Greenfield,NY 30Mar1894 01Dec1923 St. Peter's Greenfield, NY Farmer
C S 1922 84
Dr.D.C.Nolan James Hayes Co.Limerick,Ireland Johanna Connery Greenfield,NY
Anthony Hayes
1283 Fennell Julia 60y8m24d
17Mar1863 11Dec1923 Greenridge County House Housewife
C S 1922 85
Dr.Post,Ballston Spa James Fennell Co.Limerick,Ireland Mary Whalen Co.Limerick,Ireland
1284 Bennett Samuel 23y Waynesboro,VA
12Dec1923 Fair View,Crown Point Corinth,NY Lineman

M 1922 86
Dr.D.C.Nolan/lived 37Caroline St Wilbur Bennett Crown Point, NY Rolla Wolcott Crown Point,NY Florence Surples P.F.Roohan
1285 Gailor John Richard
Saratoga Springs 02Jan?? 17Dec1923 Louden Church out Lake Ave. Farmer
M M 1922 87
Dr.M.E.VanArnum Jacob Gailor
Annie VanWoort
Mary Binnghton? Estate
1286 Stoddard Charles R. 38y7m25d Saratoga Springs 25Apr1885 20Dec1923 Greenridge 39 State St. Book Keeper
E M 1922 88
Dr.M.E.Varney Harvey Stoddard Grafton,VT Rosetta E.Clough Andover,VT Emily Spencer wife
1287 McDonough Mary 67y New York
22Dec1923 Calvary,NYC 197 Grand Ave Housekeeper
C S 1922 89
Dr.F.J.Ressique Patrick McDonough Ireland

1288 Grande Emil Carl 43y5m5d Berlin,Germany 19Jul1880 24Dec1923 Maplewood out Maple Ave. Farmer
L M 1922 90
Dr.R.H.McCarthy Carl Grande Germany Ernestine Huffman Germany Betty Blowvetz

1289 O'Rourke Patrick 73y Co.Fennanaugh,Ireland
26Dec1923 St. Peter's 14 Lincoln Ave. Retired
C M 1922 91
Dr.F.J.Ressique Hugh O'Rourke Ireland
Ireland Margaret Shaughnessy James O'Rourke
1290 O'Donnell Thomas 61y5m3d Saratoga Springs,NY 26Jul1862 29Dec1923 St. Peter's 292 Caroline St. Merchant
C M 1922 92
Dr.John B.Ledlie Michael O'Donnell Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Murphy Co.Kerry,Ireland Margaret O'Donnell Estate
1291 Donohue Catherine 81y20d Tipperary,Ireland 18Dec1842 07Jan1924 St. Peter's 116 White St. Housewife
C M 1922 93
Dr. John B.Ledlie Thomas Pendergast Tipperary,Ireland Bridget Kiley Tipperary,Ireland Patrick Donohue Estate
1292 Winney Delia 64y6m28d Keesville,NY 10Jun1859 07Jan1924 Greenridge 137 Maple Ave. Housewife
P M 1922 94
Dr.John Humphrey Nelson Maloney Keesville,NY Mary Sawyer Keesville,NY Clarence Winney Estate
1293 Clare William 51y6m6d Kingsbridge,NY 06Jul1872 12Jan1924 St.John's,Brooklyn,NY out Union Ave. Supt.R.I.
C M 1922 95
Dr.F.J.Ressique James Clare New York City Mary Cullen Rockland Co.NY Mary Clare Estate
1294 Knickerbocker Helen 48y11m18d Greenfield,NY 06Feb1875 24Jan1924 St. Peter's 10 Est Harrison St. Housewife
C M 1922 96
Dr.John Denver,Glens Falls Daniel Donohue Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary O'Connell Co.Kerry,Ireland Joseph H.Knickerbocker Estate
1295 Lawman William henry 63y7m13d
15Jun1860 28Jan1924 St. Peter's 114 Washington St. Harvey Co.
C M 1922 97
Dr.John Ledlie William Lawman Carlyle,England Nancy Pepa Carlyle,England Georgianna Bootier Estate
1296 Flynn John 85y8m Co.Roscommon,Ireland 01Jun1838 01Feb1924 St. Peter's 5 Avery St. Retired
C M 1922 98
Dr.John Ledlie Michael Flynn Co.Roscommon,Ireland Catherine Hester Co.Roscommon,Ireland Ella Welch Estate
1297 Lucas Charles P. 50y Saratoga Springs 1874 02Feb1924 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium Merchant
C M 1922 99
Dr.Dimock Charles Lucas Albany,NY Mary A.Brady Saratoga Springs May Cook Estate
1298 White Margaret 75y4m22d Co.Cork,Ireland 20Sep1848 11Feb1924
101 State St. Housewife
C W 1922 100
Dr.F.G.Eaton James Donovan Co.Cork,Ireland Mary McCarthy Co.Cork,Ireland William White Estate
1299 Foley Mary 80y10m20d Co.Waterford,Ireland 25Mar1843 14Feb1924 Greenridge 30 Circular St. Retired
C S 1922 101
Dr.G.F.Comstock Thomas Foley Co.Waterford,Ireland Margaret Ahearn Co.Waterford,Ireland
1300 Dockett Julia 81y7m New Willington,PA ??Jun1842 17Feb1924 Greenridge/Maplewood 154 Ash St. Baker-at Home Colored B M 1922 102
Dr. Comstock ?? Thomas Alexandria,VA Susan Thomas NY Charles H.Dockett? Jesse S. Dockett
1301 Flynn Thomas E. 69y11m Co.Waterford,Ireland ??Mar1854 18Feb1924 St. Peter's 124 Clinton St. Cigarmaker Irish C M 1922 103
Dr.D.C.Nolan Edmund Flynn Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary A'Hearn Co.Waterford,Ireland Ellen Murphy Estate
1302 Nolan John 51y4m21d Albany,NY 28Sep1872 18Feb1924 St.Agnes,Albany,NY 18LancasterAve,Albany Retired Merchant American C M 1922 104

John Nolan

Mary Sweeney Estate
1303 Cavanaugh John 65y5m8d Saratoga Springs 15Sep1858 23Feb1924 St. Peter's 53 Lincoln Ave RR Conductor American C M 1922 105
Dr.Harry Loope Michael Cavanaugh Queens Co.Ireland Mary Fitzpatrick Queens Co.Ireland Anna Breslin Estate
1304 Pike Frederick 49y3m4d Readsboro,VT 29Nov1874 04Mar1924 North Adams,Mass Saratoga Hospital Machinist American P M 1922 106
Dr.F.J.Ressique William Pike Readsburg,PA Satira Arnold Hartford,Conn Laura Loomis Estate
1305 Retina Victoria 75y Casserta,Italy
07Mar1924 St. Peter's Utica,NY Housewife Italian C M 1922 107

Mrs.Dominic Biffer
1306 Hayes Johanna 63y3m23d Greenfield,NY 19Nov1860 13Mar1924 St. Peter's Greenfield,NY Housewife American C M 1922 108
Dr.A.J.Leonard John Connery Co.Waterford,Ireland Margaret Casey Co.Waterford,Ireland James Hayes Estate
1307 Ryan James W. 76y10m15d Derby,Conn 03May1847 18Mar1924 St. Peter's 19 Bank Building Iron Business American C S 1922 109
Dr.D.C.Nolan Willian J.Ryan Kilkenny,Ireland Mary Farrell Kilkenny,Ireland
1308 Zorn William A. 59y New York City 1865 19Mar1924 St. Peter's 202 Maple Ave Flagman-D&H RR American C M 1922 110
Dr.R.H.McCarthy Carl Zorn Alsace-Lorrain,Germany

Bridget Canty Estate
1309 Washburn Tabor 68y10m1d Wilton,NY 23May1855 24Mar1924 Gurn Springs Wilton,NY Farmer American P S 1922 111
Dr.VanAernem Shepard Washburn Wilton,NY Jane Ann Palmatier

1310 Crane Gertrude 43y10m15d Clearview Co.N.B.Canada 13May1881 28Mar1924 Clearview Co.N.B.Can Saratoga Hospital Nurse Canadian C S 1922 112
Dr.F.J.Ressique Richard Crane ClearviewCo.N.B.Can Anna Donnelly Clearview Co.N.B.Can
1311 Bootier Leona G. 23y6m2d City 26Sep1900 28Mar1924 St. Peter's 95 George St. At Home American C S 1922 113
Dr.J.B.ledlie Louis Bootier Saratoga Springs,NY Louise Garant Saratoga Springs
1312 Shayne Mary E. 67y4m22d New York City 04Nov1856 26Mar1924 St.Mary's Ballston 19 York Ave Housewife American C W 1922 114
Dr.F.J.Ressique George I.Cunningham Co.Tyrone,Ireland Isabel Murphy Co.Tyrone,Ireland John C. Shayne Estate
1313 Grauley Jane L. 62y5m25d City 05Oct1861 30Mar1924 Greenridge 98 Maple Ave Housewife American P M 1922 115
Dr.H.L.Loope Samuel E. Vaughn Wilton,NY Anna Orissa Schuylerville Frank R.Crouley Estate
1314 Hayes Thomas B. 66y1m21d City 10Feb1858 31Mar1924 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Carpenter American C M 1922 116
Dr.Goodfellow/lived104Maple Ave James Hayes Co.Limerick,Ireland Bridget Meehan Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret Gerry Estate
1315 Harris Daniel F. 44y6m25d Burnt Hills,NY 06Sep1879 31Mar1924 Greenridge 10 Congress St. Clerk American P S 1922 117
Dr.F.G.Eaton Daniel G.Harris Clifton Park,NY Anna Liza Betts Burnt Hills, NY
Mrs. Schreeble-sister
1316 Trott Joseph 15y5m8d USA 24Oct1908 01Apr1924 Cedar Grove,Flushing,L.I. Harlem Hospital Sailor colored P S 1922 118

Joseph Trott USA Lavina Hazzard

Joseph Trott
1317 Lyon Rebecca 62y10m22d Lancashire,England 18May1861 09Apr1924 Greenwood,Brooklyn 168 Clinton St Housewife English P M 1922 119
Dr.George H. Fish Frederick Hamlett Lancashire,England Miriam Barnes Lancashire,England Wm. Lyon Estate
1318 Preston Isabelle 77y4m12d Hebron,NY 29Nov1846 10Apr1924 Middle Granville 16Mitchell St. Housewife American P W 1922 120
Dr.C.B.Small Silas Hills
Marion Dick Hebron,NY J.J.Preston Estate
1319 Miller Ralph Kenneth 21y5m Gansevoot,NY 19Nov1902 10Apr1924 Gansevoort,NY Wilton,NY None American P S 1922 121
Dr.Roods Frank T. Miller Malta,NY Margaret J. Perkins Gansevoort,NY
1320 Reynolds John W. 75y WestMeath,Ireland
11Apr1924 St. Peter's 166 Hamilton St. Laborer Irish C W 1922 122
Dr.D.C.Nolan John Reynolds Westmeath,Ireland Elizabeth Gerry Westmeath,Ireland Mary Brody Estate
1321 Crowley Ellen 53y10m16d Co.Cork,Ireland 28May1870 13Apr1924 St. Peter's 170 Clinton St. Housewife Irish C M 1922 123
Dr.D.C.Moriata John Buckley Co.Cork,Ireland Margaret Kelleher Co.Cork,Ireland Patrick Crowley Estate
1322 Wilson James

County Farm Laborer
E M 1922 124

Mrs. James Wilson
1323 Leary Lucy Matilda 74y8m15d Hartford,Conn 05Aug1849 20Apr1924 Union - Ft.Edward 147 Washington St. Housewife
C M 1922 125
Dr.D.C.Nolan Thomas Keenan Dublin,Ireland Susan Keltie Dublin,Ireland John Leary

1324 Krajewski Ignace 59y6m6d Poland 19Oct1864 25Apr1924 St. Peter's Geysers Mason Contractor
C M 1922 126
Dr. A.J.Leonard Felix Krajewski Poland Malkierncz Poland Amelia Trobczynski

1325 Phillips Jane Elizabeth 88y8m24d Schenectady,NY 06Aug1835 30Apr1924 Greenridge 68 1/2 William St. Housewife

M 1922 127
Dr.F.A.Eaton Mindred V.Bonny Schenectady Angelica Winney Schenectady Alonzo Phillips

1326 Smith Frank W. 75y3m14d Albany,NY 23Jan1849 07May1924 Greenridge 60 Putnam St. Carpenter American E M 1922 128
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived35 George St Joseph Smith NY State Dorcas Tefft Washington Co.NY Nancy E. Clement

1327 Borot Marie 63y France 30Nov1860 11May1924 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Domestic
C S 1922 129
Dr.Geo.F.Comstock/lived Home os Good Shephard Antoine Borot France Louise Noer France
1328 Cullen John 59y2m8d Vermont 11Mar1865 19May1924 St.Alphonsus,Glens Falls Elnora,NY Laborer American C M 1922 130
Dr.Cotton,Burnt Hills James Cullen Ireland Margaret Cavanaugh Ireland Mary Bell wife
1329 King Patrick 64y Saratoga Springs
19May1924 Greenridge County House Mason
C S 1922 131
Dr.Post,Ballston Spa Patrick King Queens Co.Ireland Margaret Walsh Co.Mayo,Ireland
Mrs. Little
1330 Capone Gertrude 13y10m23d Saratoga Springs 01Jul1910 24May1924 St. Peter's 74 Beekman St. Student
C S 1922 132
Dr.H.Loop Andrew Capone Caserta,Italy Philomena Arpey Caserta,Italy
1331 Blowers Ivor 24y
??Sep1899 24May1924 Maplewood Homestead Mechanic

M 1922 133
Dr.Dimock,Providence ??Blowers

?? Helwig wife
1332 Collins Bessie C. 80y9m4d Troy,NY 23Aug1843 27May1924 Greenridge 549 Broadway Housewife
Cong S 1922 134
Dr.D.C.Moriata Asa M.Collins Brunswick,NY Esther Davis Brunswick,NY
Clara Collins-Neice
1333 Samson Rosa Ricarda 66y4m4d Cardenas,Cuba 07Feb1858 11Jun1924 Calvary,NYCity 25 Avery St. Housewife
C M 1922 135
Dr.F.J.Ressique Charles C.Maden Cardenas,Cuba Estanislas Alvarez Matanzas,Cuba Ernest Sampson William O.Maden
1334 Bootier Ezra 84y7m4d LaCroix,Canada 12Nov1839 16Jun1924 St. Peter's 99 George St. Laborer
C M 1922 136
Dr.F.G.Eaton Baptiste Bootier Montreal,Canada Pauline DeVoe Montreal,Canada Charlotte Hillsburg

1335 John Morrissey John 58y Saratoga Springs
17Jun1924 St. Peter's 14 Walnut St. Mason
C S 1922 137
Dr.M.E.VanArnem Thomas Morrissey Co.Waterford,Ireland Ellen Kane Co.Waterford,Ireland
Helena Morrissey-sister
1336 Connors Edward 38y8m14d Saratoga Springs 04Oct1885 18Jun1924 St. Peter's Ballston Spa Laborer
C S 1922 138
Dr.Castue,Ballston Spa Michael Connors Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Flynn Co.Waterford,Ireland
Mary Connors-mother
1337 Lawton Chauncey A. 66y10m30d Albany,NY 22Jul1857 21Jun1924 Greenridge Out Grand Ave. Gardener

M 1922 139
Dr.C.B.Small George Lawton N.Y.S. Emily Crapo N.Y.S. Margaret Larkin

1338 Ronan Richard H.J. 25y2m20d City 06Apr1899 26Jun1924 Greenridge Ellis Hospital Lampman-NYC RR
C M 1922 140
Dr.Murphy.lived Cannan,NY Wm.Ronan Waterford,Ireland Catherine Burns Saratoga Springs Mrs.Wm.Ronan

1339 Cherry Joseph N. 65y11m10d Rock City,NY 22Jul1858 02Jul1924 St. Peter's 117 Middle Ave Plumber
C M 1922 141
Dr.R.H.McCarthy Wm.Cherry Ireland Catherine Smith Ireland Catherine Connolly

1340 Hession Julia 54y England
05Jul1924 St.Mary's,Schylerville 7 Shackelford Apts. Housework
C S 1922 142
Dr.F.G.Eaton John Hession Ireland Mary Meigher Ireland
Margaret Hession-sister
1341 Davis Margaret Robie 61y10m27d Greenfield,NY 10Aug1862 07Jul1924 St. Peter's 3327 6th Ave,Troy,NY Housework
C S 1922 143
Dr.Hogan,Troy,NY John Davis Co.Kerry,Ireland Margaret Hanlon Co.Kerry,Ireland
Henry Davis - sister
1342 Covell Wm.H. 55y7m14d Saratoga Springs 24Nov1868 08Jul1924 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Flagman
E M 1922 144
Dr.Geo.Fish Seth Covell Saratoga Springs Rosina Putnam Saratoga Springs Carrie Wilbur

1343 McGhan Johanna 68y1m16d Albany,NY 25May1856 11Jul1924 St. Peter's 60 Catherine St. Housewife
C M 1922 145
Dr.F.G.Eaton John Carey Tipperary,Ireland Mary Mitchell Tipperary,Ireland Michael McGhan

1344 Nelson Mary J. 63y1m28d Saratoga Springs 15May1861 12Jul1924 Greenridge 28 Covell Ave Housewife
P M 1922 146
Dr.Thompson Daniel Crandall Washington Co.,NY Lydia Whalely Poughkeepsie Oscar Nelson Mrs.Edw. Fones
1345 Hodges William Carpenter 64y1m7d Corinth,NY 13Jun1860 20Jul1924 Brick Church Wilton,NY Farmer

M 1922 147
Dr.Earl H.King James N.Hodges Poughkeepsie,NY Betsey Ambler Corinth,NY Sebie Perry

1346 McMahon Mary 68y Co,Monahan,Ireland
21Jul1924 St. Peter's 158 Clinton St. Housewife
C W 1922 148
Dr.Jno.Humphrey James Printy Co.Monahan,Ireland Catherine Duffy Co.Monahan,Ireland
Thomas McMahon Mrs.Charles Farrell-daughter
1347 Ahearn Hulda 59y1m27d Ontario,Canada 25May1865 22Jul1924 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 149
Dr.G.S.Towne/lived 260 Church St. Josiah Laverim Ontario,Canada Mahala Smith New York State Patrick A. Ahearn

1348 Etes Madeline 19y9m Saratoga Springs ?? Oct1907 31Jul1924 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Student
C S 1922 150
Dr.Carl Comstock/lived99 Ash St. Benjamin Etes Caserta,Italy Mary Lambert Caserta,Italy
1349 Clare Mary 46y1m29d Patterson,NJ 08Jun1878 06Aug1924 St.John's,NYCity Brighton Cottage Housewife
C M 1922 151
Dr.F.J.Ressique George Dillon Patterson,NJ Johanna McConnell Paterson,NJ Wm. Clare Estate
1350 Sickler Charles D. 89y5m16d Malta,NY 01Mar1835 17Aug1924
18Robinson St,Schenectady Retired
P M 1922 152
Dr.Hughes Peter Sickler

Mary Hoag

1351 McDonald George Oliver 42y21d Boston,Mass 01Aug1882 22Aug1924 Greenridge Lobar Pneumonia Barber
E M 1922 153
Dr.G.S.Towne George O.McDonald Boston,Mass Marie Tettell New York Anna Doody

1352 Betts Effie 63y26d East Georgia,VT 31Jul1861 26Aug1924 Maplewood 14North Ave Housewife
Cong. M 1922 154
Dr.Harry Loop Wm. Platt East Georgia,VT Aniona Mirror East Georgia,VT Samuel Betts

1353 Tierney John 73y7m27d New York City 01Jan1851 28Aug1924 St. Peter's 23 West Circular St. Retired
C S 1922 155
Dr. A.J.Leonard John Tierney Co.West Meath,Ireland Margaret Shannon Co.Cavan,Ireland
Mary Lucas-sister
1354 Keehan Catherine 86y9m27d Limerick,Ireland 02Nov1837 29Aug1924 St. Peter's 27 Lincoln Ave Housewife
C M 1922 156
Dr.Thompson Patrick Culhane Limerick,Ireland Margaret Meade Limerick,Ireland Jeremiah Keehan

1355 Mitchell Winifred 85y8m13d Co,Galway,Ireland 22Dec1838 04Sep1924 St. Peter's 240 W.Circular St. Housewife
C M 1922 157
Dr.A.W.Thompson Roger McCormick Co.Galway,Ireland Mary Costello Co.Galway,Ireland Patrick Mitchell

1356 Smith Alice Cloud 78y21d McDonough,GA 17Aug1846 07Sep1924 McDonough,GA Ballston Ave. Housewife
P M 1922 158
Dr.Carl Comstock Jacob Stokes So.Carolina Mary Cloud Georgia Samuel Owen Smith

1357 Cogan Catherine 91y8m2d Co.Cavan,Ireland 06Jan1833 08Sep1924 St. Peter's 31 Park Place Housewife
C M 1922 159
Dr.D.C.Nolan James Cogan Co.Cavan,Ireland Ann O'Brien Co.Cavan,Ireland Patrick Cogan

1358 Cook Anna M. 78y6m5d Primlico,London,England 05Mar1846 10Sep1924 Greenridge 9 Shackleford Apts Housewife
E M 1922 160
Dr.M.E.VanAernum George Barnes London,England Ann M.Marshman London,England Augustus J. Cook

1359 Jackson Irene 79y11m30d Oak Grove, So.Carolina 16Sep1844 15Sep1924 Harmony,Washington,DC 6 Alger St. Housewife

M 1922 161
Dr.Jno.Humphrey Henry Wilson No.Carolina

Benjamin Jackson Henry Coleman
1360 O'Brien John J. 59y Co.Limerick,Ireland ??Oct1860 15Sep1924 St. Peter's 8 Talford Place Garderner
C M 1922 162
Dr.G.Scott Towne Michael O'Brien Limerick,Ireland Catherine Powers Limerick,Ireland Josephine Tierney

1361 Bensevanza Rose 19y8m30d
21Dec1904 20Sep1924 St. Peter's 42 Oak St. At Home
C S 1922 163
Dr.F.G.Eaton Antonio Bensevenza Caserta,Italy Virginia Sesso Salerno,Italy
1362 Roohan Sarah 94y Queens Co.Ireland
01Oct1924 St. Peter's 38 Second St. Housewife
C M 1922 164
Dr.C.B.Small Kerin Campion Queens Co.Ireland Alice Whealan Queens Co.Ireland
John Roohan -son
1363 Andrews Chauncey A. 73y1m28d Patterson,NJ 05Aug1851 03Oct1924 Greenridge 26 Catherine St. Moulder

M 1922 165
Dr.H.L.Loop Chauncey A. Andrews Connecticut Jane Ackerman

Mrs. Edward Patten-daughter
1364 Burney Hamilton P. 69y

04Oct1924 Greenridge Worden Hotel Hotel Mgr.

S 1922 166
Dr.M.E.VanAernum ?? Burney
?? Shields

1365 Dowd Martha 70y Albany,NY
05Oct1924 St. Agnes,Albany,NY 20 Lincoln Ave At Home
C S 1922 167
Dr.H.L.Loop John Dowd Ireland Elizabeth Garrity Ireland
James Dowd-brother
1366 Flynn Mary E.

14May?? 14Oct1924 St. Peter's 24 Van Dorn St. Book Keeper
C S 1922 168
Dr.A.J.Leonard Patrick Flynn Waterford,Ireland Catherine Corbett Waterford,Ireland
1367 Leonard Patrick 74y9m5d Bangor,Maine 12Jan1850 17Oct1924 St.Mary's,Ballston Spa 162 Woodlawn Ave Sup't of Roads
C M 1922 169
Dr.A.J.Leonard Hugh Leonard Ireland Mary McNiernery Ireland
Mary K.Leonard -Daughter
1368 Quinn Jeremiah 73y9m29d Bangor,NY 18Dec1850 17Oct1924 St.Mary's Ballston Spa Saratoga Hospital Carpenter
C M 1922 170
Dr.D.C.Nolan/lived 31 Federal St. Miles Quinn Co.Tyrone,Ireland Margaret Connor Co.Mayo,Ireland Julia McCarthy

1369 White John T. 67y5m8d Saratoga Springs 10May1857 18Oct1924 St. Peter's 39 West Circular St. Retired
C M 1922 171
Dr.A.W.Thompson John White Queens Co,Ireland Sarah deegan Queens Co.Ireland Delia Saxton

1370 Machlaek Thomas 31y7m19d Austria 04Mar1893 23Oct1924 St. Peter's Greenfield Farmer
C M 1922 172
Dr.M.E,VanAernum Stephen Machlaek Austria Anna Hodan Austria Agnes Kovarik

1371 Duel Mary Cunningham 69y9m21d Little Rock,Ark 09Jan1855 30Oct1924 Dunning St. Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E M 1922 173
Dr.F.J.Ressique Chester Ashley Cunningham Little Rock,Ark Sarah Husten
E.Valencourt Deuel

1372 Gailor William Henry 72y5m28d Wilton,NY 02May1852 30Oct1924 Greenridge 151 Nelson Ave Retired
P M 1922 174
Dr.D.C.Moriata Gideon Gailor Wilton,NY Mary DeVoe
Caroline Myers

1373 Spratt Alexander 55y10m22d Saratoga Springs 11Dec1868 02Nov1924 Greenridge 20 Woodlawn Ave Steam Roller Operator
E S 1922 175
Dr.M.E.VanAernum Columbus C.Spratt Moreau,NY Maria Purdy Coeville,NY
Robert S.Spratt
1374 McNulty James D. 62y5m11d Saratoga Springs 22May1862 02Nov1924 Greenridge Geysers Retired
C M 1922 176
Dr.D.D.Swanick/lived132 Washington St Charles Gill McNukty Co.Donegal,Ireland Catherine Doherty Co.Donegal,Ireland Ann Vincent Swanick

1375 Strang Harold 25y

04Nov1924 Greenridge Cumberland Hospital Telegrapher
M S 1922 177
C.W.Lynn,Brooklyn/lived Brooklyn ?? Strang

1376 Krogmann Joseph(Brother Claxitus 79y5m19d Germany 28May1845 16Nov1924 St. Clement's St. Clement's College Religious Brother
C S 1922 178
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie ?? Krogmann Germany

Rev Harold Wilson
1377 Cavanaugh Marguerite 30y17d Saratoga Springs 01Nov1894 18Nov1924 St. Peter's 53 Lincoln Ave. Nurse in Training
C S 1922 179
Dr.H.L.Loop John Cavanaugh Saratoga Springs Anna E.Breslin Co.Donegal,Ireland
Vincent Cavanaugh -brother
1378 Marshall James D. 69y9m24d Saratoga Springs 24Jan1855 18Nov1924 Greenridge County Hospital Retired
M M 1922 180
Dr.Post Wm.Marshall England Mary Marshall U.S.

1379 Traver Calvin 78y3m21d Fort Edward,NY 02Aug1846 23Nov1924 Union,Fort Edward 17 Jefferson St. Retired
E M 1922 181
Dr.Jno.Humphery Andrew Traver Fort Edward,NY Lydia Ann
Martha Rosell

1380 Dufrain Thomas F. 61y3m27d Rouses Point,NY 28Jul1863 24Nov1924 Plattsburg,NY 75 White St. R.R.Engineer
C M 1922 182
Dr.D.C.Nolan Thomas Dufrain Canada Aurila Larvinway Canada Catherine Carpenter

1381 McGirr Patrick 67y Co.Fennanaugh,Ireland
25Nov1924 Calvary,NYCity 18 Park Place Retired Merchant
C M 1922 183
Dr.A.W.Thompson James McGirr Co.Fennanaugh,Ireland Rose McNabb Ireland Mary Smyth J.P.McGirr
1382 Doney Bertram A, 40y Saratoga Springs 02Dec1884 02Dec1924 Greenridge Saratoga Springs Newsdealer
P M 1922 184
Dr.M.E.VanAernum Hamilton Donet Middleburgh,NY Jennie Horton Glens Falls Susan J. Rosser

1383 Hager William H. 62y4m12d New York City 22Jul1924 04Dec1924 St.Mary's,Fairhaven,VT 8 Algonquin Apts. Hotel Prop.
C M 1922 185
Dr.A.J.Leonard John J.Hager Holland Dorothy Egan San Francisco,CA Mary E. Kennedy

1384 Muldowney Edward J. 18y7m26d Saratoga Springs 11Apr1906 07Dec1924 St. Peter's Ft.Edward,NY Clerk -D&H R.R.
C S 1922 186

Peter Muldowney Greenfield,NY Ellen Monahan Saratoga Springs

1385 Catins Rose Bishop 28y11m20d Saratoga Springs 21Dec1895 11Dec1924 St. Peter's 72 Beekman St. Housewife
C M 1922 187
DR.F.J.Ressique Antonio Bishop Caserta,Italy Angelina Funaro Caserta,Italy Peter Catins husband
1386 Leonard Mary T. 66y11m24d Galway,Ireland 25Dec1857 17Dec1924 St. Peter's 31 Franklin St. Housewife
C M 1922 188
Dr.F.J.Ressique ?? Tracy Co.Galway,Ireland Catherine Burke Co.Galway,Ireland Thomas Leonard Estate
1387 Arpey Mary 38y8m21d Caserta,Italy 28Mar1886 19Dec1924 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 189
Dr.F.J.Ressique John Dominick Caserta,Italy Catherine Caserta,Italy Frank Arpey Estate
1388 Cunningham Michael J. 15Nov1866 Co.Leitium,Ireland 15Nov1866 27Dec1924 St. Peter's 21 VanRensalaer Retired
C S 1922 190
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie John Cunningham Co.Leitium,Ireland Ann O'Connor Co.Leituim,Ireland
1389 Carusone Celesta 58y9m Salerno,Italy ??Mar1866 27Dec1924 St. Peter's 2 Oak St. Housewife
C M 1922 191
Caserta,Italy Anna Ambrosia Salerno,Italy Salvatore Carusone

1390 Cole Sedgwick B. 82y Bennington,VT
02Jan1925 Shaftsbury,VT McCarthy Hospital Retired
M S 1922 192
Dr.R.H.McCarthy Henry Cole Bennington,VT Mary J.Breese Hoosick,NY
Estate Vernon Cole -brother
1391 Cotter Catherine Blennerhassett 83y11m28d Co.Cork,Ireland ??Jan?? 06Jan1925 Greenridge 426 1/2 Broadway Millner
E S 1922 193
Dr.B.J.Murray Wm.H.Cotter Co.Cork,Irealnd Christina L. Finn Co.Cork,Ireland

1392 Brower Charles 63y10m17d So. Corinth,NY 22Feb1861 08Jan1925 Gurn Spring Out Maple Ave. Butcher

M 1922 194
Dr.G.Scott Towne Wm. Brower Corinth,NY Zalina Mallery Corinth,NY Edith Perry

1393 Woodward John 81y11m29d Wilton,NY 07Jan1843 06Jan1925 Gurn Spring County Hospital Farmer

S 1922 195
Dr.Lincoln,Wilton,NY/lived Wilton Harry Woodward
Myriah Woodward

1394 Louk Stephionia 45y4m18d Orwell,VT 22Aug1879 09Jan1925 St. Peter's 119 Henry St. Housewife
C M 1922 196
Dr.Geo.H.Fish Peter Daniels Canada Martha LaRose Canada Ansel W. Louk

1395 Tomlinson Margaret M. 24y6m9d Saratoga Springs 04Jul1900 12Jan1925 St. Peter's Hamilton House Housewife
C M 1922 197
Dr.Snibel,Greenwich,NY Patrick Hart Co.Meathe,Ireland Anna Sullivan Plattsburg,NY Wm. Tomlison husband
1396 Cahill William H. 67y11m4d Ballston Spa,NY 14Feb1857 18Jan1925 St.Mary's,Ballston Spa 32 Park Place Merchant
C M 1922 198
Dr.H.L.Loop Patrick Cahill Co.Cavan,Ireland Mary Butler Co.Cavan,Ireland Anna E.Querdon

1397 Mattrazzo Sylvester 39y10m13d Caserta,Italy 08Mar1885 21Jan1925 St. Peter's 51 Walnut St. Laborer
C M 1922 199
Dr.A.J.Leonard Matteo Mattrazzo Caserta,Italy Josephine Pasquerella Caserta,Italy Mary V.Ferrara

1398 Barr Max 27y4m9d Baltimore,MD 15Sep1897 24Jan1925 Holy Rosary,Baltimore,MD Homestead Sanitorium Chaufeur
C S 1922 200
Dr.Asa Dinock Michael Barr Maison Posen,Germany Mary Maison Posen,Germany

Stephen Barr-brother
1399 Daig Alice C. 85y Co.Donegal,Ireland
28Jan1925 St. Peter's NY City Housewife
C M 1922 201

James Cunningham Co.Donegal,Ireland Ann Hearn Co.Donegal,Ireland George Daig

1400 Miller Emily J. 84y10m27d Fulton Co.NY 09Mar1840 05Feb1925 North Milton West Ave. Housewife
M M 1922 202
Dr.B.J.Murray Henry Rodgers NY State Margaret A. Cole NY State John H. Miller

1401 Meehan Clarence F. 32y City
09Feb1925 St. Peter's Ossining,NY Clerk
C S 1922 203

Michael Meehan Stoney Creek,NY Mary Swanick Saratoga Springs

1402 Connolly Peter 51y So.Glens Falls,NY
11Feb1925 So.Glens Falls Saratoga Hospital Machinist
C M 1922 204
Dr.C.B.Small Patrick Connolly Co.Meathe,Ireland Catherine Reilly Dublin,Ireland

Luke Connolly-brother
1403 Seckel Myer 56y New York City 1869 12Feb1925 Cypress Hills,NYCity Stillwater,NY Jobber
J M 1922 205
Dr.Mabee,Mechanicville,NY Isaac M.Seckel London,England Sylvia Valantine London,England Cora Moll

1404 Muldowney Cecelia L. 65y7m7d Rochester,NY 12Jul1859 19Feb1925 St. Peter's 198 Regent St. Dressmaker
C S 1922 206
Dr.G.F.Comstock Hugh Muldowney Limerick,Ireland Margaret Welch Kerry,Ireland

Julia Muldowney-sister
1405 Mulqueen Michael J. 55y10m9d Bacon Hill,NY 11Apr1869 20Feb1925
44 West Harrison St. Comm. Of Acct's
C M 1922 207
Dr.D.C.Nolan John Mulqueen Limerick,Ireland Sarah J. Lennon Bacon Hill,NY Mary Fitzpatrick

1406 Arline Mary 83y11m19d Edinburgh,Scotland 14Mar1841 04Mar1925 Maplewood 32 East Harrison St. Housewife
P W 1922 208
Dr.Loope AlexanderPettigrew Edinburgh,Scotland Mary Haywith Edinburgh,Scotland Charles Arline

1407 Dornbusch William 37y Saratoga Springs 1887 06Mar1925 Greenridge New York City Book Keeper
E S 1922 209

Wm.Dornbusch New York City
1408 Myers Sarah 73y7d Co.Donegal,Ireland 05Mar1852 12Mar1925 St. Peter's 75 East Ave Housewife
C W 1922 210
Dr.C.B.Small John Gallager Co.Donegal,Ireland Mary McNulty Co.Donegal,Ireland James Myers Estate
1409 James John L. 65y Providence,NY 14Mar1860 14Mar1925 St. Peter's RFD#2Greenfield,NY Foundry work
C M 1922 211
Dr.B.J.Murray Matthew James N.Y.S. Nancy Smith N.Y.S. Anna Agnes Myers Estate
1410 Dundon James 48y1m19d Milton,NY 23Jan1877 14Mar1925 St. Peter's RFD Malta Farmer
C S 1922 212
Dr.Cornthwaite Timothy Dundon Limerick,Ireland Margaret Meehan Limerick,Ireland
1411 Fontz Eleanor E. 80y21d Wilton,NY 22Feb1845 14Mar1925 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
P W 1922 213
Dr.John Humphrey John E.Boyce Wilton,NY Phoebe Huested Nassau,NY Wm.Fontz Estate
1412 Drake Thomas 73y1m15d Keeseville,NY 10Feb1852 25Mar1925 Greenridge 24 Jackson St. Gardener
C M 1922 214
Dr.G.S.Towne Francis Drake Ireland Anna McGuire Ireland Anna Counter Estate
1413 Corliss Nathan 78y4m8d Easton,NY 17Nov1846 25Mar1925 Greenwich,NY 122 Church St. Farmer
P W 1922 215
Dr.R.H.McCarthy Trustam Corliss N.Y. Emeline Felton N.Y. Angeline Parker Estate
1414 Wetz John(Brother Engelbert) 71y11m4d Bavaria,Germany 23Apr1853 27Mar1925 St. Clement's St. Clement's Brother
C S 1922 216
Dr.John B. Ledlie John Wetz Bavaria,Germany Susanna Hiller Bavaria,Gernamy
1415 Bradshaw John 80y3m10d Co.Wicklow,Ireland 25Dec1844 04Apr1925 St. Peter's 94 York Ave Retired
C W 1922 217
Dr.John Ledlie

Estate Wm.Bradshaw
1416 Fitzpatrick James Edward 72y10m14d Schylerville,NY 22May1852 05Apr1925 Victory Mills 174 Lincoln Ave Laborer
C S 1922 218
Dr.R.H.McCarthy Robert J.Fitzpatrick Queens Co.Ireland Mary Harrigan Limerick,Ireland

1417 Jordan Katherine J. 49y30d Co.Mayo,Ireland 14Mar1876 13Apr1925 St. Peter's 488 1/2 Broadway Housewife
C M 1922 219
Dr.G.S.Comstock Patrick Kennedy Co.Mayo,Ireland Catherine Hanahan Co.Mayo,Ireland Ellsworth Jordan Estate
1418 Tobin Nancy M. 75y5m5d Co.Mayo,Ireland 10Nov1849 15Apr1925 St. Peter's 29 East Harrison St. Housewife
C W 1922 220
Dr.M.L.VanAernum Thomas Mallen Co.Mayo,Ireland Bridget Nolty Co.Mayo,Ireland Edward Tobin Estate
1419 O'Brien Bridget Anne 80y5m20d Roscomon,Ireland 30Oct1844 19Apr1925 St. Peter's 109 Maple Ave Housewife
C M 1922 221
Dr.A.J.Leonard William Malloy Co.Roscomon,Ireland Ann Morris Co.Rosecomon Dennis O'Brien

1420 Ronan Nina Frances 29y7m13d Saratoga, NY 09Sep1895 22Apr1925 St. Peter's 63 Excelsior Ave. At Home
C S 1922 222
Dr.G.S.Towne Daniel W.Ronan Waterford,Ireland Nora E. Fay Roscomon,Ireland

1421 Maloney Margaret 74y8m13d Co.Limerick,Ireland 15Aug1850 28Apr1925 St. Peter's 3 Waterbury St. Housewife
C M 1922 223
Dr.F.G.Eaton John Mulcahy Limerick,Ireland Mary O'Brien Limerick,Ireland John Maloney

1422 Murphy Frank 65y Bandon,Co.Cork,Ireland
29Apr1925 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C M 1922 224
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived Granite St. Jerome Murphy Co.Cork,Ireland ?? Olive Co.Cork,Ireland Elizabeth O'Connell Estate
1423 King Herbert 44y

04May1925 Greenridge Ellis Hospital

B S 1922 225
Dr.J.J.Collins/lived608Smith St,Schenectady Elisha King Greenfield Mary White Dutchess Co.

Laura Evans-sister
1424 Corridan Michael J. 57y

06May1925 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Painter
C D 1922 226
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived28 State St. Michael Corridan Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary Fitzpatrick Co.Cork,Ireland

Daniel Corridan-brother
1425 Stewart Thomas 51y1m25d Co.Kerry,Ireland 17Mar1874 12May1925 Brick Church Wilton,NY Farmer

M 1922 227
Dr. Lincoln Thomas Stewart Co.Kerry,Ireland Elizabeth Evans Co.Kerry,Ireland Elizabeth Converse

1426 Hegarty Rev.John 38y3m8d Boston,Mass 05Feb1887 13May1925 St. Clement's St. Clement's College Priest
C S 1922 228
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie John Hegarty Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Harding Co.Cork,Ireland

1427 Wilson Caroline 87y1m11d Saratoga Springs 05Apr1838 17May1925 Whitford Home of Good Shepard Retired
B S 1922 229
Dr.Geo.Comstock Horace Wilson
Elizabeth Cary

Nellie M.Thompkins-neice
1428 Dorsey Patrick 57y Co.Cavan,Ireland
16May1925 St. Peter's 65 Ash St. Retired
C S 1922 230
Dr.C.B.Small James Dorsey Co.Cavan,Ireland Ann McGovern Co.Cavan,Ireland

Owen Dorsey-brother
1429 O'Rourke Mary 85y Co.Clare,Ireland
17May1925 St. Peter's 79 York Ave. Retired
C S 1922 231
Dr.H.L.Loop ?? O'Rourke Co.Clare,Ireland Catherine Curtin Co.Claire,Ireland

1430 Nevins John 64y6m15d Galway,NY 11Nov1860 26May1925 St.Mary's,Schylerville Saratoga Hospital Blacksmith
C W 1922 232
Dr.G.S.Towne Christopher Nevins Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary S.Kelley Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary McFarland

1431 Lighthall Mary Jane 79y2m7d Gansevoort,NY 26Mar1846 02Jun1925 Greenridge 25 East Van Dam Housewife

W 1922 233
Dr.Moriarta Alfred Weaver Gansevoort,NY Sarah Hagadorn Washington Co.NY John Lighthall Estate
1432 Callahan Nora 57y3m28d Northumberland,NY 06Feb1868 03Jun1925 Schylerville 14 Algonquin Bldg. Housework
C S 1922 234
Dr.A.J.Leonard Benjamin Callahan Co.Cork,Ireland Bridget Hartigan Co.Limerick
1433 McEntee John(Brother Sixtus) 72y11m27d Dublin,Ireland 10Jun1852 06Jun1925 St. Clement's St. Clement's College Religious Brother
C S 1922 235
Dr.J.B.Ledlie Patrick McEntee Dublin,Ireland Agnes Hayes Dublin,Ireland
1434 White Dexter 63y8m8d Albany Co.NY 30Sep1861 07Jun1925 North Milton 11 Congress Ave Laborer
P M 1922 236
Dr.Earl King Henry H.White
Eliza Odell
Sarah Robinson Estate
1435 Mason Elizabeth 69y3m7d Co.Down,Ireland 17Mar1856 24Jun1925 Greenridge Rock City Falls,NY Housewife
C M 1922 237
Dr.Cornthwaite John Breen Co.Down,Ireland Elizabeth Gilmore Co.Down,Ireland James Mason

1436 McNeary Margaret 20y5m19d Local 23Jan1905 12Jul1925 St. Peter's 63 Church St. At Home
C S 1922 238
Dr.F.J.Ressique Wm.McNeary Greenfield,NY Elizabeth Fox Rock City,NY

1437 Davidczuk John 25y5m13d Galicia,Austria 01Feb1900 14Jul1925 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium Farmer
C S 1922 239
Dr.Asa Dimock Thedar Davidczuk Galicia,Austria Anna Zabanchuk Galicia,Austria

1438 LaCioppa Anthony 36y11m26d Caserta,Italy 24Jul1888 20Jul1925 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C M 1922 240
Dr.Geo.F.Comstock Joseph LaCioppa Caserta,Italy Maria C.Zibella Caserta,Italy Carmel Scavone

1439 Maloney John 80y Co.Mayo,Ireland
11Aug1925 St. Peter's 17 W.Harrison St. Retired
C M 1922 241
Dr.F.G.Eaton ?? Mahoney Co.Mayo,Ireland
Co.Mayo,Ireland Margaret Mulcahy

1440 Long Norah B. 62y9m28d New York City 15Oct1862 12Aug1925 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
Cong. M 1922 242
Dr.Carl Comstock/lived2 Madison Ave Francis Belmont Alsace-Lorraine Elizabeth Bensancout Alsace-Lorraine Charles B. Long

1441 Feulner Elizabeth 65y1m1d Bavaria,Germany 18Jul1860 19Aug1925 St. Peter's Albany City Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 243
Dr.Ray Kucher/livedGreenfield,NY Paul Sessleman Bavaria,Germany Catherine Volk Bavaria,Germany John Feulner

1442 Young Charles 55y11m28d London,England 24Aug1869 22Aug1925 Maplewood 171 Maple Ave Laborer

M 1922 244
Dr.John Humphrey ?? Young

Anna Wilbur

1443 Jones Mark 26y Lexington,KY
24Aug1925 Cadentonn,Kentucky Saratoga Hospital Stablehand

S 1922 245
Dr.F.G.Eaton John H.Jones Cadentown,KY

1444 Putnam Frederick C. 46y1m17d Local 12Jul1879 29Aug1925 Greenridge 16 East Van Dam Book Keeper
C M 1922 246
Dr.D.C.Nolan John M.Putnam Tribes Hill,NY Mary O'Brien Granville,NY Julia B.Green Julia B.Rix
1445 Anthony Rev.Patrick J. 33y5m Co.Waterford,Ireland 30Mar1892 30Aug1925 St. Clement's St. Clement's Priest
C S 1922 247
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie Thomas Anthony Co.Waterford,Ireland Bridget Hannigan Co.Waterford,Ireland

1446 Karker Mary A. 64y Cohoes,NY
31Aug1925 St. Peter's 91 Oak St. Housewife
C M 1922 248
Dr.A.J.Leonard Daniel Kanaly Limerick,Ireland Mary Walsh Limerick,Ireland Charles Karker

1447 Ellsworth Amanda 92y11m24d LaGrange,NY 10Sep1832 03Sep1925 Greenridge 457 Broadway Housewife
M M 1922 249
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie James Briggs NY State Maria Phillips NY State Lewis Ellsworth

1448 Boyce James H. 76y10m25d Wilton,NY 17Oct1848 11Sep1925 Greenridge 129 Maple Ave Retired
1922 250
Dr.Jno.Humphrey John Boyce
Phoebe Husted Nassau,NY Emma Kenyon

1449 Robinson George W. 43y5m30d Oneida Co.NY 12Mar1882 11Sep1925 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Acetyline Worker
E M 1922 251
Dr.Webster Moriata/lived86 Maple St Louis Robinson Richfield Spgs,NY Elizabeth DeFree Oneida Co.NY Helen Crane

1450 Adinolfi Theresa 22y8m10d Saratoga Springs 03Jan1903 14Sep1925 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital None
C S 1922 252
Dr.F.J.Ressique/lived 31Caroline St Frank Adinolfi Naples,Italy Catherine Casletto Bernaldo,Italy

1451 Walsh William H. 55y4m20d Saratoga Springs 27Apr1870 16Sep1925 Greenridge 129 Beekman St. Retired
C S 1922 253
Dr.C.B.Small Michael Walsh Co. Mayo,Ireland Rose Ann Armstrong Co.Mayo,Ireland

Lena McCall-sister
1452 Hyman David M. 79y6m7d Bavaria,Germany 09Mar1846 16Sep1925 United Jewish,Cincinnati Worden Hotel Retired

M 1922 254
Dr.C.B.Small/lived32 Broadway,NYC Marx Hyman Bavaria,Germany
Bavaria,Germany Bertha Senior J.L.Tilton,Sec'y
1453 Ahearn David 58y9m30d Saratoga Springs 19Nov1866 18Sep1925 St. Peter's Police Station None
C S 1922 255
Dr.C.B.Small.lived148Spring St. Martin Ahearn Waterford,Ireland Hannorah Neville Waterford,Ireland

Mrs.Daniel Hickey-sister
1454 Suntler Mary Agnes 39y7m25d Saratoga Springs 02Feb1886 27Sep1925 St. Peter's 9 Waterbury St. Housewife
C M 1922 256
Dr.D.C.Nolan James Griffen Waterford,Ireland Mary Cunningham Donegal,Ireland Charles Suntler

1455 Leonard Hugh Bernard 42y4m8d Greenfield,NY 23May1883 01Oct1925 St. Mary's,Ballston Spa 33 Fifth Ave Farmer
C S 1922 257
Dr.A.J.Leonard John Leonard Stony Creek,NY Mary Tethers Greenfield,NY

1456 Green Grace 59y5m23d Louisville,KY 10Apr1866 03Oct1925 Cavehill,Louisville,KY Worden Hotel None
C S 1922 258
Dr.D.C.Nolan Norvin? Green Kentucky Martha Ann English Indiana
1457 LeRoux Mary Yvonne 22y7m4d Middle Grove,NY 03Mar1903 07Oct1925 St. Peter's Middle Grove,NY Hair Dresser
C S 1922 259
Dr.Cornnthwaite Yves LeRoux France Mary B.Keys Queens Co.Ireland

1458 Croker John R. 39y6d Troy,NY 12Oct1886 18Oct1925 Kensico,NYCity Saratoga Hospital Clerk
C S 1922 260
Dr.F.G.Eaton Edward Croker Ireland Mary Hughes U.S.
Walter Croker
1459 Swanick Agnes H. 37y9m28d Saratoga Springs 22Dec1887 19Oct1925 St. Peter's 200 Washington St Housework
C S 1922 261
Dr.A.J.Leonard Thomas Swanick Co.Mayo,Ireland Bridget Coen Co.Galway,Ireland

1460 Nolan Ellen 64y29d Malta,NY 20Sep1861 19Oct1925 St. Mary's,Ballston Spa 134 Clinton St. Domestic
C S 1922 262
Dr.G.S.Towne John Nolan Co.Kildare,Ireland Ellen Ryan Co.Kildare,Ireland

Charles Nolan-brother
1461 Reagan John A. 37y7m23d Saratoga Springs,NY 05Mar1888 28Oct1925 St. Peter's 42 Walton St. Merchant
C M 1922 263
Dr.Carl Comstock Daniel P.Reagan Saratoga Springs Alice Thompson Mechanicville,NY Agnes L.Dorsey

1462 Meehan Mary A. 66y11m16d Saratoga Springs 18Nov1858 03Nov1925 St. Peter's 196 Grand Ave Housewife
C W 1922 264
Dr.D.C.Nolan Patrick Swanick Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary Finney/Tinney Ireland Michael F.Meehan

1463 Williams Margaret A. 40y1m28d Greenfield,NY 07Sep1885 04Nov1925 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 265
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived Geysers John Leonard Greenfield Mary Tether Greenfield,NY Thomas J. Williams

1464 Holden Eunice H. 66y

04Nov1925 Louden Church Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E W 1922 266
Dr.VanAernum/lived 40 Warren St Lyman Johnson England Harriet Covell New York Charles H.Holden

1465 Riley Esther Alice 41y6m26d Greenfield,NY 13Apr1884 08Nov1925 St. Peter's 33 Fifth Ave Housewife
C M 1922 267
Dr.A.J.Leonard John Leonard Greenfield Mary Tethers Greenfield,NY James J. Riley

1466 Jones Anna Brady 76y Do.Donegal,Ireland
12Nov1925 St. Peter's 169 Lake Ave. Housewife
C W 1922 268
Dr.A.J.Leonard Patrick Brady Co.Donegal,Ireland Ellen McLaughlin Co.Donegal,Ireland Frank Jones

1467 Yager LeRoy A. 21y7m24d Rotterdam Junction,NY 24Mar1904 17Nov1925 Greenhill,Amsterdam,NY Cady Hill Laborer

M 1922 269
Dr.F.G.Eaton Charles Yager Amsterdam,NY Carrie Saunders Golda Burmingham father

1468 O'Mallery Martin 54y8d Co.Mayo,Ireland 10Nov1871 18Nov1925 St. Peter's Poukeepsie State Hospital Insurance Agent
C M 1922 270
Dr.W.T.Ryan Luke O'Malley Co.Mayo,Ireland Bridget Murphy Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary A. McGuire

1469 Roohan Hannorah S. 76y1m30d Glens Falls,NY 21Sep1849 20Nov1925 St. Peter's 46 State St. Housewife
C W 1922 271
Dr.J.F.Roohan Patrick Sheehan Co.Cork,Ireland Julia Sullivan Co.Cork,Ireland James Roohan

1470 McNeary George Michael 64y11m2d Greenfield,NY 22Dec1860 24Nov1925 St. Peter's 9 Myrtle St. Liveryman
C M 1922 272
Dr.C.B.Small John McNeary Limerick,Ireland Margaret Donaher Limerick,Ireland Margaret Smith

1471 Gorman Mary Brophy 86y3m11d Queens Co.Ireland 15Aug1839 26Nov1925 St. Peter's 82 Court St. Housewife
C W 1922 273
Dr.G.S.Towne John Brophy Queens Co.Ireland Mary Leahy Queens Co.Ireland Thomas Gorham

1472 Trotter Marie 76y9m14d Bavaria,Germany 14Feb1849 28Nov1925 Woodlawn,NYCity 9 So.Main St.Mechanicville,NY Housewife
C W 1922 274
Dr.Chrissey,Mechanicville ?? Schwartz Bavaria,Germany

Joseph Trotter

1473 Moore Ardele R. 67y New Orleans,LA
03Dec1925 Greenridge 12 South Franklin St Housewife
A.M.E.Zion W 1922 275
Dr.M.E.Varney ?? Collins New Orleans,LA Ann Collins New Orleans,LA David M.Moore Mrs.Lester Wilson
1474 Mallery Fred C. 68y6m18d Saratoga Springs 20May1857 08Dec1925 Greenridge 142 Washington St. Sexton
B W 1922 276
Dr.A.A.Swanick Alfred P.Mallery Corinth,NY Letitia F.Graham
Lydia Anna Isles

1475 Deegan Patrick 80y Queens Co.Ireland
11Dec1925 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Watchman
C S 1922 277
Dr.Geo.F.Comstocklived 89 State St. Wm.Deegan Queens Co.Ireland Sarah Whalen Queens Co.Ireland

1476 Rix Julia O'Brien 65y Fort Ann,NY
14Dec1925 Greenridge 460 1/2 Broadway Housewife
C W 1922 278
Dr.D.C.Nolan Michael O'Brien Ireland Hannah O'Brien Ireland Asa W.S.Rix

1477 O'Connell Catherine 78y Co.Tipperary
23Dec1925 St. Peter's 154 Woodlawn Ave Housewife
C W 1922 279
Dr.Harry Loop ?? Divan Tipperary,Ireland Mary ?? Tipperary,Ireland Thomas O'Connell


61y Moreau,NY
27Dec1925 Greenridge Bellevue Hospital,NYCity Domestic
E M 1922 280
Dr.L.M.Fleming/lived NYC Columbus C.Spratt Moreau,NY Maria Purdy Coeville,NY Thomas Qiummett

1479 Natale Antoinette 43y6m7d Caserta,Italy 29Jun1882 05Jan1926 St. Peter's 5 Cobb Alley Housewife
C M 1922 281
Dr.Jno.Ledlie Anthony Bishop Caserta,Italy Angelina Funaro Caserta,Italy Louis Natale

1480 Wilson Harley N. 58y3d Northumberland,NY 06Jan1868 09Jan1926 Gansevoort,NY Saratoga Hospital General Peritonitis
E M 1922 282
Dr.G.S.Towne Ira Wilson NY State ?? Haggerty
Mary Bowers

1481 Hallinan Joseph 45y11m5d Saratoga Springs 05Feb1880 10Jan1926 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium Textile Buyer
C S 1922 283
Dr.Asa Dimock Patrick Hallinan Ireland Nellie Hallinan Ireland

1482 Dwyer Carrie Catherine 51y2m14d Schylerville 29Oct1874 12Jan1926 St. Peter's 162 East Ave Housewife
C W 1922 284
DR.D.C.Nolan George Smith Warrensburg,NY Eliza Evans Bacon Hill,NY M.J.Dwyer

1483 Merrill Delia 76y8m Glens Falls,NY 18May1849 18Jan1926 Greenridge 47 Harrison Housewife
B W 1922 285
Dr.Webster Moriata Nelson Mace St.John's,Quebec Eugenia Eslang St.John's,Quebec Jeffrey D.Merrell

1484 Redmond James 78y26d Wexford,Ireland 25Dec1847 20Jan1926 St. Peter's 38 State St. Retired
C M 1922 286
Dr.D.C.Nolan Martin Redmond Wexford,Ireland Margaret Wexford,Ireland Mary Fitzgerald

1485 Hope Arthur P. 47y4m23d Cavendish,VT 02Sep1878 25Jan1926
64 VanDam St. Printer
C M 1922 287
Dr.Geo H.Fish ?? Hope
?? Potter
Anna Sullivan

1486 Murray Anna Marie 28y1m24d New York City 11Dec1897 04Feb1926 St. Peter's 17 Avery St. School Teacher
C S 1922 288
Dr.Carl Comstock Peter Murray Scotland Catherine Neilen Quebec,Canada

1487 Huestis Almira Merrill 69y6m13d Local 26Jul1856 08Feb1926 Greenridge 70 Hamilton St. Housewife
E M 1922 289
Dr.F.J.Ressique Henry W. Merrill New York State Valena S.George Vermont Wm B.Huestis husband
1488 Convery George 37y11m11d Co.Derry,Ireland 02Mar1888 12Feb1926 Greenfield Center Wilton,NY Mechanic

W 1922 290
Dr.C.B.Small John Convery Co.Derry,Ireland Sarah Pickering Co.Derry,Ireland

Elizabeth Stewart-sister
1489 Cunningham Mary 80y Co.Leitrim,Ireland
26Feb1926 St. Peter's 21 VanRensalaer St At Home
C S 1922 291
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie John Cunningham Co.Leitrim,Ireland Ann O'Connor Co.Leitrim,Ireland

Patrick -brother
1490 Preston(Fisher) James(George) 63y5m25d Halfmoon, NY 01Sep1862 26Feb1926
105 Congress St. Laborer

S 1922 292
Dr.C.B.Small James Fisher
Jane Prescott

1491 Hayes Herman J. 21y1m15d Saratoga Springs 02Mar1904 27Feb1926 St. Peter's 28 Lincoln Ave. Student
C S 1922 293
Dr.R.H.McCarthy John Hayes Saratoga Springs Sigrid Freburg Stockholm,Sweden

1492 Guastadiseque Maria J.Raucci 54y15d Caserta.Italy 13Feb1872 28Feb1926 St. Peter's 39 Ash St. -rear Housewife
C M 1922 294
Dr.A.J.Leonard Pasquale Raucci Caserta,Italy Teresa Raucci Caserta,Italy Pasquale Guastadiseque

1493 Bryant Charles Ellery 68y5m Fulton Co.NY 30Sep1857 02Mar1926 St. Peter's 17 Clark St. Farmer
C M 1922 295
Dr.VanAernum Duncan Bryant Fulton Co.NY Mary Brower Gloversville,NY Julia A. Brown

1494 Mulvihill Catherine 83y11m15d Waterford,Ireland 17Mar1842 04Mar1926 St.Mary's,Schylerville,NY 25 Franklin St. Housewife
C W 1922 296
Dr.Jas.F.Roohan John Dee Waterford,Ireland Catherine Butler Waterford,Ireland Thomas Mulvihill Mrs.Patrick Hayes
1495 Delaney Lot J. 53y6m27d
07Aug1872 06Mar1926 St. Peter's 510W.146thSt.,NYCity Waiter
C M 1922 297

Mary Donahue

1496 Elms Orville C. 83y7m25d Harrisina,NY 18Jul1842 15Mar1926 Fort Ann McCarthy Hospital Painter
B M 1922 298
Dr.R.H.McCarthy/lived167Maple Ave. Pardon Elms Stillwater,NY Betsy Ann Harris Harrisina,NY Carrie Smith

1497 Landers Sarah Buel 76y2m14d Whitehall,NY 29Dec1849 15Mar1926 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
M W 1922 299
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie/lived 1 Algonquin Bldg Horace Pardo France Lydia Harlow East Whitehall,NY Sidney Landers Bert H.Landers
1498 Cardillo Rose 41y2m5d Pontilatone,Italy 11Jan1885 16Mar1926 St. Peter's 138 Ash St. Housewife
C M 1922 300
Dr.M.E.VanAernam Joseph D.Dominick Italy Catherine Simone Italy Frank Cardillo

1499 Stevens Fredericl E. 62y9m5d Johnsburg,NY 11Jun1863 18Mar1926 St. Peter's 28 West Circular St. Paper Hanger
C M 1922 301
Dr.C.B.Small Wm. Stevens Johnsburg,NY Julia West Wisconsin Catherine Small

1500 Quinn Sarah I. 70y6m8d Troy,NY 14Sep1855 21Mar1926 St.Mary's,Troy,NY 81 Lincoln Ave Housewife
C S 1922 302
Dr.A.J.Leonard Michael Quinn Tryone,Ireland Hester Dugdale Tyrone,Ireland Michael Quinn Estate
1501 Meader S.Abbie 42y14d Saratoga Springs 18Mar1884 22Mar1926 Greenridge Heritage Place,Ballston Spa Merchant
C S 1922 303
Dr.Highley,Ballston Spa Jerome Meader Schuylerville,NY Martha Martin Schuylerville,NY
1502 Paton John Henry 80y2m26d Ossining,NY 31Dec1845 26Mar1926 Woodlawn,Bronx,NY Quaker Springs,NY Retired Liveryman
P M 1922 304
Dr.W.S.Donnelly,Ketchams Corners Stephen Paten
Anna VanValson
Ida Paten Estate
1503 Pierce Ellen 71y11m24d Saratoga Springs 04Apr1854 28Mar1926 St. Peter's 256 West Circular St. Housewife
C M 1922 305
Dr.D.C.Moriata Thomas Brannigan Queens Co.Ireland Ellen Green Queens Co.Ireland Thomas Pierce Estate
1504 Ahern Rev.Stephen L. 45y10m19d Boston,Mass 15May1880 03Apr1926 Glen Mitchell St. Clement's College Catholic Priest
C S 1922 306
Dr.J.B.Ledlie Timothy Ahern Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Gorgan Co.Waterford,Ireland
1505 Winslow ?? Franklin 72y14d Fort Ann.NY 30Mar1854 13Apr1926 Luzerne Wilton,NY Farmer
P M 1922 307
Dr.Geo. Gow Thomas Winslow Fort Ann,NY Mary Wheeler Fort Ann,NY
Alice Winslow
1506 Seymour Mary A. 49y10m20d Liverpool,England 25May1876 15Apr1926 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
P M 1922 308
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived 23 Crescent St. George Taylor Liverpool,England Margaret Dingle Liverpool,England Charles W. Seymour Estate
1507 Corey Julia M. 71y11m26d Co.Kerry,Ireland 22Apr1854 17Apr1926 St. Peter's 205 Circular St. Housewife
C M 1922 309
Dr.E.H.King Cornelius O'Brien Co.Kerry,Ireland Margaret Noonan Co.Kerry,Ireland Patrick Carey Estate
1508 Reed Howard Andrew 40y5m19d Brooklyn,NY 29Oct1885 17Apr1926 Calvary,Brooklyn,NY Saratoga Hospital Telephone Operator

M 1922 310
Dr.M.E.Varney Jesse Reed Brookyn,NY

Anna Mills Estate
1509 Black Mildred May 48y2m3d Wilton,NY 14Feb1878 18Apr1926 Greenridge 161 Circular St Housewife
P M 1922 311
Dr.F.J.Ressique John J.Merrill Fort Ann,NY Jennie N.Phelps Lake George,NY George D.Black Estate
1510 Connery Alice Delaney 60y Local
28Apr1926 St. Peter's 329W.34th St.NYC Clerk-Gimbles
C W 1922 312

Dennis Delaney

1511 Perrino Madeline Fusco 58y Caserta,Italy
30Apr1926 St. Peter's 32 So.Franklin St. Housewife
C M 1922 313
Dr.Geo.Comstock Luigi Parillo Caserta,Itlay Maria Monico Caserta,Italy Anthony Perrino

1512 Paton Ida Wellington 72y10m22d New York City 12Jun1853 02May1926 Woodlawn,NYCity Quaker Springs,NY Housewife
M W 1922 314
Dr.W.S.Donnelly Wm.Wellington New York State

John H. Paton

1513 Dowen J.Harry 54y9m25d Corinth,NY 09Jul1871 04May1926 Greenridge Metropolitan Hosp,NYC Laborer
E S 1922 315

Barnett Dowen Pittstown,NY Louisa M.Early Corinth,NY

1514 Flanders Susan 50y24d Port Henry,NY 21Apr1876 15May1926 Greenridge 50 Granite St. -rear Housewife
E M 1922 316
Dr.G.Scott Towne John McMullen Co.Cork,Ireland Rosella Hayes Upper Jay,NY Wm. Flanders

1515 White Robert 73y Saratoga Springs
16May1926 Greenridge County House Cook
C S 1922 317
Dr. Post, Ballston Spa Edward White Ireland

Mary Gaffney-neice
1516 Dee John 86y16d Co.Waterford Ireland 06May1840 22May1926 Greenridge North Milton,NY Farmer

M 1922 318
Dr.Earl King John Dee Co.Waterford,Ireland Katherine Butler Co.Waterford,Ireland Jennie E. Jenkins

1517 Golden Mabel A. 37y10m9d Albany,NY 17Jul1888 26May1926 St. Peter's 34 Waterbury St. Housewife
C M 1922 319
Dr.Jas.F.Roohan Frank Borst Albany,NY Helen Bennett Washington Co.NY Joseph Golden

1518 Smith Kirk W. 78y5m9d Addison,VT 14Jan1848 23Jun1926 East Addison,Vergennes,VT Utica State Hospital Retired
B W 1922 320
Dr.E.H.Adams Austin Smith Addison,VT Sarah Forbes Canada
1519 King Charlotte 18y2m30d Saratoga Springs 25Mar1908 24Jun1926 St. Peter's 6 Congress Ave. Student
C S 1922 321
Dr.Murray James King Saratoga Springs Katherine Dolan Jonesville,NY
James Dolan
1520 Severance Edward Leroy 47y4m11d Easton,NY 16Feb1879 27Jun1926 Quaker Springs South Wilton,NY Farmer

M 1922 322
Dr.Webster Moriata Leroy Severance Vermont Mary Hudson New York State Lydia Viele Harris

1521 DeMarco Rosalie Wade 31y3m19d Brooklyn,NY 09Mar1895 28Jun1926 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 323
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived207Elm St. Bernard P.Wade
?? Tinax
Ralph P.DeMarco

1522 Fennell Mary E. 52y Saratoga Springs
30Jun1926 St. Peter's 78 White St. Housewife
C M 1922 324
Dr.J.F.Roohan Joseph Kelly Co.Clare,Ireland Catherine Cuneen Co.Waterford,Ireland Thomas H.Fennell

1523 Blaney Wm. 82y28d Kingsbury,NY 06Jun1844 04Jul1926 Kings,Wilton,NY "Darling" Place Farmer

M 1922 325
Dr.Earl King Hugh Blaney Ireland Lydia Smalley Kingsbury,NY Ella Amber David B.Patten
1524 Green Dora Jane 64y5m27d Chestertown,NY 11Jan1862 08Jul1926 Greenridge 19 Vermont St. Housewife
E W 1922 326
Dr.Geo.Fish Louis Washburn NYState Ann Ray
Samuel Green

1525 Black Charles Edward 76y1m20d New York City 18May1850 08Jul1926 Greenridge 457 Broadway Merchant
M M 1922 327
Dr.Jno.Ledlie Isaac Black
Lillie Ellsworth

1526 Mahan Mary Rosalita 18y4m17d Malta,NY 23Feb1908 10Jul1926 St. Peter's 83 Walton St. Telephone Operator
C S 1922 328
Dr.Carl Comstock James Mahan Co.Mayo,Ireland Bridget Smith Saratoga Springs

1527 Kearney Catherine Carey 78y4m5d Co.Cork,Ireland 17Mar1848 22Jul1926 St.Mary's,Corinth,NY 13 Warren St. Housewife
C M 1922 329
Dr.M.E.VanAernum Timothy Carey Co.Cork,Ireland Catherine Donovan Co.Cork,Ireland John Kearney

1528 Kearney Mary Madelaine 39y1m25d New York City 29May1887 24Jul1926 St. Peter's Met Sanitorium Clerk
C S 1922 330
Dr.R.H.Morgan/livedFlatbush Wm.Kearney London,England Theresa Towns London,England

Theresa Bagnal-sister
1529 Carman Gertrude Vivan 25y1m21d Local 05Jun1901 26Jul1926 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium Housewife
C M 1922 331
Dr.Asa Dimock/lived175Washington Wm.Bootier Saratoga Springs Mary Johns Schenectady,NY Claude Carman

1530 Clark Francis S. 64y9m18d
10Oct1861 28Jul1926
97 1/2 Ballston Ave Caretaker
E M 1922 332
Dr.J.F.Roohan Francis Clark Vermont Lucinda Colvin Vermont Anna Ellson

1531 Allard Alphonse J. 38y6m10d St. Albans,VT 19Jan1888 29Jul1926 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital RR Brakeman
C M 1922 333
Dr.Jno.Ledlie/lived Walnut St. Marshall Allard Quebec,Canada Philomene Bryant Malone,NY Alice E.Calkins

1532 Hill Webster M. 46y10m1d Saratoga Springs 02Oct1879 03Aug1926 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Painter
E M 1922 334
Dr.Jno.Humphrey/lived159 Clinton St Frank Hill
Clara Ireland Greenfield,NY Minie Risley

1533 Brusnihan James T. 58y4m2d West Rutland,VT 05Apr1868 07Aug1926 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Lawyer
C W 1922 335
Dr.Carl Comstock Michael Brusnihan Limerick,Ireland Katherine Regan Co.Limerick,Ireland

John J.Brusnihan-nephew
1534 Fitzpatrick John S. 54y11m20d Saratoga Springs 14Aug1871 13Aug1926 Greenridge 2 Aletta St. Blacksmith
C S 1922 336
Dr.D.C.Nolan Kieran Fitzpatrick Queens Co.Ireland Margaret Dunn Queens Co.Ireland

Kieran L. -brother
1535 Leary Mary D. 78y17d Saratoga Springs 04Aug1848 21Aug1926 St. Peter's 506 1/2Broadway Housewife
C W 1922 337
Dr.H.L.Loop Patrick Kane Ireland Johanna Donahue Ireland Daniel Leary James A.Leary
1536 Moore Alexander F. 64y Bridgeport,CN 1861 25Aug1926 Calvary,NYCity U.S.Hotel Retired Realtor
C D 1922 338
Dr.J.F.Roohan George J.Moore London,England Anna Plested? London,England
1537 McKenney Mary Jane 67y9m8d Hudson Falls,NY 18Nov1858 26Aug1926 Union,Hudson Falls 33 West Harrison St. Housewife
E M 1922 339
Dr.F.G.Eaton George Harford Lancaster,England Isabelle Wilkinshaw? Scotland James McKinney Mrs.James Hayes
1538 Meade Florence Tracey 28y1m20d Patterson,NJ 12Jul1898 01Sep1926 Calvary,Patterson,NJ Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 340
Dr.Wm.Jacobs,Patterson,NJ John M.Tracey Patterson,NJ Mary Kane Mt.Kisco,NY Theodore Meade husband
1539 Barry Bridget Nalty 73y Co.Mayo,Ireland
04Sep1926 St. Peter's 551 Broadway Housewife
C W 1922 341
Dr.Geo.F.Comstock John Nalty Co.Mayo,Ireland Helen Welch Co.Mayo,Ireland Edward Barry Anna L.Nalty
1540 Brown James J. 26y8m14d New York City 25Dec1899 09Sep1926 Greenwood,NYCity Homestead Sanitorium Clerk
C S 1922 342
Dr.Asa Dimock Frank E. Brown Texas Elnora O'Leary Saratoga Springs
1541 Perry Catherine C. 60y Victory Mills,NY
16Sep1926 Victory Mills 35 Church St.-rear Housewife
C W 1922 343
Dr.Murray James Kiley Ireland Catherine Conway Ireland John A Perry

1542 Tracey Marie Teresa 26y5m1d Patterson,NJ 21Apr1900 22Sep1926 Calvary,Patterson,NJ Saratoga Hospital Nurse
C S 1922 344
Dr.Carl Comstock John M.Tracey Patterson,NJ Mary Kane Mt.Kiscao,NY
1543 Annott Lui 51y5m15d Caserta,Italy 15Apr1875 30Sep1926 St. Peter's 79 Beekman St. Retired
C M 1922 345
Dr.Earl King Lui Annott Caserta,Itely Matilda Pappa Caserta,Italy May Fillmore

1544 Beach Catherine 10y5m17d Saratoga Springs 15Apr1916 02Oct1926 St. Peter's 76 Greenfield Ave. Student
C S 1922 346
Dr.J.F.Roohan John Beach Saratoga Springs Jessie Winchell Milton,NY John Beach

1545 Long Charles Bronson 67y Whitewater,Wis. 1859 02Oct1926 Greenridge 2 Madison Ave Retired
Cong W 1922 347
Dr.F.G.Eaton James Long Watertown,NY Mary Fuller Watertown,NY Nora B. Long

1546 Eaton Annie Louise 63y7m3d Local 02Mar1863 05Oct1926 Greenridge 60 Phila St. Housewife
M M 1922 348
Dr.Carl Comstock Richard Sweeney Co.Tipperary,Ireland Hannah Dwyer Co.Tipperary,Ireland Elvin C. Eaton

1547 Liess George W. 66y

03Oct1926 Greenridge County House Laborer

1922 349

1548 Meigher Stephen C. 52y9m17d Stillwater,NY 23Dec1873 10Oct1926 St. Peter's 513Brandywine Ave,Schenectady Hotel Manager
C M 1922 350
Dr.John E.Burke John Meigher Co.Mayo,Ireland Ellen Cummings Co.Tipperary,Ireland Anna A.Shanahan

1549 Kenna Frank 53y Hudson,NY
10Oct1926 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C S 1922 351

1550 Brownson Clark Lyman 59y8m22d Elizabethtown,NY 22Jan1867 14Oct1926 Mt.Pleasant,Greensburg,PA 195 East Ave Man-Gen store,Mellon Bros.
Cong M 1922 352
Dr.Earl King Charles Brownson Elizabethtown,NY Louisa Noyes Jay,NY Rose Lawton C.L.Brownson,Estate
1551 Parillo Joseph 43y5m2d Caserta,Italy 19May1883 21Oct1926 St. Peter's 60 Beekman St. Merchant
C M 1922 353
Dr.A.J.Leonard James Parillo Caserta,Italy Mary Franco Caserta,Italy Mary Faraone

1552 Sesselman Henry 85y8m15d Bavaria,Germany 16Feb1841 31Oct1926 St. Peter's Greenfield,NY Retired Farmer
C W 1922 354
Dr.Clayton King Henry Sessleman Germany Margaret Germany

1553 Beebe Bessie 68y Co.Mayo,Ireland
04Nov1926 Calvary,NYCity Memorial Hospital,Albany,NY Housewife
C M 1922 355
Dr.Conlon,Albany Michael M.Healy Co.Mayo,Ireland Sabina Dugan Co.Mayo,Ireland George L.Beebe

1554 Brophy Elizabeth G. 60y4m2d City 03Jul1866 05Nov1926 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1922 356
Dr.J.F.Roohan James Mahan Ireland Mary Kiernan Ireland John V.Brophy

1555 Keehan Mary Teresa 64y Co.Limerick,Ireland
06Nov1926 St. Peter's 5 Union St. Housewife
C M 1922 357
Dr.A.J.Leonard Patrick Bartley Co.Limerick,Ireland

Edward H.Keehan

1556 Buckley Ellen Madden 81y8m5d Co.Limerick,Ireland 03Mar1845 08Nov1926 St. Peter's 181 Washington St. Housewife
C W 1922 358
Dr.J.F.Roohan James Madden Co.Limerick,Ireland Ellen Franklin Co.Limerick,Ireland Michael Buckley

1557 Burke Harriet B. 53y10m23d Greenfield,NY 01Jan1873 24Nov1926 Whitford Utica State Hospital Housewife
E M 1922 359
lived 104 Wodlawn Ave Alfred Eighmey Greenfield,NY Betty Ann Merritt Greenfield Michael Burke

1558 Grem? Rev.Peter 66y6m29d New York City 27Apr1860 25Nov1926 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Priest
C S 1922 360
DR.Jno.B.Ledlie Peter Grem

1559 Quinn Mary Frances 46y7m4d City 24Apr1880 28Nov1926 St. Peter's 42 West Harrison St. Telephone Operator
C S 1922 361
Dr.Jno.Humphrey Jeremiah Quinn Bangor,ME Julia McCarthy Uxbridge?,MA

1560 Devlin DR.John P. 58y9m2d Saratoga Springs 28Feb1868 30Nov1926 St. Peter's 243 Maple Ave Dentist
C S 1922 362
Dr.F.J.Ressique John Devlin Co.Armagh,Ireland Mary Ryan Co.Tipperary,Ireland

1561 Merrit Emma J.Hodges 58y Chicago,IL
30Nov1926 Greenridge 465 Broadway Cook
B W 1922 363

Henry Patterson
1562 Reynolds Michael J. 78y Co.West Meathe,Ireland
07Dec1926 St. Peter's 146 Elm St. Retired
C M 1922 364
Dr.D.C.Nolan John Reynolds Co.Meath,Ireland Elizabeth Gerry Co.West Meath,Ireland Katherine Farrell

1563 O'Brien Reuben R. 45y3m22d Saratoga Springs 17Aug1881 09Dec1926 St. Peter's Homestead Sanitorium Painter
C W 1922 365
Dr.Asa Dimock/lived101North St. Martin O'Brien Babylon,L.I. Margaret Murphy Limerick,Ireland Emma Hammell Mrs.Joseph Carroll
1564 Stevens Catherine T. 64y6m20d Saratoga Springs 02Jun1862 22Dec1926 St. Peter's 39 Van Dam St. Housewife
C W 1922 366
Dr.H.L.Loop John Smith Co.Cavan,Ireland Sarah Burns Co.Donegal,Ireland Frederick E.Stevens

1565 Armstrong John E. 65y Quaker Springs
29Dec1926 St. Peter's 81 Phila St. Retired
C W 1922 367
Dr.M.E.VanAernum Wm.Armstrong Ireland Mary E. Regan Ireland Julia A. Ryan

1566 Lucas William James 11y2m2d City 31Oct1915 02Jan1927 St. Peter's 3 VanRensalaer St. Student
C S 1922 368
Dr.A.J.Leonard Wm.A.Lucas Brooklyn,NY Mary O'Rourke Co.Cavan,Ireland
1567 Matrazzo John 55y3m12d Caserta,Italy 26Sep1871 07Jan1927 St. Peter's 173 Elm St. Section foreman D&H RR
C M 1922 369
Dr.B.J.Murray Matthew Matrazzo Caserta,Italy Josephine Pasquariello Caserta,Italy Genevieve Smaldone

1568 Putnam Alice J. 63y City
10Jan1927 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife

W 1922 370
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived17Park St. ???Pettit

Victor Putnam

1569 Kavanaugh William 68y9m28d Greenfield,NY 14Mar1858 11Jan1927 St.Mary's,Ballston Spa Greenfield,NY Farmer
C M 1922 371
Dr.Cornthwaite Bernard Kauvanaugh Queens Co.Ireland Margaret Brophy Queens Co.Ireland Julia Moran

1570 Monahan Bridget 63y5m25d City 20Jul1863 14Jan1927 St. Peter's 25 West Circular St. Housewife
C W 1922 372
Dr.Carl Comstock Joseph Hulahan Co.Kildare,Ireland Katherine Doherty Queens Co.Ireland Phillip Monahan

1571 Eaton Roy Elvin 37y6m3d Saratoga Springs 19Jul1889 22Jan1927 Greenridge Albany Memorial Hospital Foreman E.W.Co.
M S 1922 373
Dr.Clarence Mullen/lived60Phila St. Elvin C.Eaton New Scotland,NY Annie L.Sweeney Saratoga Springs

1572 Cowles Ella 69y20d Warren Co.NY 02Jan1858 22Jan1927
Saratoga Hospital Housewife
M M 1922 374
Dr.G.S.Towne/lived131Beekman St James Covey Warren Co.NY

George Cowles

1573 Stevens William James 57y10m7d Saratoga Springs 17Mar1869 24Jan1927 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Teamster
E M 1922 375
Dr.Carl Comstock/lived70Jefferson St. James Stevens Co.Cavan,Ireland Elizabeth Heaslip Co.Cavan,Ireland Mary Eliza Smith

1574 Dornbusch? Jennie A. 73y Stillwater,NY
25Jan1927 Greenridge Utica State Hospital Housewife
E M 1922 376


1575 Reynolds Catherine 81y Co.West Meath,Ireland
30Jan1927 St. Peter's 146 Elm St. Housewife
C W 1922 377
Dr.D.C.Nolan Andrew Farrell Co.West Meath,Ireland Elizabeth Grenning? Co.West Mesth,Ireland Michael Reynolds

1576 Niznik John 37y10m29d Czecho-Slovakia 04Mar1889 03Feb1927 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer in Tannery
C M 1922 378
Coroner VanAernam Andrew Niznik Czecho-Slovakia

Margaret Reistter

1577 Nevins Abbie 68y Co.Cork,Ireland
04Feb1927 St. Mary's,Ballston Spa Memorial Hospital Cook
C M 1922 379

Dennis Harrington Co.Cork,Ireland Johanna Sullivan Co.Cork,Ireland Robert Nevins Estate
1578 Dunphy Michael J. 63y11m18d Schylerville,NY 21Feb1863 08Feb1927 St. Peter's 17 York Ave House Detective
C M 1922 380
Dr.A.J.Leonard Patrick Dunphy Co.Waterford,Ireland Alice Casey Co.Waterford,Ireland Margaret Hayes

1579 Cray Elizabeth 72y10m Co.Cork,Ireland ??May1854 12Feb1927
15Walworth St. Housewife
C W 1922 381
Dr.M.E.VanAernum Patrick McAuliffe Co.Cork,Ireland
Co.Cork,Ireland James Cray

1580 Hickok Elizabeth C. 24y26d Saratoga Springs 21Jan1903 16Feb1927
McCarthy Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 382
Dr.R.H.McCarthy/lived207Divison St. Mark Hannon Saratoga Springs Mary Hennessey Co.Cork,Ireland Clifford Hickok

1581 Cavanaugh Margaret 61y6m17d Manchester,England 15Aug1865 04Mar1927 St. Peter's 147 Divison St. Housewife
C W 1922 383
Dr.F.G.Eaton John Shine Ireland Margaret Lally Ireland John Cavanaugh

1582 Flanagan Ann M. 43y7m4d North Bangor,NY 31Jul1883 07Mar1927 St.Mary's,Malone,NY Saratoga Hospital Proprietress Tea Room
C S 1922 384
Dr.Carl Comstock/lived429Broadway James Flanagan Ireland Mary Hogan Ireland
1583 Pierce Thomas 76y10m16d Co.Kerry,Ireland 20Apr1850 08Mar1927 St. Peter's 256West Circular St. Retired
C W 1922 385
Dr.D.C.Moriata Ambrose Pierce Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary Boyle Co.Kerry,Ireland Ellen Brannigan

1584 Robinson Charles R. 74y So.Glens Falls,NY
12Mar1927 St.John's Luth,Colonie,NY Saratoga Hospital none
E W 1922 386
Dr.M.E.Varney/lived18Cowen St. Daniel Robinson Glens Falls,NY Malutable Hendy Colonie,NY Margaret Jones

1585 Bootier George E. 58y Saratoga Springs
12Mar1927 St.John's,Schenectady,NY 99 George St. Laborer
C M 1922 387
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie Ezra Bootier LaCroix,Canada Anna Miller Greenwich,NY Bessie Loftus

1586 Hines Wm.H. 66y5m24d Warrensburgh,NY 20Sep1860 16Mar1927 St. Peter's 9 Congress Ave Retired
C M 1922 388
Dr.M.E.VanAernum Peter Hines Co.Galway,Ireland Hannah Cunningham Co.Galway,Ireland Ellen Walsh

1587 Madden George 63y1m26d Greenfield,NY 19Jan1864 17Mar1927 St. Peter's 181 Washington St. Hotel Clerk
C S 1922 389
Dr.Webster Moriata James Madden Co.Limerick,Ireland Ellen Franklin Co.Limerick

Thomas A.Madden-brother
1588 Massey Esther 81y Saratoga,NY
17Mar1927 Stillwater,NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife
P W 1922 390
Dr.M.E.VanAernum/lived 207 Regent St. Isaac Howland NY State Alvira Moody Quaker Springs,NY Samuel Massey Saratoga County
1589 Bootier Frank Edward 24y9m Saratoga Springs 25Jun1902 25Mar1927 St. Peter's 95 George St. Chauffeur
C S 1922 391
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie Louis Bootier Saratoga Springs Louise Garant Saratoga Springs

1590 Trotta John 42y8m3d Casenza,Italy 24Jul1884 27Mar1927 St. Peter's Globerson's Corners Laborer
C M 1922 392
Dr.VanAernum Frank Trotta Casenza,Italy Raeffela Casenza,Italy Iffiemira Siniriglis

1591 Delay Ella Bird 51y10d Elizabethtown,NY 18Mar1876 28Mar1927 St. Peter's 154 Clinton St. Housewife
C W 1922 393
Dr.G.S.Towne Nicholas Sullivan Co.Cork,Ireland Ellen Murphy Co.Cork,Ireland Patrick J.Delay

1592 Flynn Ellen E. 71y11m7d Warrensburgh,NY 24Apr1855 31Mar1927 St. Peter's Marshall Infirmary,Troy,NY Housewife
C W 1922 394
lived 124 Clinton St. Michael Murphy Ireland Mary Casey Ireland Thomas Flynn

1593 Whitaker Anna A. 31y26d Ballston Spa,NY 15Mar1896 10Apr1927 Ballston Spa,NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife
B M 1922 395
Dr.Jno.Ledlie/lived West Ave Samuel Welden NY State Clara Sheffer Stillwater,NY Ralph Whitaker

1594 Black Alice A. 77y5m1d Putnam,NY 10Nov1849 11Apr1927 Whitford Ballston Ave Housewife

W 1922 396
Dr.Robert Castree James Lee Putnam,NY Nancy Shepardson Putnam,NY Garrardins Black

1595 McCarthy Catherine A. 51y4m14d Co.Mayo,Ireland 10Dec1875 24Apr1927 St. Peter's 311 Nelson Ave Housewife
C M 1922 397
Dr.Harry Loop Peter Monahan Co.Mayo,Ireland Ellen Kelly Co.Mayo,Ireland Timothy McCarthy

1596 Place Leonore Ellen 8y8m28d Local 04Aug1918 02May1927 St. Peter's 39 !/2 Church St. Student
C S 1922 398
Dr.Harry Loop Arthur J. Place Saratoga Springs Pauline A. Poole Unadella,NY

1597 Comstock Elizabeth 65y Co.Carlow,Ireland
07May1927 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1922 399
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie/lived354Broadway ???Murphy Ireland
Ireland Thomas Comstock

1598 Sawyer Hannah 80y4m5d Northumberland,NY 10Jan1847 15May1927 Union Mill,Broadalbin,NY 89 Lincoln Ave Housewife
M W 1922 400
Dr.Harry Loop Nathaniel Hendrick Northumberland Cynthia Perry Northumberland

Julia Bryant-daughter
1599 Scripter Wm. Edward 72y3m1d Athol,NY 18Feb1855 19May1927 St. Peter's 28 Lincoln Ave RR Conductor
C W 1922 401
Dr.M.E.Varney Stephen W.Scripter Athol,NY Emily Bennett Weavertown,NY Johanna Hayes

1600 Farrell Charles E. 71y11m21d City 08Jun1855 29May1927 St. Peter's 33 Jackson St. Laborer
C M 1922 402
Dr.A.J.Leonard Charles Farrell Ireland Bridget Morgan Ireland Mary E. Doherty

1601 Kearney John 89y3m22d Co.Cork,Ireland 16Feb1838 07Jun1927 St.Mary's,Corinth 13 Warren St. Retired
C W 1922 403
Dr.VanAernum John Kearney Co,Cork Mary O'Brien Co.Cork,Ireland Catherine Carey

1602 Lester Erskine Herbert 52y8m5d City 02Sep1874 07Jun1927 Greenridge 18 State St. Railroad Yard Clerk
E M 1922 404
Dr.F.J.Ressique Melvin Lester Argyle,NY Henrietta Gilchrist Argyle,NY Sarah Nash

1603 Donahue John 62y Glens Falls,NY
14Jun1927 St.Mary's,Glens Falls 93 Ludlow St. Merchant
C S 1922 405
Dr. J.F.Roohan/lived 93VanDam St. John Donahue Co.Kerry,Ireland Katherine Sullivan Co.Kerry,Ireland

1604 Gerard Frank 49y2m26d Buffalo,NY 01Apr1878 27Jun1927 St. Peter's 168 Lincoln Ave Restauranteer
C M 1922 406
Dr.A.J.Leonard Pasquale Gerard Italy Lugratzia Radiche Italy Catherine Costello

1605 Dorsey Owen 60y Saratoga Springs
28Jun1927 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Flagman
C S 1922 407
Dr.D.C.Nolan/lived65Ash St. James Dorsey Co.Leitrim,Ireland Ann McGovern Co.Cavan,Ireland

Bridget Kelly-sister
1606 McCall Joseph J. 56y3m25d Charleston,SC 07Mar1871 02Jul1927 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C M 1922 408
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived285Jefferson St. Joseph J.McCall West Indies Martha Nelson Charleston,SC Florence Harriott?

1607 Pasek Edward 12y3m18d Greenfield,NY 18Mar1915 06Jul1927 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Student
C S 1922 409
Dr.F.J.Ressique/lived Greenfield Joseph Pasek Austria,Hungary Margaret Hubinsky Austria,Hungary

1608 Natale John 52y Caserta,Italy
15Jul1927 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Retired
C M 1922 410
Dr.Jno.Humphrey/lived167Grand Ave Daniel Natale Caserta,Italy Marie Caserta,Italy Rose Dominick

1609 VanDeusen John 91y14d Fortsville,NY 04Jul1836 18Jul1927 Greenridge 70 Hamilton St. Retired
E W 1922 411
Dr.G.S.Towne Henry VanDeusen Fortsville,NY Jane Rorabeck New York State Sarah Martina Barnes

1610 Braim Louise M. 31y8m27d Greenfield,NY 21Oct1895 18Jul1927 St. Peter's Greenfield,NY School Teacher
C S 1922 412
Dr.M.E.VanAernum Henry Braim Bavaria,Germany Margaret Sessleman Bavaria,Germany

1611 Hopkins Margaret Jane 74y11m11d Whitehall,NY 13Aug1852 24Jul1927 South Side(So.Broadway) 18VanDam St. Housewife
C W 1922 413
Dr.H.L.Loop/lived4 Pearl St. Thomas Roach Co.Roscomon,Iteland Margaret Gilday Co.Rosecomon,Ireland Frank S.Hopkins Charles E.Hopkins
1612 Meehan Margaret C. 68y23d Co.Roscomon,Ireland 04Jul1859 27Jul1927 St. Peter's 216 Regent St. Housewife
C W 1922 414
Dr.H.L.Loop Michael Gaffney Ireland Bridget Lee Ireland Thomas Meehan

1613 Moylan Mary Elizabeth 66y8m16d City 16Nov1860 01Aug1927 Greenridge 83 Regent St. At Home
C S 1922 415
Dr.Jno.Ledlie James Moylan Queens Co.Ireland Rebecca Mahon Ireland

1614 Kuon Puis F. 51y26d Newkirch,Germany 06Jul1876 02Aug1927 St. Peter's 15 Avery St. Teamster
C M 1922 416
Dr.F.G.Comstock Anthony Kuon Newkirch,Germany Josephine Zeiser Newkirch,Germany Mary Mason

1615 Buano Pasquarillo 70y Abuizzi,Italy
02Aug1927 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 417
DR.Jno.Humphrey Vincent DeFisti Italy Filomena Scotte Italy Pasquauno Buano

1616 Taggert John W. 48y5m23d Philadelphia,PA 15Feb1879 07Aug1927 Catherdral,Phil.PA Saratoga Springs Claims Inspector

S 1922 418
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived Phil.PA Wm Taggert

Oliver H.Blair,Phila,PA
1617 Quinn Julia Frances 71y9m7d Uxbridge,NY 09Nov1855 16Aug1927 St. Peter's 42West Harrison St. Housewife
C W 1922 419
Dr.J.F.Roohan Jeremiah McCarthy Co.Cork,Ireland Mary O'Neill Co.Cork,Ireland

1618 Stewart Elizabeth 46y1m29d Co.Derry,Ireland 23Jun1881 21Aug1927 Brick Church Wilton,NY Housewife

W 1922 420
Dr.G.S.Towne John Convery Co.Derry,Ireland Sarah Pickering Co.Derry,Ireland Thomas Stewart

1619 Moll Joseph G. 78y9m14d Troy,NY 06Nov1848 20Aug1927 Stillwater Stillwater,NY Piano Tuner
E M 1922 421
Dr.Wilson,Stillwater Joseph Moll Germany Sarah Waldron United States

Cora Senecal-daughter
1620 Cowan Wm.Henry 64y11m27d New York City 01Sep1862 28Aug1927 Calvary,NYCity United States Hotel Retired
C M 1922 422
Dr.D.C.Nolan/lived NYCity Charles Cowen Ireland Margaret Dugan Ireland Leonora Richardson wife
1621 Swanick Arthur John 51y8m21d City 08Dec1875 29Aug1927 St. Peter's 205 Grand Ave RR Trainman
C M 1922 423
DR.J.F.Roohan James Swanick Co.Mayo,Ireland Eliza Conley Ireland Anna Collins

1622 Sande Marion Hildreth 26y5m13d Cambridge,NY 20Mar1901 02Sep1927 Boston,Mass 85 Court St. Housewife
C M 1922 424
Dr.F.J.Ressique T.Harry Casey Cambridge,Mass Elizabeth Cook Saratoga Springs Earl H.Sande husband
1623 Kennedy Sarah 62y Canada
07Sep1927 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housework
C W 1922 425

Patrck Kennedy Mrs.Chas.LaMountain
1624 Valentine Etta U. 43y5m12d Hungary 27Mar1884 08Sep1927 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housework
C W 1922 426
DR.Comstock/lived113Clinton St. John Uveges Hungary Anna Kolessar Hungary Boyarosky Valentine John Uveges
1625 DelVecchiio Genevieve 16y9m16d Saratoga Springs 27Nov1910 12Sep1927 St. Peter's 79 Ash St. Student
C S 1922 427
Dr.C.B.Small Michael DelVecchio Naples,Italy Angelina Amato Naples.Italy
1626 Burt Harriet Perry 69y7m15d Wilton,NY 30Jan1858 14Sep1927 Brick Church Wilton,NY Housewife

W 1922 428
Dr.B.J.Murray Wm.H.Perry Wilton,NY Phoebe G.Woodward Wilton,NY Wm.O.Burt

1627 Hudson James L. 65y Rock City Falls,NY
14Sep1927 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Laborer
M M 1922 429
Dr.G.S.Town/lived16High Rock Ave James L.Hudson Rock City Falls Hannah Crandall Rock City Falls Ada Hower/Homer Edward Hudson 4 sons
1628 Pettigrew Wm 91y10m19d Edinburgh,Scotland 05Nov1835 24Sep1927 Maplewood 87 Monroe St. Engineer
Cong W 1922 430
Dr.H.L.Loop Alec Pettigrew Edinburgh,Scotland Mary
Emma Gage

1629 Alonzo Antonio 62y Moss,Spain ??Sep1865 25Sep1927 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Baker
C W 1922 431
DR.H.L.Loop/lived67 Ash St. John Alonzo Spain Josephine Rodriguez Spain Tiofila Garcia

1630 Crowley George W. 74y7m Troy,NY ??Feb1853 27Sep1927 Malta Ridge 7 Avery St. Farmer
M M 1922 432
Dr.Earl King

Flora Ellsworth

1631 Grace Kate O'Brien 62y City
28Sep1927 Greenridge 175 Lake Ave Housewife
C M 1922 433
Dr.F.J.Ressique Edward O'Brien Co.Cork,Ireland Margaret McCarthy Co.Cork,Ireland Frank Grace

1632 Bellanger Joseph 39y Montreal,Canada
05Oct1927 Cote Des Neiges,Montreal,Canada Saratoga Hospital Laborer

S 1922 434
Dr.VanAernum/lived West Day,NY Alfred Bellanger Canada Mary Canada
Thomas Kane
1633 Kane John 98y3m17d Co.Waterford,Ireland 24Jun1829 11Oct1927 Greenridge 35 Park Place Retired
C W 1922 435
Dr.A.J.Leonard James Kane Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Foley Co.Waterford,Ireland Margaret Murphy

1634 Hayes James 83y Co.Limerick,Ireland 1844 20Oct1927 St. Peter's Greenfield,NY Farmer
C W 1922 436
Dr.F.G.Eaton John Hayes Co.Limerick,Ireland Mary Hayes Co.Limerick,Ireland Johanna Connery

1635 Flynn Ellen Welch 86y21d Co.Kilkenney,Ireland 01Oct1841 22Oct1927 St. Peter's 5 Avery St. Housewife
C W 1922 437
Dr.A.J.Leonard James Welch Ireland Mary Malone Ireland John Flynn

1636 Center Charles F. 57y8m16d So.Dorset,VT 11Feb1870 27Oct1927 Maplewood 16 1/2 Hutchins St. Farmer
M M 1922 438
Dr.C.B.Small John Center France ?? Burke Hebron,NY Ethel Green wife
1637 Harper Thomas 55y Iowa
29Oct1927 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C M 1922 439
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived41st,NYCity James Harper

Dunn&Bleecker,Newman's Lake House
1638 Byrnes Jane Hayes 66y5m28d Hydeville,VT 01May1861 29Oct1927 St. Peter's 69 VanDam St. Housewife
C W 1922 440
Dr.VanAernum Martin Hayes Co.Tipperary,Ireland Bridget Connell Co.Tipperary,Ireland Maurice Byrnes

1639 Carroll Norah Fitzpatrick 67y2m29d Queens Co.Ireland 04Aug1860 02Nov1927 St. Peter's 64 Second St. Housewife
C W 1922 441
Dr.Earl King Wm. Fitzpatrick Queens Co.Ireland Mary Delaney Queens Co.Ireland Mathew Carroll

1640 Bootier Florence E. 33y7m22d Saratoga Springs 17Mar1894 08Nov1927 St. Peter's 175 Washington St. Pointer-clay,textile
C S 1922 442
Dr.F.G.Eaton Wm. Bootier Saratoga Springs Mary John Schenectady,NY Wm. Bootier Mrs.Georgiana Lawman
1641 Flanagan Edward J. 65y7m City ??Mar1862 11Nov1927 Greenridge 114 Union Ave Caretaker
C M 1922 443
Dr.F.J.Ressique Thomas Flanagan Mitchelltown,Ireland Julia Clare Queens Co. Jennie Ennis

1642 Annott Luigi 59y Ilano,Caserta,Italy
11Nov1927 St. Peter's 29 Ash St. Merchant
C W 1922 444
Dr.C.B.Small Lui Annott Caserta,Italy Matilda Pappa Caserta,Italy Christina Yannott

1643 Judge Alicia 61y5m5d Co.Roscomon,Ireland 14Jun1866 19Nov1927 St. Peter's 123 Woodlawn Ave. Matron
C S 1922 445
Dr.D.C.Moriata Michael Judge Co.Rosecomon,Ireland Catherine Fitzgerald Co.Roscomon,Ireland
Michael J.Judge-brother
1644 Stoddard Nellie Alvira 33y3m1d Saratoga Springs 18Aug1894 19Nov1927 Greenridge 92 Maple Ave At Home
E S 1922 446
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie Harvey Stoddard Grafton,VT Rosetta E.Clough Andover,VT
1645 Sullivan James H. 67y8m11d Bald Mountain,NY 10Mar1860 21Nov1927 St. Peter's 93 VanDam St. Teamster
C W 1922 447
Dr.A.J.Leonard Dennis Sullivan Ireland Catherine Collis Ireland Mary Higgins

1646 Doherty Mary 71y Co.Donegal,Ireland
03Dec1927 St. Peter's 173 Spring St. Housewife
C W 1922 448
Dr.F.J.Ressique Michael Breslin Co.Donegal,Ireland Mary Mohan Co.Donegal Cornelius Doherty

1647 Farrington Catherine 83y3m3d Co.Mayo,Ireland 03Sep1844 06Dec1927 St.Mary's,Schylerville 12 Stratton St. Housewife
C W 1922 449
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie Martin Hughes Co.Mayo,Ireland Bridget McDonough Co.Mayo,Ireland Luke Farrington

1648 O'Brien Mary Ella 46y8m2d Burlington,VT 13Mar1881 09Dec1927 St. Peter's 4 Algonquin Apts Telephone Operator
C S 1922 450
Dr.H.L.Loop John O'Brien Burlington,VT Hannah Nichols Ireland
George R.O'Brien-brother
1649 McGhan Katherine A. 41y6m3d Local 19Jun1886 22Dec1927 St. Peter's 60 Catherine St. Domestic
C S 1922 451
Dr. A.J.Leonard Michael C.McGhan Troy,NY Johanna Carey Albany,NY James H.McGhan

1650 Wells Orville Elton 50y7m4d Saratoga Springs 23May1877 27Dec1927 Greenridge Memorial Hospital,Albany Electrician
E M 1922 452
Dr.Gould/lived76Troy Rd.Menands Layton Wells Saratoga County,NY Vhristina Goodfellow Saratoga Co.NY Virginia Spratt

1651 Muldowney John J. 29y2m19d Local 08Oct1898 3?Dec1927 St. Peter's Cook's Crossing Newspaperman
C S 1922 453
Dr.VanAernum/lived198Regent St. James Muldowney Greenfield,NY Mary Kane Saratoga Springs
1652 Cunningham Nora 70y10m7d Co.Leitrim,Ireland 27Feb1857 03Jan1928 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital At Home
C S 1922 454
Dr.Jno.Ledlie/lived21VanRensalaer St. John Cunningham Co.Leitrim,Ireland Ann O'Connor Co.Lietrim,Ireland
Kate & Patrick siblings
1653 Sanford Sarah Elizabeth 77y23d Saratoga Springs 12Dec1850 04Jan1928 Greenridge 58 Woodlawn Ave Housewife
E M 1922 455
Dr.F.J.Ressique Mervin Adams Saratoga Springs Ann Wilcox Saratoga Springs Benjamin Sanford

1654 Collins Mary Agnes 73y9m11d Lansingburgh,NY 25Mar1854 05Jan1928 St. Peter's 142 Grand Ave Housewife
C M 1922 456
Dr.H.L.Loop John Hyland Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary Dwyer Dublin,Ireland Daniel J.Collins

1655 Biggie Alfred 19y9m26d Local 12Mar1908 07Jan1928 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Clerk
E M 1922 457
Dr.F.G.Eaton Bert Biggie Saratoga Springs Rose Morris Saratoga Springs Gladys Morris

1656 Reiff Rosanna A. 65y29d Local 10Dec1862 08Jan1928 St. Peter's 164 Elm St. Housewife
C M 1922 458
Dr.A.J.Leonard Andrew O'Reilly Dublin,Ireland Anna McSherry Co.Monahan,Ireland Wm. Reiff

1657 Bingham P.Della S. 37y5m Waterford,NY 13Aug1890 13Jan1928 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital Domestic Nurse
C W 1922 459
lived 127 Woodlawn Ave Frank Sammons Cohoes,NY Mary McGowan Philadelphia,PA
Mrs.Frank Connors-daughter
1658 Swartout Merritt D. 83y2m14d Wilton,NY 30Oct1844 13Jan1928 Greenridge 39 Walton St. Grocery Clerk
M M 1922 460
Dr. VanAernum John Swartout
Mary Potter
Hattie E.Brusso

1659 Wiggins Florine P. 50y6m24d Saratoga,NY 25Jun1877 18Jan1928 Greenfield Center Greenfield Center Housewife

M 1922 461
Dr.G.F.Comstock Mason A.Gurney
Helen Latham Saratoga,NY F.David Wiggins

1660 Flanagan Mary Hogan 75y9m11d Queens Co. 07Apr1852 18Jan1928 St. Mary's,Brushton,NY 429 Broadway Housewife
C W 1922 462
Dr.D.C.Nolan Michael Hogan Queens Co.Ireland Mary Wheeler Queens Co.Ireland James Flanagan

1661 Dumont Joseph Arthur 26y11m25d Troy,NY 06Feb1901 31Jan1928 Immaculate Conception Ellis Hospital,Schenectady,NY Chauffeur
C M 1922 463
Dr.Treader,Scotia Joseph Dumont Isle Vert,Canada Delphine Dupree Troy,NY
1662 Bendel Clement 42y2m15d Rothum,Germany 23Nov1885 07Feb1928 St. Peter's Worden Hotel Baker
C S 1922 464

1663 Fitzgerald Jeremiah A. 66y10m Fitchburg,Mass 10Apr1861 10Feb1928 St. Peter's 197 Walnut St. Landscape Gardner
C M 1922 465
Dr.A.J.Leonard Thomas Fitzgerald Co.Kerry,Ireland Catherine Kenny Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary A.Cantain

1664 Delay Margaret A. 62y Mount Hope,NY 17May1865 19Feb1928 St. Peter's 101 State St. Dressmaker
C S 1922 466
Dr.A.J.Leonard Maurice Delay Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Hayes Co.Cork,Ireland

1665 Howe Sarah Catherine 64y Quebec,Canada
28Feb1928 St. Mary's,Ballston Spa Greenfield Housewife
C M 1922 467
Dr.M.E.Varney Dennis Breslin Ireland Bridget Moriarty Ireland George V.Howe

1666 Cesare Rev. Anthony 41y2m18d Latrobe,PA 22Dec1886 11Mar1928 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Priest
C S 1922 468
Dr.Jno.Ledlie Martin Cesare Italy Teresa Cesare Italy
St. Clement's
1667 Weil Frederick J. 48y4m21d Saratoga Springs 31Oct1879 22Mar1928 Greenridge 147Middle Ave Electrician
C M 1922 469
Dr.H.Loop Christian Weil Germany Catherine Snyder Germany Ellen M.Long

1668 Grauley Frank R. 67y2m18d Saratoga Springs 05Jan1861 23Mar1928 Greenridge 98 Maple Ave. Carpenter
M W 1922 470
Dr.Earl H.King Rudolph Grauley Baden-Baden,Germany Harriet Hudson Wilton,NY Jennie L.Vaughn

1669 Sabino Michael 63y Caserta,Italy
01Apr1928 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C S 1922 471
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived40Oak St. Frank Sabino Caserta,Italy Concetta Izzo Caserta,Italy Bartholomew Sabino

1670 Barris Mary C. 47y6m Saratoga Springs 07Oct1880 07Apr1928 St. Peter's 256West Circular St. Housewife
C M 1922 472
Dr.A.A.Swanick/livedNYCity Thomas Pierce Co.Kerry,Ireland Ellen Brannigan Saratoga Springs Edward Barris

1671 Langone Giuseppe 62y1m29d Salerno,Italy 14Feb1866 12Apr1928 St. Peter's 207 Elm St. Farmer
C W 1922 473
Salerno,Italy Philomena Pessalano?

1672 Mulholland Charles S. 60y26d Local 17Mar1868 12Apr1928 St. Peter's 34 Caroline St. Painter
C M 1922 474
Dr.C.B.Small John Mulholland Co.Donegal,Ireland Catherine Curran Co.Donegal,Ireland Etta Hamell

1673 Shufelt Ethel 40y Edinburgh,NY 09Dec1883 18Apr1928 Edinburgh,NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife

M 1922 475
Dr.F.J.Ressique/lived Shackleford Bldg. Wm. Mosher
Phoebe Sheldon Pennsylvania VanWie Shufelt

1674 Fones Anna 72y11m24d Northumberland,NY 28Apr1856 21Apr1928 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Housewife

W 1922 476
Dr.M.E.Varney/lived11VanDam ?? Osborne
Mary Plainfield
John Fones

1675 Brady James Francis 55y4m27d Watervliet,NY 28Nov1872 25Apr1928 St.Patrick,Watervliet Homestead Sanitorium Machinist
C S 1922 477
Dr.Asa Dimock/lived78Caroline St. John Brady Co.Roscomon,Ireland Bridget Roddy Co.Roscomon,Ireland

1676 Kelly Katherine(SisterMary Anthony) 59y3m14d Waterbury,Conn 11Jan1869 25Apr1928 St.Agnes,Albany,NY Dominican Convent Religious Sister
C S 1922 478
Dr.H.L.Loop John Kelly Ireland Mary Tobin Ireland
Dominican Sisters
1677 Begnal Thomas H. 81y3m27d Co.Meath,Ireland 01Jan1847 28Apr1928 Greenridge 160 Union Ave Retired
C W 1922 479
Dr.A.J.Leonard ?? Begnal Ireland Catherine Ireland Margaret Shevlin Mrs.Fred H. Baker
1678 Dunphy Mary L. 28y10m8d Local 22Jun1899 30Apr1928 St. Peter's 17 York Ave Nurse
C S 1922 480
Dr. A.J.Leonard Michael J.Dunphy Schylerville,NY Margaret Hayes Saratoga Springs

1679 Kiernan Susan Campbell 56y1m29d Brooklyn,NY 03Mar1872 02May1928 Calvary,Brooklyn,NY Out Clinton St. Housewife
C M 1922 481
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie Felix Campbell Brooklyn,NY Mary Martin New York City Adrian T.Kiernan

1680 Brigham Mary Helena 71y4m26d Factory Village 07Dec1856 03May1928 Hutchens Porters Corners Housewife

M 1922 482
Dr.B.J.Murray Lewis S.Mills New York State Caroline Gregory Chatfiels Corners Wm.H.Brigham

1681 Davis John S. 62y9m27d Saratoga Springs 12Jul1865 09May1928 St. Peter's 97 Ash St. Painter
C S 1922 483
Dr.F.G.Eaton John C.Davis Co.Kerry,Ireland Rose McDonald Co.Fennanaugh,Ireland

mary R.Conlon-sister
1682 Bunker Ann C. 73y2m6d New Rochelle,NY 11Mar1855 17May1928 Woodlawn,NYCity Saratoga Hospital Housewife

W 1922 484
Dr.Earl H.King/livedWilton,NY Frank Fowler New York City Margaret Lockwood New Rochelle,NY George Tallman Bunker Mrs.S.R.Mitchell
1683 Fuller Jennie F. 54y9m1d Saratoga Springs 19Aug1873 20May1928 St. Peter's Kings St,Wilton,NY Housewife
C M 1922 485
Dr.Earl King Michael Hoey Co.Louth,Ireland Bridget Brennan Co.Monahan,Ireland Fred B.Fuller

1684 Carey Elizabeth C. 52y4m29d Local 01Jan1876 30May1928 St. Peter's 14 Union St. Housewife
C W 1922 486
Dr.F.G.Eaton Terrance Doolady Co.Tipperary,Ireland Ann Canada Edward M.Carey

1685 Maher Wm.E. 24y5m25d Local 08Dec1903 02Jun1928 St. Peter's Gabriels,NY Post Office Clerk
C S 1922 487
Dr.Mayhew Wm.P.Maher Saratoga Springs Lillian Reilly Saratoga Springs

1686 Buchanan Susannah C. 59y1m2d New York City 01May1869 03Jun1928 Marsellus,NYCity 8 Union St. At Home
C S 1922 488
Dr.M.E.VanAernum John Buchanan Scotland Bridget Donahue Co.Cavan,Ireland
Marguerite E.Buchanan
1687 Mahar Mathew 74y Ireland
04Jun1928 St. Peter's County House Laborer
C S 1922 489

Anna Rosell-neice
1688 Zorn Leona Marian 27y11m12d Local 29Jun1900 10Jun1928 Greenridge 29 State St. Housewife
E M 1922 490
DR.F.G.Eaton Erskine H.Lester Saratoga Springs Sarah Nash Saratoga Springs Joseph W. Zorn

1689 Riley Catherine J. 63y11m28d Local 15Jun1864 11Jun1928 St. Peter's 298 Nelson Ave Housewife
C W 1922 491
Dr.D.C.Nolan John Monaghan Co.Cavan,Ireland Bridget Cogan Co.Cavan,Ireland Frank Reilly

1690 Coppernoll Elizabeth Ann 12y10m9d Local 08Aug1915 17Jun1928 St. Peter's 24 Granite St. Student
C S 1922 492
Dr.A.J.Leonard Harvey P.Coppernoll Weedsport,NY Mary L.Ahearn Saratoga Springs

1691 Arnold Alice Shearn 64y9m5d Dresdendreer,Eng. 13Sep1863 18Jun1928 Malta Ridge Utica State Hospital Housewife
E M 1922 493
lived Malta,NY Wm. Shearn England Sarah Stevens England Arthur Arnold

1692 Condon Florence F. 31y4m23d Stillwater,NY 05Feb1897 28Jun1928 St. Peter's near Dean's Corners Housewife
C M 1922 494
Dr.VanAernum John Farrell Saratoga Co.NY Mary Flately Easton,NY Benjamin Condon

1693 Lafayette Minor 79y7m Clinton,NY 01Dec1848 01Jul1928 East Galway 26 Long Alley Retired Farmer

M 1922 495
Dr.Jno.Humphrey Francis Lafayette Quebec,Canada Drana Marinus Scoharie,NY Luella Flory

1694 Garside Joseph Charles 66y Cohoes,NY
13Jul1928 Greenridge James St. Merchant
M M 1922 496
Dr.C.B.Small James Garside Halifax,England Mary Anderson
Minnie Woodard

1695 Tethers Mary 60y Saratoga Springs
13Jul1928 St.Mary's,Corinth Little Sister's of Poor,Troy,NY Laundress
C S 1922 497
Dr.Quinlin Wm. Tethers Co.Mayo,Ireland Annie Hannon Co.Mayo,Ireland

1696 Hudson James E. 18y3m17d Local 29Mar1910 16Jul1928 Maplewood RFD#3 Washington St. Printer's Apprentice
E S 1922 498
Dr.A.J.Leonard J.Edward Hudson Washington Co.NY Laura Clark Wilton,NY

1697 Flynn David 83y1m22d Co.Waterford,Ireland 30May1845 22Jul1928 St. Peter's 58 VanDam Laborer
C M 1922 499
Dr.G.F.Comstock Edmond Flynn Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Ahearn Co.Waterford,Ireland Mary Corbett

1698 Madden Margaret McCabe 70y5m28d Glens Falls,NY 07Feb1858 04Aug1928 St. Peter's 73 State St. Housewife
C M 1922 500
Dr.F.J.Roohan Owen McCabe Co.Meath,Ireland Mary Brady Co.Meath,Ireland Thomas Maden

1699 Mann Lillian 51y Cooperstown,NY
05Aug1928 Greenridge 109 Henry St. Housewife
M W 1922 501
Dr.C.B.Small/lived179Woodlawn Ave Charles Bishop
Elizabeth Bishop
John Mann Mrs. Pearl Hickey,of109Henry St
1700 Kissner Rev.Lawrence 57y6m3d Baltimore,MD 03Feb1871 06Aug1928 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Priest
C S 1922 502
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie John B.Kissner Germany Appolloma Schwab Germany
St. Clement's
1701 Laing Mary G. 55y2m23d Local 15May1873 07Aug1928 St. Peter's 57 North St. Housewife
C M 1922 503
Dr.J.F.Roohan Wm.H.Maher Co.Wexford,Ireland Mary O'Shaughnessy Co.Limmerick,Ireland Jesse Laing Wm.E.Benton
1702 Deahy David P. 75y Co.Tipperary,Ireland
09Aug1928 The Bishops,Pautucket,RI Room108,Grand Union Hotel Retired
C M 1922 504
Dr.C.B.Small Matthew Deahy Co.Tipperary,Ireland Catherine Buckley Ireland Julianna Kenny

1703 Fitzgerald Katherine M. 68y Local
10Aug1928 St. Peter's in front of 336 Broadway Housekeeper
C S 1922 505
Dr.C.B.Small Michael Fitzgerald Queens Co.Ireland Mary McDonough Co.Limerick,Ireland
Mary L.Fitzgerald,Hollis L.I. Mrs.John Quinn-neice
1704 MacPherson Duncan G. 50y7m19d Hamilton,Ont,Canada 23Dec1877 11Aug1928 Greenridge Albany City Hospital Plumber
E M 1922 506
Dr.Gosselin Geo.H.MacPherson London,England Ann S. Luke London,England Charlotte Crandall

1705 McKenny James 69y9m19d Hartford,NY 25Oct1858 13Aug1928 Union,Ft.Edward 33West Harrison St. Retired
E W 1922 507
Dr.F.J.Ressique John McKenney Co.Kerry,Ireland Ellen Herlihy Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary Jane Harford Mrs.James Hayes
1706 Powers James H. 69y9m5d Greenfield,NY 16Nov1858 21Aug1928 St. Peter's 48 State St. Plumber
C W 1922 508
Dr.M.E.Varney Michael Powers Ireland Catherine Walsh Co.Cork,Ireland Mary J.Torrence

1707 Lortie Delphine B. 54y11m27d Montreal,Canada 25Aug1873 21Aug1928 Greenridge McCarthy Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 509
Dr.R.H.McCarthy/lived 281 Jefferson Frank Bouffard Montreal,Canada Zoe Valiquet Montreal,Canada Oscar Lortie

1708 Mangini Joseph 23y4m29d Local 27Mar1905 25Aug1928 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Taxi Driver
C S 1922 510
Dr.M.E.VanAernum/lived54Ash St John Mangini Prov.of Naples,Italy Isabelle Smalldone Prov.of Naples,Italy John Mangini

1709 Scrivens Abe 40y Greenfiels,So.Carolina
27Aug1928 Walterboro,So.Car. Riley's Lake House Cook colored
S 1922 511

Matt Dunn
1710 Delaney Anna Gorman 55y1m7d Local 25Jul1873 01Sep1928 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 512
Dr.F.S.Ressique Thomas Gorman Co.Limerick,Ireland Mary Brophy Queens Co.Ireland Wm.J.Delaney

1711 Mallaney Dennis 68y3m30d Co.Longford,Ireland 04May1860 03Sep1928 St. Peter's 126 Pearl St.Albany,NY RR Carpenter
C W 1922 513
Dr.Lyons,Albany Thomas Mallaney Co.Longford,Ireland Catherine McKenna Co.Longford,Ireland Elizabeth White Mrs.Edmond Marion,Albany
1712 Keehan Catherine L. 55y9m23d Greenfield,NY 15Nov1872 07Sep1928 St. Peter's 9 Greenridge Place At Home
C S 1922 514
Dr.A.J.Leonard Jeremiah Keehan Co.Limerick,Ireland Catherine Culhane Co.Limerick,Ireland

1713 Wilson Frances A. 54y Dublin,Ireland ??Oct1873 12Sep1928 Greenridge 305 Jefferson At Home
C S 1922 515
Dr.R.H.McCarthy ?? Wilson Dublin,Ireland Sarah Nicell Dublin,Ireland

George H.Wilson-brother
1714 Maher Mary Agnes 85y5m20d Co.Limerick,Ireland 25Mar1843 14Sep1928 St. Peter's 82 Maple Ave. Housewife
C W 1922 516
Dr.F.G.Eaton Richard O'Shaughnessy Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret Sullivan Co.Limerick,Ireland Wm.H.Maher

1715 Maddock Wm.J. 66y10m8d West granville,NY 13Nov1861 21Sep1928 St.John's,Brooklyn,NY Saratoga Hospital Retired
C M 1922 517
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie Richard Maddock Kilkenny,Ireland Hannah Monahan Kilkenny,Ireland Margaret Dalton wife
1716 Geary Lawrence E. 71y11m3d Hope,NY 08Nov1856 11Oct1928 St. Peter's Marshall's,Troy,NY Flagman
C M 1922 518
Dr.Snyder Lawrence Geary Ireland Mary Straney Ireland Ellen Sullivan O'Rourke

1717 Meehan Margaret A. 70y Saratoga Co.NY
11Oct1928 St. Peter's 145 So. Broadway Housewife
C M 1922 519
Dr.H.L.Loop John Barrett Limerick,Ireland Margaret Fitzgerald Queens,Ireland Charles A. Meehan

1718 Parillo Michael 60y Naples,Italy
11Oct1928 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C S 1922 520
Dr.Cornthwaite/lived58Carr St.Ballston Spa Joseph Parille Naples,Italy Philomena Sabino Naples,Italy
Estate,John Carusone,Atty
1719 King Katherine W. 46y5m1d Bennington,VT 11May1882 12Oct1928 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 521
Dr.H.Loop/lived93Ludlow Jeremiah Shay Galway,NY Nora Kennedy Saratoga Springs,NY Wm.J.King

1720 Martin Marcella(Sister M.Magdalene 73y8m18d Kilkenny,Ireland 25Jan1855 13Oct1928 St.Agnes,Albany,NY 36 White St. Sister
C S 1922 522
Dr.Comstock James P.Martin Co.West Meath,Ireland Margaret O'Rourke Co.West Meath,Ireland
Dominican Sisters
1721 Sullivan John 69y1d Local 15Sep1859 15Oct1928 St. Peter's 165 Elm St. Laborer
C S 1922 523
Dr.C.B.Small Patrick Sullivan Limerick,Ireland Elizabeth McGovern Cavan,Ireland

1722 Hennessey James J. 73y5m22d Ireland 01May1855 23Oct1928 St. Peter's 191 Lake Ave Retired
C M 1922 524
Dr.D.C.Nolan Wm.Hennessey Ireland Maria Brown Ireland Rosa V.Smith

1723 Robinson Eugene 61y Washington Co.NY
24Oct1928 North Milton Saratoga Hospital Laborer
M W 1922 525
Dr.D.C.Nolan John Robinson U.S. Lucy Hudson U.S.

Sarah White Wells-sister
1724 Callaghan Margaret E. 75y6m29d Easton,NY 03Apr1853 01Nov1928 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Retired
C S 1922 526
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie/lived22 Mitchell St. Dennis Callaghan Cork,Ireland Ellen Mohan Co.Cavan,Ireland

Julia -sister
1725 Hale Thomas B. 61y6m29d Co.Waterford,Ireland 05Apr1867 03Nov1928 St. Peter's 15 Church St. Retired
C M 1922 527
Dr.F.J.Ressique/livedRockaway Beach Wm. Hale Co.Waterford,Ireland Catherine Neville Co.Waterford,Ireland Nellie L.Foley

1726 Swartout Hattie E. 73y4m Local 04Jul1855 04Nov1928 Greenridge 39 Walton St. Housewife
Nazarene W 1922 528
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie Juluis A Bruso Bordeaux France Harriet Hall Sussex,England Merritt D.Swartout

1727 Derling Rev.John B. 56y6m21d New York City 17Apr1872 07Nov1928 St. Peter's St. Clement's College Priest
C S 1922 529
Dr.Jno.B.Ledlie Alfred Derling Holland Bridget Serz Ireland
St. Clement's
1728 Gallett George McClellan 64y2m23d Mechanicville,NY 15Aug1864 07Nov1928 Baker, Mechanicville 80 Catherine St. Carpenter
M M 1922 530
Dr.VanAernum Charles Garrett Mechanicville Sarah Baker Mechanicville Lillian Downs Herbert Gallett
1729 O'Brien Charles 88y5m22d Co.Cork,Ireland 17May1840 08Nov1928 St. Peter's 95 Oak St. Retired Mason
C W 1922 531
Dr.A.J.Leonard Michael O'Brien Co.Cork,Ireland Margaret Mahoney Co.Cork,Ireland Mary Flynn

1730 Cummings Katherine A. 57y1m8d Londonderry,Ireland 17Oct1871 25Nov1928 St. Peter's 34 Shackelford Apt. Housewife
C W 1922 532
Dr.F.G.Eaton Thomas Moore Londonderry,Ireland Elizabeth Kenders Londonderry.Ireland Sylvester J.Cummings

1731 Parillo Joseph
Caserta,Italy 12Nov?? 25Nov1928 St. Peter's 66 So.Franklin St. Flagman
C W 1922 533
Dr.Webster Moriata James Parillo Caserta,Italy
Caserta,Italy Orsala Parillo

1732 Hudson J.Edward 42y8m29d Washington Co.NY 02Mar1886 01Dec1928 Maplewood 97 1/2 Ballston Ave Policeman
E M 1922 534
Dr.A.J.Leonard James L.Hudson Rock City Falls Anna Green Washington Co.NY Laura Clark

1733 Collins Daniel J. 74y8m1d Luzerne,NY 31Mar1854 02Dec1928 St. Peter's 142 Grand Ave Retired Flagman
C W 1922 535
Dr.H.L.Loop Michael Collins Co.Clare,Ireland Mary Collins Co.Mayo,Ireland Mary Hyland

1734 Patten David Vincent ??y3m16d Local 18Aug?? 04Dec1928 Greenridge 85 Maple Ave RR Conductor
C M 1922 536
Dr.G.S.Towne Henry Patten Kings Co.Ireland Mary A. Cavanaugh Saratoga Springs Emily McMillen

1735 Rieupeyroux Jules 90y6m17d Bordeaux,France 09Jun1838 26Dec1928 Caldwell Cedar Bluff Retired Farmer
C M 1922 537
Dr.Bullard Pierre Rieupeyroux Bordeaux,France Mary Bordeaux,France Aline Reglade Julie Wright
1736 Connery Mary 60y9m14d Boston,MA 14Mar1868 28Dec1928 St. Peter's 47 Catherine St. Housewife
C M 1922 538
Dr.J.F.Roohan Patrick Kelly Ireland ?? Quinn Ireland John Connery

1737 Quinn James 68y9m11d Local 17Mar1860 28Dec1928 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C S 1922 539
Dr.Comstock/lived18Cowen St. Hugh Quinn Fennanaugh,Ireland Ann Martin Fennanaugh,Ireland

Anna McGreen-sister
1738 Crosthwait Mary E. 60y3m28d Ballston Spa,NY 07Sep1868 04Jan1929 Maplewood out Maple Ave Housewife
P M 1922 540
Dr.H.L.Loop Robert W. Edwards Jeffersonville,VT Susan Ininan? Crown Point,NY Samuel Crosthwait

1739 Doulin John F. 53y2m14d Saratoga Springs 21Oct1875 04Jan1929 St. Peter's 19 York Ave Fireman
C M 1922 541
Dr.Comstock John Doulin Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary Carrogan? Co.Roscomon,Ireland Rose Shayne

1740 McKinney Mary 69y Co.Armagh,Ireland
07Jan1929 Greenridge 32 Marvin St. Housewife
C W 1922 542
Dr.F.G.Eaton Michael Cunningham Co Armagh,Ireland Margaret Gorham Co.Armagh,Ireland John McKinney

1741 Sickles Charles W. 35y5m29d
15Jul1893 13Jan1929 St.Agnes,Cohoes,NY 217 Lake Ave RR Electrician
C M 1922 543
Dr.A.J.Leonard John Sickles Troy,NY Mary Adam Cohoes,NY Mary Stinson

1742 Edwards Ernest Mortondale 59y3m15d Ballston Spa,NY 01Oct1869 16Jan1929 Village,Ballston Spa Saratoga Hospital Painter&decorator

M 1922 544
Dr.A.J.Leonard Robert W.Edwards Jeffersonville,NY Susan Inman Ballston Spa
Charles Swick
1743 Braun John 88y5m7d Bavaria,Germany 10Aug1840 17Jan1929 St. Peter's Greenfield,NY Farmer
C M 1922 545
Dr.G.S.Towne ?? Braun Germany
Germany Agnes M.Neumeister

1744 Little Mary 60y Saratoga Springs
19Jan1929 Greenridge 56 William St. Housewife
C W 1922 546
Dr.Roohan Patrick King Ireland Margaret Walsh Ireland Joseph Little

1745 Stetina Joseph 54y16d Czecho-Slovakia 04Jan1875 20Jan1929 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Farmer
C M 1922 547
Dr.Geo.Fish/lived Greenfield Martin Stetina Czecho-Slovakia
Czecho-Slovakia Anna Palkovic

1746 Richards Hattie A. 65y4m15d Wilton,NY 05Sep1863 20Jan1929 Maplewood Wilton,NY Housewife

W 1922 548
Dr.Lincoln Wm.Green Greenfield,NY Charlotte DeWitt Greenfield,NY Erastus J.Richards

1747 Kelly Dennis F. 75y Queens Co.Ireland
24Jan1929 St. Peter's 53 Nelson Ave Retired
C S 1922 549
Dr.R.Castree John Kelly Queens Co.Ireland H.Anna Delaney Queens Co.Ireland
Mrs.Charles Carrigan Mary Crary-sister
1748 Weiler Rose 81y9m6d Wurttenburg,Germany 21Apr1847 27Jan1929 ashes-Gemany 41 1/2Putnam St Housewife
G.L. W 1922 550
Dr.J.F.Roohan Michael Wohlhueter Wurttenburg,Germany Magdalene Bayer Wurttenburg,Germany August Weiler Freida M.Loester
1749 Joubert Ella A. 54y9m25d Local 12Apr1874 06Feb1929 St. Peter's 45 Marvin St. Housewife
C M 1922 551
Dr.F.J.Ressique Hugh Guinn Co.Fennanaugh,Ireland Ann Martin Co.Fennanaugh,Ireland Albert E. Joubert

1750 Hovey Clara B. 65y5m12d Germany 05Sep1863 12Feb1929 St. Peter's Greenfield Center Housewife
C M 1922 552
Dr.G.S.Towne John Gepner Germany Margaret Sesselman Germany John W. Hovey

1751 Muldowney Julia A. 68-70y Rochester,NY
17Feb1929 St. Peter's 198 Regent St. At Home
C S 1922 553
Dr.Comstock Hugh Muldowney Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret Welch Co.Kerry,Ireland

Edward J. brother
1752 Maloney Stephen 80y1m15d Glens Falls,NY 13Jan1849 28Feb1929 Moss St,Hudson Falls 139 Lincoln Ave Retired Farmer
C W 1922 554
Dr.Roohan Patrick Maloney Co.Cork,Ireland Mary O'Rourke Killarney,Ireland Eliza Lavery

1753 Menges Harry J. 34y4m2d Saratoga Springs 27Oct1894 01Mar1929 St. Peter's 25 Vine St,Scotia,NY Printer
C S 1922 555
Dr Treado? James Menges Saratoga Springs Julia Franklin Greenfield,NY

1754 Miller John H., Jr. 60y6m21d Stratford,NY 08Aug1868 01Mar1929 North Milton McCarthy Hospital Retired School Teacher
M S 1922 556
Dr.R.McCarthy/lived West Ave John Miller Stratford,NY Emily J.Rogers Wayne Co.NY

1755 Monahan Mary A. 64y9m27d Saratoga Springs 04May1864 03Mar1929 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Dressmaker
C S 1922 557
Dr.A.J.Leonard/lived258Church St Patrick Monahan Co.Clara,Ireland Bridget Kane Waterford,Ireland

ellen Muldowney-sister
1756 Woloska(Snyder) Theodore 53y11m16d Austria 16Mar1875 04Mar1929 St. Peter's 115 West Circular St. Merchant
C M 1922 558

Mary Batkiervic

1757 Handley John 61y2m14d Local 20Dec1867 06Mar1929 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Plumber

W 1922 559
Dr.M.E.VanAernum/lived 3 Oak Alley John Handley France Helen Hill Saratoga Springs Margaret Wells

1758 Carey Margaret 68y8m9d Albany,NY 04Jul1860 13Mar1929 St. Peter's 28 Marvin St Housewife
C W 1922 560
Dr.M.E.VanAernum Michael Kearns Ireland
Ireland Dennis E. Carey

1759 Golden Joseph 64y11m1d New York City 23Apr1864 24Mar1929 St. Peter's Albany City Hospital RR Trainman
C W 1922 561
Dr. Ordway ?? Golden New York City Johanna Riley Co.Cavan,Ireland Mabel A.Borst Miss Ella Dolan
1760 Johnson Rebecca A. 64y11m21d Local 05Apr1864 26Mar1929 St. Peter's 77 White St. Housewife
C M 1922 562
Dr.D.C.Nolan James Moylan Queens Co.Ireland Rebecca Mahon Connaugh,Ireland Matthew Johnson

1761 Pulling Harriett J. 65y8m14d Pages Corners 12Jul1863 26Mar1929 Greenridge 193 Lake Ave Housewife
M W 1922 563
Dr.J.F.Roohan Wm. Henry Hall Sussex Co.England Caroline VanWagner Wilton,NY Geo.E.Pulling

1762 Rafter Mary E. 54y11m5d Kings Co.Ireland 23Apr1874 28Mar1929 St.Agnes,Albany,NY 51 York Ave Housework
C S 1922 564
Dr.A.J.Leonard John Rafter Kings Co.Ireland Maria Dunn Kings Co,Ireland
Mrs.Mary Kelly
1763 Morehouse Florence L. 25y3m15d Wilton,NY 16Dec1903 31Mar1929 Maplewood Wilton,NY Housewife
L M 1922 565
Dr.VanAernum Andrew Ebert Germany Mary Connery Co.Derry,Ireland Thomas C. Morehouse

1764 Willett Joseph 65y Canada Lake TwoMountains ?? Apr?? 03Apr1929 Maplewood Loudon Church Road Retired Farmer

M 1922 566

Jennie Abrams

1765 Johnson Charles H. 80y8m20d Ballston Spa,NY 15Jul1848 04Apr1929 Greenridge/soldier's plot in front of 370 Broadway Retired
E W 1922 567
Dr.Carl Comstock/lived62Washington Charles H.Johnson Ballston Spa,NY Catherine Whitecloud Ballston Spa,NY Catherine Thompson Chief Whitecloud
1766 Kirven George 58y France
05Apr1929 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Chef
C S 1922 568
Dr.Carl Comstock/livedSt.Clement'sCollege Joseph Kirven France Mary? France

1767 Pierce Richard 67y Co.Kerry,Ireland
10Apr1929 St. Peter's Albany County Hospital Laborer
C S 1922 569
Dr.Conway/livedAlbanyCountyHouse Ambrose Pierce Co.Kerry,Ireland Mary Boyle Co.Kerry,Ireland

Esther Pierce-neice
1768 Burns Irene Margaret 24y1m25d Brooklyn,NY 19Feb1905 13Apr1929 St. Peter's 311 Nelson Ave Telephone Operator
C S 1922 570
Dr.Comstock Wm.J.Burns Brooklyn,NY Catherine Woods Co.West Meath,Ireland
mother,Catherine Finn
1769 Sarro Vincent 43y5m Calabria,Italy ??Nov1885 24Apr1929 St.Nicholas,Garfield,NJ out Jefferson St. Laborer
C M 1922 571
Dr.VanAernum Bruno Sarro Calabria,Italy Jovianna Lavella Calabria,Italy Delia Sarro

1770 Stewart Ruth Lillian 24y12d Saratoga Springs 15Apr1905 27Apr1929 Maplewood 90 1/2 Hamilton St. Housewife
E M 1922 572
Dr.A.J.Leonard J.Edward Hudson Washington Co.NY Laina Clark Wilton,NY Wm. Stewart

1771 Loop Nellie Corbett 75y9m3d Schenectady,NY 01Aug1853 04May1929 St.John's,Schenectady 218 Hamilton St,Albany,NY Cook
C W 1922 573
Dr.Babcock Patrick Corbett
Christina Kelly
Wm. Loop Anne Morrissey
1772 Granger Charles Harrison 44y20d Local 25Apr1885 15May1929 St. Peter's 133 West Circular St. Patrolman
C M 1922 574
Dr.H.L.Loop Clarence Granger Saratoga Co.NY Evaline Ott Saratoga Co.NY Alice L.Tracy

1773 Fitzgerald Mary Charlotte 50y11m25d Local 21May1878 16May1929 St. Peter's 107 Walnut St. Housewife
C W 1922 575
Dr.D.C.Nolan Charles E.Haynor Valley Falls,NY Mary Sexton Wilton,NY Jeremiah A.Fitzgerald

1774 Moseley Susan Ann 81y6m14d Ballston Spa,NY 07Nov1847 21May1929 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E M 1922 576
Dr.G.S.Towne/lived62Washington St. Charles Johnson Ballston Spa,NY Catherine Whitecloud Ballston Spa,NY Wm.H.Moseley Princess Wenona Whitecloud
1775 Crannell Etta G. 49y11m15d Greenwich,NY 19Jun1879 03Jun1929 Greenridge Ash St Crossing-D&H RR Housewife

M 1922 577
Dr.M.E.vanAernum/livedCleveland Ave David Small England Sarah Clark Round Lake,NY Jesse Crannell

1776 O'Brien Thomas R. 49y

05Jun1929 St. Peter's Wycoff Heights Hospital

C M 1922 578

John O'Brien Burlington,VT Hannah Nicholas Ireland Alice Burns

1777 Howe George Victor 73y Wilton,NY
10Jun1929 Maplewood out Maple Ave,Greenfield Laborer
M W 1922 579
Dr.M.E.Varney Lyman Howe U.S. Cloughie U.S. S.Catherine Breslin Mrs.Mabel Murray
1778 Rivers Ella 50y Burlington,VT
11Jun1929 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 580
Dr.Carl Comstock Joseph Diett Canada Florence Gyett Vermont Louis Rivers husband
1779 Sweeney Anna M. 54y Co.Cork,Ireland
14Jun1929 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital House Maid
C S 1922 581
Dr.H.L.Loop/lived132George St. John Sweeney Co.Cork,Ireland Margaret Lehan Co.Cork,Ireland
1780 Smith Sarah Frances 81y3m7d Schaghticoke,NY 14Mar1848 21Jun1929 Green Hill Amsterdam,NY 138 Woodlawn Ave Housewife
M W 1922 582
Dr.R.H.McCarthy Joshua Weatherwax Wilton,NY Mary Locklur?
Wm.J. Smith

1781 Lannon John Joseph 68y1m12d Belfast,Ireland 09May1861 21Jun1929 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Painter
C M 1922 583
Dr. A.J.Leonard Patrick Lannon Belfast,Ireland Elizabeth Moffitt Belfast,Ireland Margaret Galligan

1782 Kedzierski Walter 16y9m9d Schenectady,NY 15Sep1912 24Jun1929 St. Peter's Lake Lonely Student
C S 1922 584
Dr.VanAernum/lived15 Doten Ave Anthony Kedzierski Russia, Poland Katherine Russia,Poland
1783 Brown Elizabeth A. 45y Quaker Springs,NY
09Jul1929 St. Peter's 8 Shackelford Apts. Housewife
C M 1922 585
Dr.VanAernum James Gilgallon Co.Mayo,Ireland Maria Gavin Co.Mayo,Ireland Wm.R.Brown

1784 Whipple Earl G. 38y10m6d North Creek,NY 04Sep1890 10Jul1929 Greenridge off Ash St/near cove pockets Laborer
M S 1922 586
Dr.VanAernum/lived32Hyde St. Nathan Whipple Chestertown,NY Endora Pasco Thurman,NY

1785 Pompay Michael 60y6m4d Siana,Italy 14Jan1869 19Jul1929 St. Peter's Stop 21,Colonie,NY Track Inspector
C M 1922 587
Dr.Brenenstuhl,Albany Genaro Pompay Salerno,Italy Josephine Leo Salerino,Italy Raphael Leo

1786 Simmons Marion E. 33y2m11d Local 13May1896 24Jul1929 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1922 588
Dr.A.J.Leonard Wm.J.Movie Hampton,NY Atelia Peyton Co.Mayo,Ireland Charles Simmons

1787 Rowe James Gordon 72y Fredricksburg,VA
02Aug1929 Fair View,Red Bank,NJ Saratoga Hospital Farmer
C M 1922 589
Dr.A.J.Leonard/livedNJ-Brookdale Farms James Rowe Stafford Co.VA Katherine Shelton Stafford Co.VA Elza Young

1788 Carey Patrick F. 74y

03Aug1929 St. Peter's 205 Circular St. Retired
C W 1922 590
Dr.F.J.Ressique John J.Carey Co.Kerry,ireland Mary Sullivan Co.Kerry,Ireland Julia M.O'Brien

1789 Bielak Bruno 17y

03Aug1929 Mt.St.Mary,Flushing,NY Saratoga Hospital Excerise boy
C S 1922 591
Dr.M.E.Varney John Bielak Poland Mary Garbac Poland
Dorwood Stables
1790 Taylor Melinda 50y

03Aug1929 Jax,Fla Saratoga Hospital Housewife
AMEZ M 1922 592
Dr.Geo.Fish John Johnson

1791 Weaver Charles Stanley 56y

05Aug1929 Greenridge Calvary House,NYCity

C W 1922 593

Catherine Mitchell Mrs.Albert Hineman
1792 Carona Rosa M. 47y Naso,Italy
12Aug1929 St. Peter's 199 Elm St. Housewife
C M 1922 594
Dr.H.L.Loop Cono Merevdino Naso,Italy Maria Russo Naso,Italy Frank Carona

1793 Fouton Mary Louise 76y Malta Ridge,NY
12Aug1929 Whitford 186 Crescent St Housewife
E W 1922 595
Dr.G.S.Town John Lohnas Saratoga,NY Mary Lyons Saratoga,NY Wm. Trouton

1794 Keehan Edward Henry 66y5m13d Greenfield Center,NY 01Mar1863 14Aug1929 St. Peter's 108 Wright St. Retired engine hosler
C W 1922 596
Dr.A.J.Leonard Jeremiah C.Keehan Limerick,Ireland Katherine Culhane Limerick,Ireland Mary Bartley

1795 Duffy Harry 22y

15Aug1929 Deal ?Princess Anne,MD

S 1922 597
Dr.A.J.leonard Daniel Duffy
Elizabeth White Deal Island,MD
1796 Phelan Harold Vincent 32y21d City 29Jul1897 19Aug1929 St. Peter's 82 Maple Ave Clerk
C S 1922 598
Dr.F.G.Eaton John Phelan Saratoga Springs Josephine Maher Saratoga Springs
mother Josephine Finn
1797 Delaney Wm. J. 64y11m20d Greenfield,NY 31Aug1864 20Aug1929 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Lawyer
C W 1922 599
Dr.F.Ressique/lived160 Phila St. James Delaney Queens Co.Ireland Margaret Fitzpatrick Queens Co.Ireland Anna Gorman

1798 McQuirk Wm.H. 43y10m13d Local 10Oct1885 23Aug1929 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Merchant
C S 1922 600
Dr.F.Ressique/lived106MAple Ave Henry McQuirk Co.Tyrone,Ireland Mary Dunn Ireland Henry McQurk

1799 Merrell Samuel T. 66y8m4d Columbia,Tenn. 23Dec1862 27Aug1929 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Clocker-NY Press colored
W 1929 1
Dr.M.E.VanAernum George Merrill Tenn Hattie Tenn
Turf Aid Society
1800 Sperry Louis O. 34y11m13d Local 22Sep1894 04Sep1929 Greenridge Marshall Infirmary Laborer
E S 1929 2
Dr.Black/lived 131Maple Ave Charles Sperry New Haven,Conn Caroline King Saratoga Springs

1801 Morris Frederick V. 42y5m3d Pawtucket,RI 01Apr1887 04Sep1929 St. Francis,Pawtucket,RI Saratoga Hospital Salesman
C M 1929 3
Dr.F.G.Eaton Hugh Morris Ireland Mary Coyne Ireland Adeline Walden wife
1802 Young Robert 57y3m3d Ohio 03Jun1872 06Sep1929 Vets?OH Saratoga Hospital Foreman-Power Plant

W 1929 4
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived Parksb.VW Daniel Young Royalshire,Scotland Flora Watterson Argyleshire,Scotland Lillie G.Fry Robert Young,Jr,West VA
1803 Graham John 70y Saratoga Springs
14Sep1929 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Farmer
C M 1929 5
Dr.F.J.Ressique John Graham Galway,NY Eleanor Geary Waterford,Ireland

1804 Quay Carrie 71y9m2d Boonville,NY 15Dec1857 17Sep1929 Lady of Angels,Whitehall 14 1/2 Mitchell Place Housewife
C M 1929 6
Dr.M.E.Varney Isaac H.Black at sea-English Boat Catherine Westphal Delti,NY Eugene Quay husband
1805 Bursuihan Elizabeth C. 68y Greenfield,NY
30Sep1929 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital Housewife
C W 1929 7

Robert Caverly
Michael Brusuihan

1806 Lynch Eugene 69y7m28d Local 08Feb1860 06Oct1929 St. Peter's 37 White St. Merchant
C M 1929 8
Dr.A.J.Leonard Dennis Lynch Ireland Ellen Downs Ireland Margaret Cogan

1807 Joyce Ann 69y Co.Mayo,Ireland
14Oct1929 St. Peter's Cor.Broadway&Congress Cook
C S 1929 9
Dr.C.B.Small/lived 30Shackelford Apt
Mrs.A.G.Atwell,Garden City,LI
1808 McMahon Francis E. 36y5m18d Rutland.VT 28Apr1893 16Oct1929 Marsellua?Rutland,VT 1 Morton Place Weaver
C M 1929 10
Dr.F.G.Eaton Patrick McMahon Rutland,VT Mary Welsh Rutland,VT Susan McGuire

1809 Laing Richard Maher 22y11m13d Local 06Nov1906 19Oct1929 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Carpenter
C S 1929 11
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived59North St. Jesse W.Laing Stillwater,NY Mary G.Maher Saratoga Springs,NY
1810 McGreevy Thomas P. 43y5m7d New York City 13May1886 20Apr1929 St. John's,NY City 311 Nelson Ave. Supervisor Post Office
C W 1929 12
Dr.Carl Comstock Patrick McGreevy Ireland Margaret Kelly Ireland Margaret Coffey Barrett &Shea,NYC
1811 Stevens James Francis 13y1d Local 22Oct1916 23Oct1929 St. Peter's 195 West Circular St. Student
C S 1929 13
Dr.F.G.Eaton George H.Stevens Troy,NY Bessie Farrington Saratoga Springs
1812 Gilgallon Anthony C. 57y Quaker Springs
23Oct1929 St. Peter's Saratoga County House Liveryman
C S 1929 14
Dr.Post James Gilgallon Co.Mayo,Ireland Maria Gavin Co.Mayo,Ireland

1813 Lee Catherine 75y Co.Limerick,Ireland
30Oct1929 St. Peter's Little Sisters-Troy,NY Housewife
C W 1929 15

Richard Shaughnessy Co.Limerick,Ireland Margaret Sullivan Co.Limerick,Ireland Bernard J.Lee

1814 Carlin Ellen 63y7m1d Saratoga Springs 29Mar1866 30Oct1929 St. Peter's 18Lancaster St,Albany,NY At Home
C W 1929 16
Dr.Ryan Michael Sweeney Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary Franklin Co.Tipperary,Ireland Michael Carlin Mrs.Mary Doherty
1815 Urquhart Murdock 77y3m29d Glasgow,Scotland 04Jul1852 03Nov1929 Greenridge 106 White St. Mason/D&H RR Co.
P M 1929 17

Helen W.Harvey

1816 Valentine Jane 62y7m30d Greenwich,NY 06Mar1867 05Nov1929 Greenridge Marcy Hospital,Utica,NY Housewife
M W 1929 18

Harper Kenyon Greenwich,NY Sarah J.Closson Greenwich,NY George Valentine Clark E.Kenyon
1817 Williams Sallie B. 91y5m3d Randolph-Cattaraugus,NY 08Jun1838 11Nov1929 Greenridge 2 Russell St. At Home
P S 1929 19
Dr.Earl King Alzerah Williams Mass Lydia Maynard New London,Conn

Carrie Bushee-sister
1818 Robinson Helen A. 45y9m28d Local 16Jan1884 13Nov1929 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1929 20
Dr.M.E.VanAernum Frederick Crane Saratoga Springs Jennie Cronin Wilton,NY George W. Robinson

1819 Wrightman Lilith May 46y Vermont
16Nov1929 Greenridge 34 York Ave Housekeeper/Wm J.Murray

W 1929 21

1820 Flynn Robert 72y8m30d Canada 18Feb1857 17Nov1929 St. Peter's Herkimer Co.Home Laborer
C S 1929 22

Robert Flynn Ireland Lucy Hayes Canada
Sarah O'Keefe,Palmer,NY
1821 Kearney Bridget 87y10m2d Co.Limerick,Ireland 16Jan1842 18Nov1929 St.Mary's,Schylerville 99 Division St At Home
C W 1929 23
Dr.D.C.Nolan Thomas O'Dea Limerick,Ireland
Limerick,Ireland Michael Kearney Mary E.Kearney
1822 Cogan Margaret Kane 63y7m2d Local 30Apr1866 02Dec1929 St. Peter's 266Ontario St.Albany,NY Housewife
C W 1929 24
Dr.Reynolds,Albany John Kane Waterford,Ireland Margaret Murphy Kerry,Ireland James A.Cogan

1823 Clark Frances S. 56y Local
02Dec1929 Greenridge 465 Broadway Housewife
E M 1929 25
Dr.F.G.Eaton James Stevens Co.Cavan,Ireland Elizabeth Heaslip Co.Cavan,Ireland Charles V.Clark husband,70Jefferson St.
1824 Miller Eva McKinnon 79y4m Williamsport,PA ??Jul1850 03Dec1929 Maplewood West Ave Housewife

M 1929 26

Fred Miller

1825 DeCunzo Mary 68y Montefort,Italy
07Dec1929 St.Paul's,Mechanicville 174 Grand Ave Housewife
C W 1929 27
Dr.Webster Moriata

Louis DeCunzo Mrs.Jas Fisher
1826 Miller Fred 61y6m18d Herkimer Co,NY 19May1868 07Dec1929 North Milton Congress&Washington D&H Section hand
M W 1929 28
Dr.Johnson,coroner John H.Miller Stratford,NY Emily J.Rogers Wayne Co,NY Eva McKinon Estate
1827 Lanfear Maynor A. 51y2m3d
05Oct1878 08Dec1929 St. Peter's St. Peter's Rectory Clerk for Savard Bros.
C W 1929 29
Dr.A.J.Leonard Edwin Lanfear Athol,NY

Katherine James

1828 McGourty Emma G. 62y1m5d Clintonville,NY 03Nov1867 08Dec1929 Plattsburg,NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1929 30
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived177 East Ave John Gilley Ireland Mary Farnum Ireland Henry J.McGourty

1829 French Margaret 70y28d Hackensack,NJ 12Nov1859 10Dec1929 Whitford Saratoga Hospital Housewife
P W 1929 31
Dr.F.G.Eaton/lived222Grand Ave John Barrs Germany
Germany Richard French

1830 Buck Frederick William 74y10m19d Elmont,L.I. 25Jan1855 14Dec1929 Elmont Methodist Out Washington St. Retired Machinist
M M 1929 32
Dr.F.G.Eaton Frederick Buck Germany Sofia Sandmeyer Germany Martha A. Shaw

1831 Ancelin Catherine 78y5m20d New York City 24Jun1851 14Dec1929 St.John's,NYCity Wilton,NY2ndH,Brick Church Housewife
C W 1929 33
Dr.Callahan John Reilly Ireland Mary Sutton Ireland Albert Ancelin

1832 Cavanaugh James 79y8m13d Local 31Mar1850 14Dec1929 St. Peter's 201 Elm St. Flagman
C W 1929 34
Dr.A.J.Leonard ?? Cavanaugh Ireland Ann O'Brien Ireland Ann Johnson Agnes Kuschner
1833 Hannon James J. 75y8m9d Local 12Apr1854 21Dec1929
130 VanDam Uphollsterer
C M 1929 35
Dr.D.C.Nolan John Hannon Co.Mayo,Ireland Sarah Ryan Co.Cork,Ireland Mary A.Dowd

1834 Moffitt John H. 59y5m4d Local 19Jul1870 23Dec1929 St. Peter's 81 Middle Ave Painter for Sigsby
C M 1929 36
Dr.Jas.Roohan John Moffitt Queenstown,Ireland Margaret McCall Inverness,Ireland Margaret Lynch

1835 Roselle Catherine E. 55y9m13d Hoosick Falls,NY 12Mar1874 25Dec1929 St. Peter's 207 Divison St. Housewife
C M 1929 37
Dr.Jas F.Roohan Michael Dwyer Ireland
Ireland Fred Roselle Edward Henning
1836 McGourty Agnes M. 34y7m24d Local 07May1895 31Dec1929 St. Peter's 58 Lincoln Ave Housewife
C M 1929 38
Dr.A.J.Leonard John H.Maloney Saratoga Springs Margaret Finn Queenstown,Ireland Henry J.McGourty

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