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David Gilman Family Bible


This record is in the same Bible as the Wylie Family Record .  The Bible is owned by Judy Ray who sent this Gilman family record and the notes extending the information about the people listed.




David Gilman born 22 July 1828 Stillwater?

Charlotte M. Wylie born 28 Jan 1835 in Providence

Ida M. Gilman born 04 Nov 1856  in Stillwater

   Norman Gilman Ray born 02 Sept 1883 in Stanton Del.

   Charlotte M. Ray born 07 Sept 1885 in Stillwater

   Blanche Katherine Ray born 15 June 1888in Stillwater

   Belle Ray born 02 Aug 1897 in Niagara Falls

Wylie Gilman born 03 May 1860  in Stillwater

Laroy Gilman born 23 June 1863  in Stillwater

   Karl Gilman …14 Oct 1890 (from gravestone)

son of Laroy Gilman & Delia Hill  (red numbers from grave stone)

   Earl Gilman born 28 Oct 1887  son of Laroy Gilman & Delia Hill

Marvin Gilman born 22 Jan 1867  in Stillwater

   Ethel Gilman born 18 July 1892  daughter of Marvin & Jennie Gilman;  a child of Ethel Gilman is Joseph Baumgardner 

Wilson Gilman born 18 July 1875  in Stillwater

   Anna Charlotte Gilman born 13 Dec 1906 daughter of Wilson Gilman & Anna McCormick



David Gilman was married to Charlotte M. Wylie 01 Apr 1852 in Galway, Sar, NY

Ida M. Gilman was married to Norman S. Ray 06 Sep 1882) in Stillwater

LaRoy Gilman was married to Delia Hill 

Marvin Gilman was married to Jennie Simmons

Wilson Gilman was married to Anna McCormick 08 May 1902 most likely in St. L, NY



Blanche Ray Scroxton

died 09 Dec 1983

findagrave# 82210565


LaRoy Gilman

died 23 Nov 1902

findagrave# 77525315


David Gilman

died 17 June 1905

findagrave# 85105977


Ida M. Gilman Ray

died 19 July 1911

findagrave# 82108387


Charlotte M. Gilman

died 29 Feb 1912



     Karl L. Gilman

died 28 Nov 1892

findagrave# 78483232  

(red #rs from grave stone)

Marvin Gilman

died 09 Oct 1925

findagrave# 86936822


Wylie Gilman

died 05 Aug 1942

findagrave# 5105892


Anna M. Gilman

died 30 Oct 1950

findagrave# 638788248


     Earl Nelson Gilman

died 29 Jul 1955

findagrave# 78483129 


Wilson Gilman

died 23 Sept 1960

findagrave# 63878825


     Lucia  Humphreys Ray,

       wife of N. G. Ray

died 08 July 1962

findagrave# 82884917    


     Norman Gilman Ray

died 06 Nov 1962

findagrave# 82109352


     Charlotte M. Ray

died 10 Dec 1972

findagrave# 82157667


     Belle Ray

died 05 June 1977

findagrave# 82159743


     Blanche Ray Scroxton

died 09 Dec 1983

findagrave# 82210565






David & Charlotte Gilman were from Stillwater, Saratoga, NY and their 5 children were born there.


Ida Gilman married Norman Ray who was born in Northumberland. He was a Civil Engineer, so they lived where his jobs were.  At death he worked in the City Engineer's office of Niagara Falls NY.. 


David & his son Wylie Gilman were tin smiths.


Laroy Gilman's photo card says he was an artist in Mechanicville NY


Marvin Gilman was a member of the Edgar Holmes Drum Corps as a young man in Stillwater & was a fireman at a bakery in Niagara Falls NY when he died.


Wilson Gilman was also a civil engineer who lived in many places in the US & Canada, and died in Niagara Falls.


The indented lines represent the next generation.  The red dates were added from the grave stone.  




Belle Ray’s list of locations of “cousins of“ (unfinished sentence)  It appears to be a mixture of Wylie & Gilman cousins.  I don’t know when it was written - but judging from Charlotte Ray, Belle Ray & Wilson Gilman, I’d say mid to late 1940s ---- J. Ray


Fred W. Wolfe - Middle Grove NY (near Saratoga County Airport, Sar. Springs)


Morgan Wolfe - 30 Maple Ave, Ballston Spa NY






Mrs E. B. Brate - 2320 Turner Ave, Schenectady (near Balston)

Earl R. Brate


Jesse Young - 17 N. High St.,(Balston Spa ?)


Charlotte M Ray - 236 84th St, Niagara Falls NY (her address from the 40s -1972 - JR)

Belle Ray - 236 84th St, Niagara Falls NY (her address from the 40s - 1976? - JR)


Wylie Gilman - Stillwater 


Wilson Gilman - New Haven CT


Earl Gilman - Stillwater


H. Mae Butter (or Buttee) - R 7 D#4, Scotia NY (near Schenectady)

J.K. Butter

V. R. Butter 


Mr. & Mrs Charles Wilson - (Carp girls) Balston Spa




Mr. Blaine Packer - Middle Grove R1 NY

Mrs. Carrie Packer


Mr. & Mrs Gustave Niteschke (?) - R D 7 Schenectady


Mr & Mrs Ernest Carp - 9 Hannnum St., Ballston Spa NY







Mr. & Mrs. Fred Carp - R 2, Greenfield Center (Saratoga Springs NY)


Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bumstead - 17 Vley Rd., Scotia, Schenectady NY

Miss Marion Bumstead


Mr. & Mrs. William Sheldon - Neil St, Schenectady


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