Saratoga County, New York

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Simone's Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs NY
Surnames A through F
Death Dates 1938 through 1988

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Surnames P through Z

Surname Given Name Age Where born DOB DOD Place of Burial Place of Death Occupation Race Married Book Page or # Father Birth Place Mother Birth of Mom Spouse Charged to Nearest Relative
Abbey Marion P. 57yrs Fairview, NJ 13Jan1924 11Feb1982 N.Milton St. Clare's, Sch Sec. County Infirmary W W   John Wellbanks   Josephine Posselt       1son,3daughters
Abbey Edward 83yrs. Gloversville, NY   Jun1884 16Aug1967 Greenfield Ctr. Ballston Spa,NY   W   #1403-35              
Abeel William 3-4-14 Saratoga Springs, NY 01Dec1951 12Apr1955 Greenridge 37 Caroline St infant W S #0694              
Abeel Gilbert Egbert 40-2-2 Malta,NY 10Dec1914 12Apr1955 Greenridge 37 Caroline St.   W   #0692              
Abeel Gilbert, Jr. 7-9-3 Saratoga Springs 09Jul1947 12Apr1955 Greenridge 37 Caroline St.   W   #0695              
Abeel Irene 10-3-8 Saratoga Springs 04Jun1945 12Apr1955 Greenridge 37 Caroline St   W   #0697              
Abeel Jayne 8-9-17 Saratoga Springs 25Jun1946 12Apr1955 Greenridge 37 Caroline St.   W   #0698              
Abeel Madeline 34-6-8 Greenfield, NY 04Oct1920 12Apr1955 Greenridge 37 Caroline St   W   #0693              
Abeel Ruth 13-7-15 Saratoga Springs 27Aug1941 12Apr1955 Greenridge 37 Caroline St.   W   #0696              
Abrams Sarah 71-10-0 Russia 09Sep1883 09Jul1955 Jewish Cmm. 220 Grand Ave.       #0706             Roy Cohn,s-in-law
Abruzzi Rose   Italy   06Jun1948 St. Peter's 60 Oak St/Home   W   #0308              
Abruzzo Antonio   Colta Bollotta,Italy 01Aug1866 16Jul1947 St. Peter's 60 Oak St/Home   W   #0266-267              
Ackley Stella 60-0-16 Thurman,NY 17Jun1890 03Jul1950 Warrensburg,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #0400              
Adamo Angelo 79yrs Italy 08Dec1902 30Aug1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Truck driver,Spa Steel W M   John Adamo   Rosano Crocco   Philomenia Parisi   1brother,1sister
Adams Viola 78yrs Ft.Edward,NY   13Nov1982 Cremation Saratoga Hospital   W W                
Adinolfi Catherine 79yrs. Italy 21Jun1882 03Jun1962 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1112              
Adinolfi Annie   Salerno,Italy 11Jul1881 01Feb1941 St. Peter's 7 Pavilion Pl/Home   W   #0078              
Adinolfi Frank 74ywm1d Salerno,Italy 01Apr1874 02Jun1948 St. Peter's 31 Caroline St/Home   W   #0307              
Adinolfi Frederick 58yrs Saratoga Springs 08Jan1904 13Dec1962 St. Peter's Leo.Hosp.Troy,NY   W   #1141-55              
Adinolfi Nickolas   Brooklyn,NY 27Oct1897 07Sep1955 St. Peter's Queens Co.Hosp.   W   #0726              
Adinolfi Francis A.       10Feb1975                          
Agany Frank J. 56yrs Beekman Town,NY 26Feb1905 30Jul1961 St.Lou.,Sciola,NY Gansevoort,NY   W   #1055              
Agosta Emanuel   Sicily 14Feb1882 20Feb1971 St. Peter's Homestead Ashton Estates   W           Quinnete Scarano Louis Agosta  
Agosta Quinchetta   Saratoga Springs 03Dec1899 27Mar1942 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0112              
A'Hearn Thomas F. 76yrs Saratoga Springs 15Jul1886 18Apr1963   Saratoga Hospital   W   #1151-10           Marie Stebbins  
Aison Rebecca   Russia   28Sep1964 Jewish Comm Utica, NY       #1234-43           Jacob Aison  
Aison Jacob       30Nov1970                         Nathan Aison
Alexander Shade   Grassburo,NC 08Jun1893 10Oct1955 Greenridge 75 S.Franklin/Home   B   #0734              
Allen Edna Irene 17-6-28 Glens Falls,NY 15Sep1930 13Apr1948 Union,Ft.Edward Allenville,T.of Day   W   #0300              
Allen Frank H. 57yrs Oklahoma 1905 16Aug1958 Fairview,TX Bn55,Racetrack   W   #0880              
Almy Albert (Mike) 59yrs Greenwich,NY 31Jul1902 17Jul1962 Greenwich,NY Glenville,San.   W   #1120             daughter- Folts
Alterman Delia Sarro       23Nov1973                          
Andenno? Ralph Francis   Mechanicville, NY 13Dec1903 26Jun1942 St. Peter's Saratoga Lake   W   #0117              
Andersen Bernard   Waterboro,ME 11Jul1905 08Jan1967 Waterboro,ME Albany, VA   W   #1372-4           Rose Murphy Andersen  
Anderson Rose C. 62yrs   04Jul1909 04Jun1972 St. Peter's V.A.Hosp.Albany Nurse W W   Cornelus Murphy   Mary Walsh        
Anzalone Michael J. 76yrs New York City 24Jul1906 27Jul1982 St. Peter's Glens Falls Hospital Taxi driver,self employed W M       Rose   Nancy Gavaletz   1daughter
Aprilliano Carmel 67yrs. Saratoga Springs 29Oct1902 28Jan1970 St. Peter's 70 White St Housewife   M   John Farone   Louise Lambiase   Angelo Aprilliane Mary Rocco  
Aprilliano Charles A. 45yrs. New Jersey 13Mar1925 03Oct1970 Greenridge Albany Hosp Prop.of Inn   M   Angelo Aprilliano   Carmel Farone   Dorothy Doughty wife  
Aprilliano Anjelo J.       26Apr1968   VietNam Military       Charles A Aprilliano            
Argus Dorothy Agnes       1968Apr4?   Glens Falls Hosp.                      
Argus Frank E. 56yrs New Rochelle, NY 05Sep1904 25Sep1960 St. Peter's Argus Bar,Wilton   W   #1008              
Armstrong Elizabeth Keller   Seymoor,CT 05Jan1924 04Oct1957 St. Peter's 22 Schuyler Dr/Home   W   #0838           Art Armstrong  
Arnold Caroline 84yrs NY City 24Oct1900 27Feb1985 N.Milton Utica, MI Homemaker W                 Caroline Olszewski
Arnold Donald S.       17Dec1974                          
Aronson Bessie 78yrs Monticello,NY 07Aug1905 20May1984   Saratoga Hospital   W M   Samuel Unger   Anna Herman   George Aronson   4sons,1daughter
Arpei Helen E. 62yrs Glens Falls, NY   13Mar1962 St. Peter's DOA Hosp   W   #1096              
Arpey Frank A.,Sr 72yrs Saratoga Springs 10May1902 05-Nov-74 St. Peter's Glenridge Chef   M           Winnifred    
Arpey Joseph C. 68yrs Saratoga,NY 02Jul1914 20Sep1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Newspaper Dist, self emp W S               Mamie Doty,sister
Arpey Christine   Italy 1870 06Mar1965 St. Peter's Albany Hospital       #1251-9              
Arpey Mary E.   Saratoga Springs   20Mar1963 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital       #1148-7              
Arpey Frank   Italy 19Jul1881 17Feb1944 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0168              
Arpey James   Italy 01Jan1870 31Dec1942 St. Peter's 195 Elm St/Home   W   #0135              
Arpey Michael   Saratoga Springs 12Dec1956 15Dec1956 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0789              
Arpia Carmine 87y2m2d Formicola,Italy 18Feb1861 20Apr1948 St. Peter's Railroad Alley/Home   W   #0301              
Arpia Sadie O'Rielly   Ireland   02Mar1945 St. Peter's 40 Oak St/Home       #0188              
Arpie Mary   Italy 01Aug1865 01Nov1942 St. Peter's 93 Ash St/Home   W   #0131              
Atherton Henry Ellice 47yrs St. George,VT. 14Aug1901 27Jul1959 Quaker Springs,NY 55 Second St/Home       #0930              
Atwell Charles Colin 82y8m2d NY State 26Oct1875 28Jun1958 S.Corinth, NY Utica State Hosp.   W   #0874              
Augustine Constance 25-7-26 Brooklyn,NY 14Dec1923 10Aug1949 Calvary,NYC Saratoga Hospital   W   #0348              
Austin Evelyn F.Griffen       31Oct1965                       Willie Lum  
Babcock Analine 19yrs Mass.   07Aug1940 Buffalo,NY Rt 9 North of S.S.   W   #0065              
Badger Jayme Laurel 1m6d Saratoga 08Oct1956 14Nov1956 St. Peter's 65 York Ave/Home Infant W   #0785              
Bahr Julia 68-0-22 Long Island 14Jun1888 06Aug1956 Mid.Vil,L.I. Saratoga Lake/Stillwater   W   #0768              
Bailey Harold C. 75 N.Y.State 10Nov1894 14Jan1970 Memory Gar.Albany Saratoga Hosp. Refrig.Eng.   M   Francis Bailey   Emelie Smith   Agnes Greene    
Baker Hollis George,Jr. 45yrs New York 19Dec1926 25Mar1972 Lake George Cem 3 Clinton Place House painter W M   Hollis George Baker   Margaret Bull   Marion Leach    
Baker Frances Allene       24Oct1966 St.Louis, MO                     Richard Baker,Jr,Ill  
Baker William T.C. 52-5-17 NY City 27Jan1901 16Jul1953 Fairmont,T.of Saratoga Farm   W   #0593              
Baker Susie 89-9-17 Wilton,NY 02Oct1865 19Jul1955 Gurn Spring Benton Nursing Home   W   #0707              
Baldwin Gladys A. 69yrs Lake Placid,NY 29May1914 03Jan1984 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Waitress-Holiday Inn W W   ?? Hitt   Elizabeth ?       Al Baldwin
Baldwin Robert W.       15Apr1975 Greenridge                        
Baldwin William   Saratoga Springs   18Oct1963 St. Peter's Miami,Fla       #1176-34              
Ballestero Antonio 84yrs Spain 11Feb1899 30Aug1983 St. Peter's RD#1Gilbert Rd. Construction owner W M   Ygnacio Ballestro   Ines Villaeva   Frances Prada   5sons
Banjo Anthony 90yrs Italy 06Aug1882 03Oct1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Trackman D&H RR W W   Joseph Bencivenga   Rose Mecca        
Bannon Elizabeth 62-9-26 Queens, NY 25Oct1889 21Aug1952 St.John's,Queens 14 Clark St   W   #0544              
Bardino Peter   Italy 25Mar1863 04Oct1938 St. Peter's 30 Walnut St/Home   W   #0015              
Bardino baby       13Apr1973                          
Barnes Mary     30AUg1970                         Frances Miller  
Barnes Esther 78yrs NY City 14Jan1884 08Jan1963 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1143-2              
Barnes Martin   Bald Mt.,NY 1878 11Sep1939 S.Wilton Carp.Inf.Ballston S   W   #0042           Mrs.Hopkins,neice  
Barnes Matthew 68yrs England 17Nov1891 08Mar1960 Greenridge DOA Hosp,   W   #0967              
Barnes Earl  see Herman Haddon                                  
Barrett Virginia A. 66yrs Albany,NY   12Jun1986 Evergreen,Schenectady Wesley Health Care Nurse,Albany Med W M           Charles Barrett    
Barrett John Edward   Saratoga Hospital 19Jun1948 20Jun1948 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0311              
Baseline Pacifico       1959                          
Bass?Boss Louis 59-0-21 Russia 10Dec1894 07Jan1954 Mt.Hebron,L.I. Saratoga Hospital   W   #0623 Mendell Bass   Helen Zelenetsky   Helen Rothstein    
Batherick Myrtle 73-8-11   18Jan1875 28Sep1948 Dunning St. Rt 9   W   #0326              
Bauer Vilma(Fenny) 75yrs Hungary 28Oct1887 21Nov1962 Jewish Comm. Saratoga Hospital   W   #1138              
Beaghan Henry Charles 48-4-18 Shenandoah,VA 05Mar1901 03Aug1949 Methodist,VA 36 Catherine St/Home   W   #0346              
Beagle Zillah Emily 70yrs New York 30Dec1902 27Feb1973 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Warper VanRaalte W M   Arthur Covell   Rose   Edward J.Beagle    
Bechtold Wilhelm   Gernamy 03Feb1895 02Oct1970 L.I.,NY Elnora, NY Sheet Metal   W       Anna Endres     Bruno Bechtold  
Beckman David baby     08Dec1972                          
Belanger Ernest E.,Sr. 67yrs Connecticut 10Aug1905 27Dec1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Clerk,Alco Products W M   Ernest E.Belanger   Catherine Agnes   Antoinette Comfort    
Belgrave Annette Johnson 80yrs Washington,DC 31Aug1877 22Mar1958 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   B   #0862              
Bell Clyde Roger 54yrs Decatur, Alabama 25 ? 1917 27Dec1971 Greenridge   Public Relations   M   Clyde E. Bell   Esterlene Rogers   Sophia Breyo    
Bell Marie Anne     1923 27Apr1968 St. Peter's Buffalo, NY                   Douglas Bell  
Belleau Philomene B. 87yrs Canada 27May1882 26Aug1969 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Machine Operator   W   Calise BelleRose   Melvina     Mrs.Jos. Garitz  
Bena Elizabeth H. 36yrs New York 28Sep1935 09Apr1972 St. Peter's Ellis Hospital Clerk G.E. W M   Frank Macica   Mary Chudcek   John Bena    
Bencivenga Sarah Baker       20Jun1968?                       Bencivenga,Joseph  
Bencivenga Joseph F. 76yrs Saratoga,NY 17Jun1906 09Nov1982 St. Peter's Albany V.A.Hosp Barber,self employed W W   Antonio Bencivenga   Virginia       1son,1daughter
Bencivengo Anthony                                  
Bennett Raymond,Major       03Aug1972                       Joan Bennett  
Bennett Edward Frank 54yrs Mass 24Apr1917 03Aug1971 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Maintance H.M.Stevens   M       Vivian   Helen Cole   Helen Langlois,daug
Bennett Truman       18Feb1944 Warrensburgh Gansevoort RR   W   #0169              
Benson Edward W. 56yrs Saratoga Springs 03Dec1916 13Nov1973 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital NYS Dept of Health W M   Pearly Benson   Bertha Currier   Florence Benson    
Benson Rita T. 64yrs Binghanpton,NY 22Jul1918 01Dec1982 Cremation Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W   John Meade   Agnes Steed        
Benson Bertha Irene 78yrs Ballston Spa 21Nov1885 01Jan1964 Maplewood RFD#1 Saratoga   W   #1192-1              
Bergman Joseph C.       14Sep1951           #0473              
Berkowitz Ester 76y0m16d Austin,Hungary 12Mar1872 28Mar1948 Mt.Hebron,L.I. 12 Clark St/Home   W   #0299              
Berman Harry   Russia 15Jan1879 14Aug1941   enroute Sar.Hosp   W   #0092              
Bernard Charles A. 64yrs Gransville,NY 13Aug1919 25Mar1984 St. Peter's 79 White St. Gas Station Owner W M   Vincenzo Bernard   Carmella Capabianca   Judy Brackett    
Berry George Washington   Brunswick,GA 12Apr1887 31Dec1945 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #0209              
Berry Evelyn M.   Montgomery,AL 16Feb1891 10Sep1946 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #0240              
Bertini Joseph 46 Montana 26Sep1926 03Aug1973 Greenwood, Ohio Livingston Hosp Welder - Pittsburgh W M   Rudolph Bertini   Esther        
Bessarab Irene 64yrs Austria 1895 25Sep1959 St. Peter's 1 Doten Ave/Home   W   #0950              
Best Leon Joseph baby Saratoga Hospital 11May1948 11May1948 St.Jos.Ft.Edward Saratoga Hospital   W   #0305              
Biffer Carmel R. 82yrs Sar.County, NY 18Aug1888 14Dec1970 St. Peter's Saratoga Hosp. Prop.Grocery Store   W   Antonio Rituno   Victoria     Margaret Biffer  
Biffer George R.   Saratoga Springs 11Jul1907 12Oct1966 St. Peter's Albany Medical     W #1356-54           Marion Biffer  
Biffer Michael 49yrs Saratoga Springs 06Feb1909 28Nov1958 St. Peter's 1 Clifford Rd,Menands   W   #0893              
Biffer Rose A.       28Mar1975 St. Peter's                        
Biffer Dominick   Italy 30May1877 17Oct1946 St. Peter's 135 Wash.St/Home   W   #0243              
Biffer John Joseph   Saratoga Springs 12Jan1893 15Feb1942 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0107              
Billings George   Saratoga Springs 05Mar1895 18Aug1946 Louden Cemetery 67 High Rock/Home   W   #0235              
Billings Walter 40y3m22d Saratoga 05Sep1908 27Dec1948 Loudon Cemetery RR Xing Sar-Schuy   W   #0331              
Bills John L. 30y3m11d Edinburgh,NY 03Jul1923 24Oct1953 Edinburgh,NY Rt. 29   W   #0612              
Birkenmeyer Joseph 76yrs Wappinger Falls,NY   01Sep1951 St. Peter's Pennell's Rest.   W   #0470              
Birnbaum Max 92yrs Kupel,Russia 19Feb1891 13Feb1983 Jewish Comm Beth Israel, NJ   W M           Molly   2sons,1daughter
Biscoll George 49yrs NY City   05Aug1953 Lindell,L.I. Worden Hotel   W   #0598              
Bishop Michael   East Liberty,PA 17Nov1892 31May1950 St. Peter's 92 Maple Ave/Home   W   #0392              
Bishop Emma   Saratoga Springs 11Feb1880 11Mar1947 Greenridge 92 Maple Ave/Home       #0258              
Bishop William 73yrs Italy 10Aug1884 21Dec1957 St. Peter's VA Hosp.Albany   W   #0848           Mary Grolley  
Bitzer Mary 73y8m18d   12Aug1882 30Apr1956 Greenridge Ballston Spa Hosp       #0761              
Bitzer Walter 54yrs Germany 23Dec1906 16Nov1961 Greenridge Galway Rd./Home   W   #1081              
Blackburn Grace   Mohawk,NY 1852 13Nov1938 Maplewood Carp.Inf.Ballston   B   #0017              
Blackwood Carl Gardner       21Apr1965                       Grace Blackwood  
Blanchard Charles 82yrs Indian Lake,NY 16Jul1883 03Jan1966 Greenridge DOA Ellis Hosp   W   #1304-2           Pauline Virgil Blanchard  
Blanchard John Dudley   Albany,NY 10Feb1938 06Oct1962 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #1134-48              
Blank? Agnes   BadenFels,Bavaria 22Mar1888 27Apr1930 St. Peter's Harriman Nursing   W   #0973              
Blessing George   York,PA   Feb 26Jul1945 Maplewood Cabin/Middle Grove   W   #0195              
Bloch Katherine   Bohemia 18Mar1879 25Jun1945 St.Nick,NYC Luzerne Villa   W   #0193              
Blovin Joseph A. 57yrs Canada 28Jul1916 28Sep1973 Greenridge Dorm 1 Raceway Groom/Driver raceway W M   Lucien Blovin   Janette DuPont        
Bogan Stanley J. 48y5m8d Woodridge,NY 14Jun1907 22Nov1955 St. Peter's Excelsior Ave/Home   W   #0740              
Bohanski Clarence 34y8m30d   14Oct1915 10Jul1949 St.Jos.Schenectady Rt. 9   W   #0342              
Bohlmeyer Charles 69y11m10d Hamburg,Germany 27Aug1883 07Aug1953 Gansevoort,NY Coons Xing,Wilton   W   #0599              
Boklin Charlotte       12Dec1944 Oceanview,L.I. Saratoga Hospital       #0180              
Bollmeyer Victoria Charlotte 67yrs Germany 06Dec1902 21Feb1970 Greenridge Saratoga Hosp. Emp.Mud Baths   W   George Katzmerck   Sophia   August Bollmyer Charlotte Tangee daughter
Bollmeyer August 68y4m6d Hamburg,Germany 25Apr1886 31Aug1954 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0671              
Bootier Frances 69yrs Saratoga Springs 09Sep1897 17Aug1967 St. Peter's DOA Saratoga Hosp     W #1404-36           Fred J.Bootier  
Bootier Frederick 90yrs USA   12Sep1983 St. Peter's Wesley Nursing H                     Richard,son
Bortell Walter Hubbard 51yrs Cobleskill,NY 27Jul1910 12Aug1961 Cobleskill Rural DOA Saratoga Hospital   W   #1061              
Botello Anna 64yrs Saratoga Springs 17Jun1908 25Apr1973 St. Peter's 65 Oak St. Housewife W M   Joseph Pinto   Carmina Perette   Anthony Botello    2 daughters
Bottoms Summer Lincoln 76yrs Springfield,OH 30Apr1882 12Nov1958 Maplewood 49 High Rock/Home   B   #0891              
Bottoms Jessie Virginia   Virginia 03Jul1894 23Apr1943 Maplewood 101 Wash./Home   B   #0148              
Bove Rosario 48-6-17 Italy 18Apr1903 05Nov1951 Whippany,NJ Wilton,NY   W   #0483         Laura Egan    
Bozony Anna 71yrs Czechoslovikia 26Jul1886 25May1958 Malta Ridge 195 Lake Ave/Home   W   #0868              
Brackett Mary Julia 80yrs Troy,NY 13Mar1880 12Sep1960 Greenridge East Broadway/Home   W   #1003              
Braman Luther M. 69yrs Mass. 18Oct1903 04Mar1973 Greenridge 59 VanDam St. Baker W M           Ruth French    
Brandwein Gertrude       14Oct1974 Jewish Comm.                       David Kaye,G'son
Braxton Josephine 75yrs Essex Co.VA 14Apr1888 20Feb1964 Essex,VA 24 Woodlawn/Home   B   #1204-13              
Brazee Eliza       23Mar1944 Greenridge Beekman/Andrew   W   #0172              
Brenner Abraham 84yrs Russia 15May1889 09Jun1973 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital Hotel Prop. W W   Aaron Brenner   Rose Luria       Aaron Brenner son
Brenner Mary 66yrs Poland 1888 27Sep1954 Jewish Comm Saratoga Hospital   W   #0673              
Bresnahan? Lavella   Galway,NY 01Aug1872 12Jan1945 St.Mary's,Ballston Saratoga Hospital   W   #0182              
Brewer Robert Samuel 21yrs Indiana 30Jul1947 19Sep1968 Removed Saratoga County US Navy   S   Robert Lee Brewer   Yvonne Michel        
Briano Pasquale   Italy   21Mar1945 St. Peter's 5 Oak St/Home   W   #0189              
Briggs Daniel H. 63yrs Gansevoort,NY 22Jul1894 19Nov1957 Gansevoort,NY Leonard's Xing   W   #0843              
Briscoe Theodore 40yrs N.Y.State 14Jun1932 11Aug1972   Homestead Inf. Kitchen Helper   S                
Brooke Richard Burley       7Jun1968 Removed                        
Brooks Amelia K.Baxter   Lyon Mt.,NY 01Feb1882 26Jan1981 St. Peter's S.C.Inf. Pastry Cook W W   Peter Baxter   Selinda Burnett   Napoleon J. Brooks    
Brooks John J.lll     24Nov1970   St. Peter's                     Lillian Brooks  
Brooks Clara Dennis   Argyle,NY 28Jul1872 09Mar1939 Union,Hudson F. 12 West Ave/Home   W   #0023              
Brooks George L.       05Mar1942 Union,Hudson F St.Petersburg,FL   W   #0110              
Brooks Bertha Mary   Nassau, NY 30Jun1881 13Jan1947 Schgahticoke enroute to Hospital   W   #0250              
Broughton Anna Rivet 86yrs Astoria,L.I. 21Sep1898 23Mar1985 Sweetman,Galway Sar.County Infirmary Homemaker W W   Edward N.Rivet   Phoebe Demott        
Brower Frank 61-10-0 Gurn Spring 18Oct1888 18Aug1950 Gurn Spring Saratoga Hospital   W   #0407              
Browers Walter 76yrs Bois L'Duc,Holland 06Dec1880 03Nov1957 St. Peter's VA Hosp.Albany,NY   W   #0841              
Brown Justine Spencer 69yrs N.Carolina 21Aug1917 27Nov1986   Saratoga Hospital   B W   Cain Spencer   Evelyna Credle        
Brown Abram 69yrs Troy,NY 18Apr1897 26Jan1967 Jewish Comm St.Clare's,Schenectady   W   #1373              
Brown Gerald M., Sgt.   Sperryville,VA 28Jun1932?   Removed   Air Force -Med Tech       M.W.Brown           Donna -wife
Brown Carrie S. 85yrs Morich, NY 28Feb1879 21Apr1964 Warrensburg Cem Saratoga Hosp   W   #1212-21              
Brown Leon Bullett       25Jun1943 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #0150              
Brown David   Rome,NY 21Jun1930 21Mar1951 Rome Cemetery Rt 9,Sar-Wilton Rd Student,Whitney art school W   #0443              
Brown Charles J. 56yrs VA 11Feb1905 22Apr1961 Braintree,MA Saratoga Hospital   W   #1038              
Brown Raymond 59yrs Chazy,NY 27Aug1901 27Jul1961 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #1054              
Browne Margaret   Saratoga Springs 22Feb1891 12Dec1965 St. Peter's Albany Medical       #1301-59           Edward D. Gomm-+  
Brownell Henry Willis   Greenwich,NY 15Aug1895 15May1965 Maplewood Ellis Hosp   W   #1264-22              
Brownell Beatrice 57yrs Saratoga Springs 24Apr1903 04Jul1960 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital   W   #0987              
Bruce William Christie   NY City 17Mar1892 17Dec1949 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0366              
Bruce Catherine Agnes 69yrs Saratoga County 05Mar1900 09Jun1969 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Motel Prop.   W   Patrick Dore   Matilda DeLorme        
Bruckner Michael       11Jan1975 St. Peter's                        
Brunner Loretta       29Apr1965 Manitowoc,Wis                     Peter Brunner  
Brusie? Irene Hildred 55yrs   19Mar1909 21Apr1964 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1211-20              
Bryant John W. 44yrs Sylvannia, GA 10Oct1915 24Jul1960 Greenridge 48 Lake Ave/Home   B   #0993              
Buchanan George T. 23-1-1 Clementon,NJ 13Jun1930 14Jul1953 Berlin Cemetery RT 29,Rock City Falls   W   #0592              
Bullard James Adelbert 68-11-17 Glens Falls 19Jul1885 06JUl1954 S.Wilton 14 Daniel St/Home   W   #0660              
Bunker William G.       30May1944 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0075              
Burdick Dora Brazee 69-5-7 Saratoga Springs 18Dec1878 25May1948 Greenridge Greene's Nurs.Home   W   #0306              
Burke Harry A. 64yrs NY City 05May1900 02Jul1964 St. Peter's DOA Saratoga Hosp   W   #1216           Marg. Goodwin  
Burke Elizabeth Irene     14Jun1904 24Jun1958 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0873              
Burns Daniel, Monsignor 87yrs Hadley,NY 06Aug1887 25Aug1974 St.Mary G.F. Glens Falls Priest   S               Edward brother
Burns Geneva M.Clute 78yrs Hudson Falls,NY 11Dec1906 30Dec1984 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W   George Clute   Laura LaPointe   Wm.Burns10/1980    
Burns Monsignor Daniel 87yrs Hadley,NY 06Aug1887 25Aug1974 St.Mary's, G.Falls Hallmark N.H.G.F Clergy W S   James Burns   Rose McCabe       Ed Burns brother
Burns William G. 46yrs Hebron,NY 25Dec1923 03May1971 Maplewood Mechanicville Trucker   M   William G.Burns,Sr.   Geneva Clute   Lucille Marcotte    
Burns Shawn Christopher 1m3d     16Oct1974 Maplewood           Frank Burns   Sharon        
Burns John       ??Dec 1944 Maplewood Carp. Inf,Ballston   B   #0181              
Bush Robert 63yrs S.Carolina 25Jan1899 31Jan1962 Greenridge 34 1/2 Avery/Home   B   #1092              
Bushey-Winney Ada       06Feb1966                       Helen Izzo  
Butler Paul J.,Sr. 76yrs Fairhaven,VT 29Oct1906 11Feb1983 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Teacher, SSHS W M           Grace Gorman   John T. son
Butler Paul Joseph,Jr.   Saratoga Springs 05Mar1962 01May1962 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1107              
Butynski Katherine       28Feb1970                          
Byrne Daisy W. 74yrs Gailorsville CT 23May1885 20Sep1959 St.Mary,G.Falls Homestead San.   W   #0948              
Byrnes Michael J.   Glens Falls, NY 09Jun1862 22Dec1943 Schenectady,NY 18 Church St.   W   #0162 1/2              
Cahill Anna 84y10m6d Ballston Spa, NY 10Jul1867 16May1952 St.Mary's,Ballston S 22 York Ave/Home   W   #0512              
Camarotta Samuel 18y11m19d Schenectady,NY 13Jul1931 02Jul1950 Vale Cemetery Saratoga Lake   W   #0401              
Camel Arthur   Wash.Co,KY 10May1866 23Dec1942 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital   B   #0134              
Cameron Frank   Beacon,NY   03Feb1939 Reidsville,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #0020              
Campbell Joyce M. 36yrs New Rochelle   10Aug1985 St. Peter's Albany, NY School Teacher W D   Donald Campbell   Irene Niekartz   Gary Dominick   3 sons
Canfield Mary A.   Jersey City,NJ 18Mar1846? 14Mar1940 St.Peter's,Troy Green Island   W   #0058              
Cannuli Catherine M. 73yrs NYC 24Feb1911 28Jul1984 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Seamstress,self emp. W W   Anthony Scarano   Philamenia Menento       Louise, daughter
Cannuli Mary Batkiewicz 75yrs Poland 28Nov1892 18Feb1968 St. Peter's Saratoga Hosp. Store Keeper   M           Carmela Cannuli husband  
Caplan Simon 82yrs England 23Mar1902 15Jul1984 Jewish Comm Albany Medical Merchant W M   Hyman Caplan   Ester Levine   Victoria Schonberg    
Capone Anthony Francis 65yrs Saratoga Springs 26Nov1919 08Mar1985 St. Peter's Hobe Sound,Martin County Steam fitter, G.E. W     Nicholas Capone       Angeline Levo    
Capone Anthony"Peter" 44yrs New York 01Sep1928 25Jan1973 St. Peter's Albany Medical NYS DOT heavy eq.op. W M   Andrew Capone   Philomenia Arpi?   Maureen Capone   Colleen daughter
Capone Pasquale"Patrick" 70yrs Italy 02Feb1903 06Mar1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Custodian -Skidmore W M           Mary Casertiano   6 sons 4 daughters
Capone Andrea/Andrew, Sr. 80yrs Italy 19Dec1885 17Aug1966 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1342-40           Iva Capone  
Capone Iva       ??May1982                          
Capone John   New York   04Jan1982 St. Peter's Stonequest Apt Food Preparer W S               brot. Anth. Capone
Capone Concetta   Pontelatone,Italy 05Dec1863 20Aug1939 St. Peter's 74 Oak St/Home   W   #0041              
Capone Joseph       23Mar1975 St. Peter's                        
Capone Guidine   Italy 24Jun1851 04Feb1938 St. Peter's 74 Oak St/Home   W   #0004              
Capone Nicola 70yrs Italy 16May1887 10Mar1958 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0858              
Capone Philomena   Fumiglia,Italy 09May1891 16Dec1939 St. Peter's 70 Beekman St/Home   W   #0047              
Caputo Joseph   Italy 27Sep1859 30Aug1942 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0127              
Caputo Nellie 61yrs Ft. Edward 02Feb1900 03Nov1961 St. Peter's 171 Elm St/Home   W   #1078              
Caputo Pietro   Italy 23Jan1877 27Jun1941 St. Peter's 6 Aletta St/Home   W   #0085              
Carboni Anthony 88yrs Italy ?? Sep1883 29Aug1972 St. Peter's Eden Park G.Falls Tailor W S   Battista Carboni   Maria D.Pionna?        
Cardillo Frank 81yrs Naples,Italy 1881-82 24Mar1964 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1208              
Carey Joseph 55y8m23d Saratoga Springs 19Nov1893 12Aug1949 St. Peter's Spa Vets Hosp.   W   #0349              
Carlson Carl Ebbe 49y9m26d Monteclaire,NJ 09Dec1898 05Oct1948 Glens Falls enroute  Sar.Hosp   W   #0327         Freida Carlson    
Carney Emma   Saratoga Springs 04Feb1868 17Jan1946 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0213              
Carrington Charles 77y9m29d Virginia 04Mar1862 03Jan1940 Maplewood Carp.Inf.Ballston Chef/Carpentier Infirmary B M #0051         Fannie Thurston    
Carrougher George   Brooklyn,NY 20Aug1871 27Aug1946 Corinth Rural Saratoga Hospital   W   #0238              
Carter Paul James       10Jan1966                       Judy Carter  
Caruso Bennie J. 63yrs Ft.Edward,NY 20Jan1920 26Sep1983 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Stock Keeper, G.E. W M   Anthony Caruso   Nancy Consigleo   Anna Scuderi   1brother,2sisters
Carusone Dominick R. 73yrs Maine 27Oct1897 03Oct1971 St. Peter's DOA,Saratoga Hosp. Water Dept.Saratoga   M   Salvatore E.Carusone   Celeste   Maria SantaBarbera    
Carusone John J.,Sr       09Nov1974 St. Peter's                        
Carusone Salvatore   Italy ??Jan1861 28Sep1951 St. Peter's 2 Oak St/Home   W   #0476              
Case Christella 97yrs Corinth,NY 15Dec1871 24Jan1969 Maplewood Saratoga Hosp. Housewife   W   George Wendell   Ruth Kendall       Terry Pashewic
Case James M.       17Sep1943 Granville,NY Ted's Tavern(Road)   W   #0154              
Casertano Rose 64yrs Italy 10Feb1886 25Oct1950   150 Elm St.   W   #0424              
Cass John M.       01Feb1975 Greenfield Ctr.                        
Cassidy Edward       04Dec1969 St. Peter's                     William Sutton  
Castro Darlene Marie 31yrs Saratoga,NY 29May1954 04Dec1985 Prospect Hill Rt.87,Clifton Park Governess W S   Ben Castro   Joan Pratt Gailor        
Catrone Dominick       27May1965                       J.Carusone, Att.  
Celek Robert Nathan 1 day   06Feb1986 07Feb1986 Albany Rural Albany Med infant W S   Christopher Celek   Patti Frankhauser        
Chadwick Jessie   Saratoga Springs 19Nov1912 04Nov1966 St. Peter's 122 VanDam/Home   W   #1360-58           Nancy Chadwick  
Champagne William 82yrs   02Feb1869 08Jul1951 S.Side,S.Glens F. Wilton Nursing       #0458              
Chase Merry E. 88yrs NY State 29Aug1869 17Aug1958 Fairview,Fine,NY 164 Lincoln/Home   W   #0881              
Chellis James   Gadsden,AL 28Apr1904 09Jul1957 Greenridge VA Hosp,Albany   B   #0815              
Chew Chu       04Sep1967 to Albany                     Chuyler Heen,Renns  
Childress Isaiah 65yrs Albemarle,VA   May1895 06Aug1960 Albemarle,VA Fastig Tipton Grds   B   #0996              
Chillairi Margaret C.       17Jul1970 St. Peter's                     Ralph Millis  
Chiperno Anthony"Taddy" 75yrs New Haven,CT 11Jan1907 11Sep1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Owner,Chips drive-in W M   Ralph Chiperno   Grace Casatino   Alice Washburn   1daughter,
Chiperno Grace 85yrs Caserta,Italy 16Jul1878 15Jun1964 St. Peter's Grandview Nursing   W   #1214              
Chiperno Ralph 82yrs Caserta,Italy ??Sep1872 27Nov1954 St. Peter's 149 Grand/Home   W   #0676              
Chiperno Stephen 60yrs Brooklyn,NY 08Dec1905 25Jun1966 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital       #1330-28              
Christian Clara 59yrs So.Carolina 19Apr1926 10Nov1985 Greenridge Wesley, SS H.M.Stevens-laborer B M   Samuel Tyler   Lillian Nina   James Christian    
Christopher Alfred A. 50yrs   06Apr1918 01Dec1968 St. Peter's Saratoga County Tinsmith   M   Howard Christopher   Mary Draper   Veronica Slevin wife  
Christopher Leo   Troy,NY 13Jul1913 18Oct1948 St.Joseph,Troy Saratoga Lake   W   #0329              
Cipparello Steven B.       25Jun1966 St. Peter's                     Anna Chiperno  
Clark Geroge 69y9m11d Hawkinsville,GA 31Jan1887 12Nov1956 Greenridge 21 Cowen St/Home   B   #0783              
Clark Thomas   Ballston Spa        1899 17Oct1960 Wiswall,Ballston Saratoga Hospital   W   #1012              
Clarke Harriet 74yrs England 23Jan1893 09Sep1966 Greenridge Grandview Nursing   W   #1347-45           Catherine Bruce  
Clarke Margaret M. 62yrs Brooklyn,NY 29Dec1919 04Feb1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M   Henry Pendergrast   Mary McPartland   John E. Clarke    
Clifton Joseph 75yrs Bermuda 1885 08Jan1961 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #1026              
Clingen Mary Mildred 91yrs Nova Scotia 09Dec1895     Wesley N.Home   W W   Wm.MacPh----   Alysia A.Wilbur        
Clode Arthur E. 46yrs Vancover, B.C. 17Jul1927 09Aug1973 Pinelawn,L.I. Saratoga Hospital NYRA Mutual dept W M           Faith Lavine    
Coates Arlington B. 70yrs Brooklyn,NY 25Jan1912 20Feb1982 St. Peter's Stonequest Apts. Gallo Wine Saleman W W       Mae Boyce   Helen Canty    
Cochenelli Frances Headley 60yrs Summerville,NY 28Nov1925 04Jan1986 Greenfield Ctr Glens Falls Hospital Homemaker W M   Edward Headley   Edith M.Walkup   Thomas Cochenelli    
Codas Josephine   NY State 25Dec1865 18Apr1951 St.Ann's Cem Saratoga Hospital   W   #0445              
Coffey William H.   Troy, NY 04Jul1880 29Aug1945 St.Mary's,Glens F. Saratoga Hospital   W   #0197              
Cohen Anna 65yrs Poland 1884 19Aug1949 Springfield,L.I. 187 Regent St.   W   #0354              
Cohen Charles 77y11m2d Poland 14Jul1876 16Jun1954 Cedar Pole?,NJ Saratoga Hospital   W   #0644              
Cohen Fannie   Austria 14Nov1877 04Dec1945 Jewish Comm. Manor Rest,Round Lake   W   #0206              
Cohen Harold       13May1960 Jewish Comm. Albany City Hosp.   W   #0978              
Cohen Harry 85y8m11d Poland 15Jun1867 26Mar1953 Jewish Comm 3 E.Broadway/Home   W   #0576              
Cohen Harry P. 60y1m12d Rochester,NY 03Apr1889 25May1949 Rochester Clifton Park,NY   W   #0339              
Cohn Michael 60y4m22d NY City 22Apr1889 14Aug1949 BethDavid,Elmont Exc.Spring Hotel   W   #0350              
Cokely Elizabeth   Schenectady,NY 25Jun1858 09?Mar1946 St.Jos.Schenectady RFD#3B.S/Home   W   #0218 Nichols John Germany Margaret Croshew Germany      
Colamaria Angelina DiRienzo 94yrs   07Oct1890 03Jul1985 St.Peter's,Saratoga Saratoga Hospital Rest.owner   W           Thomas10/3/74   James Colamaria,son
Colamaria Joseph Patrick 92yrs Barre, Italy 02Feb1890 05Mar1982 St. Peter's 14 Hammond St. Rest owner-Colamaria W M   Pasquale Colamaria   Delores   Isabelle Stewart    
Colangelo Madeline A. 70yrs Saratoga Springs 02Oct1915 10Aug1986 St. Peter's Glens Falls Hospital Examiner,VanRaalte W S   John Colangelo   Marrianne Visconti       2 sisters 2 brothers
Colangelo Louise V. 53yrs     28Jul1972   Saratoga Springs                     Sister-Madeline
Colangelo John   Italy 24Dec1884 17Oct1946 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0245              
Colaperto Carl A.   Saratoga Springs 17Jul1914 25Jan1964 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1195-4           Rose Carvalho  
Colapietro Cosimo 93yrs Italy 31Aug1873 17Jul1966 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1335-33              
Colapietro Christina   Italy 29Jun1876 17Jun1941 St. Peter's 35 Ash St/Home   W   #0083              
Cole Daniel   New Salem,NY 08Mar1879 26Sep1953 Riverside,Coxsackie 437 Broadway   W   #0608              
Coleman Michael J,Jr. 19yrs     09Jul1986   Corinth,NY   W S   Michael Coleman            
Coleman baby   Ballston Spa,NY ??Jan1943 12Sep1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0153              
Coleman Harry C.,Jr. 10yrs Saratoga 10Aug1948 29Aug1958 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0883              
Collier Francis   Keesville,NY 31Apr1869 03Sep1941 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0095              
Collins Anna       10Mar1966 Greenridge                     Bernard Collins  
Collins Lillian   Union City,NJ 20May1888 03Apr1957 St. Peter's Gilbert Road/Home       #0785              
Colucci James J. 71yrs Saratoga County 09Jan1915 26Jan1986 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital School Bus driver W M   Philip Colucci   Anna Giordana   Pauline Fiorino    
Colucci Anna   Italy 19Oct1884 01Jan1948 St. Peter's 162 Ash St/Home   W   #0290              
Colucci Philip,Sr. 76yrs Italy 11Jun1882 06Jun1958 St. Peter's 164 Ash St.   W   #0871              
Comeau Frank Augustine 44y4m1d   04Apr1904 21Aug1948 St. Peter's enroute Sar. Hosp   W   #0316              
Comfort Shirley 46yrs     08Jan1985 N.Milton Saratoga Hospital     M           Richard Comfort    
Comfort Carl 68yrs Saratoga, NY 23Jul1915 06Jun1984 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Caretaker-Gardener W S   Thomas Comfort   Margaret Rituno       6sisters
Comfort Margaret 74yrs N.Y. State 17Oct1995 09Jun1970 St. Peter's   Housewife   W   James Rituno   Maria Mangini     Thomas Comfort  
Comfort Anthony J.       11Apr1975                          
Comfort Roger 26yrs Saratoga Springs 12Apr1933 12Sep1959 St. Peter's 11 Perry St/Home   W   #0942              
Comly E.Lillian 53yrs New York 14Feb1919 26Dec1972 St.Mary's, G.Falls St.Clair's,Sch Clerk,Sears Roebuck W M   Edward Sharpe   Marion Jarvis   Edward J.Comly   2 sons 1 daughter
Conde William F. 4th 20yrs Riverside,CA 08Jul1963 29Mar1984 St. Peter's Mary Fletcher Hospital Student-Norwich B S   Joseph Dagg(step)   Jannie Daggs        
Connolly Bridget Mary baby Saratoga Springs 09Aug1953 10Aug1953 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0601              
Connor Francis P.   Watervliet,NY 24Oct1866 27Jan1946 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0215 John Connor Ireland Mary Collins Ireland Mary McGowna   Bro Ed Connor
Connors Mary Ann   Tn.of Saratoga 31Mar1863 19Mar1943 St. Peter's,Stillwater Jones Con.Hime   W   #0144             Sister,Margaret
Consiglio Joseph 71yrs Italy 11Feb1899 22Sep1970 St. Peter's 60Beekman St. Caretaker   W   Rosario Consiglio   Mara Gilanza     Frank Sansivieri  
Consiglio Margaret                               Joseph Consiglio  
Constable William C.   N.Y. 07Mar1913 09Sep1986 Jonesville Cem Saratoga Springs Truck driver self emp W W   Charles Constable   Lulu Haynes   Clara G. Young    
Conway Winifred M. 55y6m13d Whitesboro,NY 21Jan1894 04Aug1949 Whitesboro,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #0347              
Cook Francis 67y8m19d Ft. Edward,NY 07Oct1882 26Jun1950 Union,Ft.Edward Saratoga Hospital   W   #0397              
Copage Doris Louise K. 17y5m20d Kentville,N.S.Canada 22Feb1937 12Aug1954 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   Indian   #0667              
Copage Joseph Leo 49y3m0d Prince Edward Is. 16Sep1905 16Dec1954 St. Peter's Montreal,Canada   Indian   #0677              
Copage Margaret 40yrs Bear River,N.S. 19Dec1914 30Jun1954 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0656              
Coppernoll Grace F. 64yrs New York 08Sep19907 16Mar1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Electronic solderer W M   Fred B. Wilsey       Harvey T.Coppernoll   son Arthur
Coppernoll Thomas Harvey 83yrs USA   05Oct1983 St. Peter's 26 Northway CT Ret. W W               Arthur-son
Corlew Franklin 44y5m26d Hadley,NY 18Jul1895 14Jan1950 Conklinville,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #0368              
Cormie Joseph Virgil baby Saratoga Springs 19Oct1958 09Dec1958 Notre Dame,Schuylerville 34 Clark St/Home   W   #0895              
Cormie Virgil Francis 49y11m16d Victory Mills,NY 19Feb1906 05Jan1956 Notre Dame,Schuylerville Saratoga Hospital   W   #0743              
Cornell Walter J. 66yrs Saratoga,NY 11Apr1917 25May1983   Glens Falls Hosp Physical Therapist W M   Herbert Cornell   Jeanine   Jessie Pitcher   2daughters,1son
Cornell Jeannie 85yrs Maine 12Oct1875 12Oct1960 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #1009              
Corona Joseph 74yrs Saratoga, NY 18May1910 14Oct1984   Saratoga Hospital NYRA laborer W                  
Corona Frank 80yrs Messina,Italy 12Sep1878 11May1959 St. Peter's 81 Beekman St/Home   W   #0914              
Corona? Gladys Parish 50yrs Saratoga Springs 12Jan1910 16Oct1960 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #1011              
Corsale Francis E. 58yrs New York 16Nov1923 01Jan1982 St. Peter's 3 Whitney Place St.Charles Motel owner W M   Joseph Corsale       Marie Bardino   3bro,1sister
Corsale, Sr. Joseph N. 69yrs Lake George,NY 18Nov1897 20Jul1967 St. Peter's 107 Walnut St/Home   W   #1402-34           wife  
Cortese Antoinette 89yrs Italy 30Nov1874 29Jun1964 St. Peter's 53 Oak St/Home   W   #1215-24           Rose Cortese  
Cortese Angelo   Italy 30Jul1875 23Apr1943 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0147              
Cortese Annette 50yrs Canada ??Mar1900 29Apr1950 St. Peter's Miami Beach,FL   W   #0384           Joseph Cortese  
Cortese Antonio   Italy   22Nov1943 St. Peter's 105 Elm St/Home   W   #0159              
Cortese Joseph D. 35yrs Italy 21May1900 09Aug1955 St. Peter's Louisville,KY   W   #0718         Ethel Borver    
Costanzo Louise Marie 71yrs     21Aug1986   Utica,NY     M       ?  Perrello       Lawrence Costanzo    
Cotrone Dominick 96yrs Italy 18Nov1868 27May1965 St. Peter's Grandview Nursing   W   #1267-25              
Cotrone Philomena 70y9m17d Italy 21Sep1882 07Jul1953 St. Peter's 69 High Rock/Home   W   #0591              
Cottrell Shirley G. 48yrs Pittsfield,MA 03Mar1924 21Mar1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Sales Clerk,Dept.Store W M   Roderick DeForest   Theresa Wool   Willis G.Cottrell    
Coughlin Elizabeth Howard   Schmoken,PA 27Feb1865 24Jan1940 St. Peter's 16 Washington Pl   W   #0053              
Covell Katherine       28Feb1970 Clifton, NJ                        
Covell Rose   NY State   08Jan1967 Greenridge 53 Covell Ave/Home   W   #1371-3           Edward Beagle  
Covell Arthur 73y0m26d Saratoga Springs 28Jun1880 24Jul1953 Greenridge 53 Covell Ave/Home   W   #0596              
Covkin Sophie 77yrs Russia ??Sep1884 14Nov1961 Jewish Comm Grandview Nursing   W   #1079           Harry Covkin  
Cox Mamie 74yrs N.C. 11Nov1908 15Aug1983 Cremation Saratoga Hospital Housewife B Sep.   John Credle   Emma       1nephew,2neices
Cox Jospeh E. 62yrs Cohoes,NY 04Apr1891 19Oct1953 St.Agnes,Cohoes Cohoes Hospital   W   #0611              
Coy James J.   NY City 10Aug1881 19Aug1948 Hinsdale,NY Saratoga Hospital   W   #0315              
Crammond Dorothy 46yrs     09Aug1972   Saratoga Springs                     Dorothy Bryam,daugh
Crimaldi Rose   NY City 31Mar1899 27Oct1945 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0203              
Crogan John L. 49yrs Troy, NY 29Nov1909 21Mar1959 Albany Rural DOA Hospital   W   #0905              
Crooks Morris Raymond 54y2m1d Saratoga Springs 30Sep1899 01Dec1953 N.Milton Cem. 18 Marvin Pl/Home   W   #0617              
Croop Rosemary Shea 64yrs Nanticoke,PA 23Jan1920 24Feb1984 St. Peter's Ellis Hospital Housewife W M   Charles A.Shea   Rosemary Maloney   Harry W.Croop,Jr   2 daughters
Croteau Amelia 81yrs Plattsburgh,NY 22Sep1879 21Nov1960 St.Mary's,Corinth Tampa,FL   W   #1014           Mrs. Belden  
Crowder Edward Lee 36y11m2d Bridgeport,CT 13Aug1911 15Jul1948 Greenridge Reynolds farm,Malta   W   #0313              
Crowley Katherine Egan 81yrs Conn. 27Nov1890 04Feb1972 Hartford,CN Ballston Spa Transfer Clerk   W   Patrick J.Egan   Bridget Fahey     Helen Egan  
Cummings Jane 52yrs Watertown,NY 05Jan1911 21May1963 St. Peter's 39 1/2 Walton/Home   W   #1155-14              
Cunningham Mary F. 66yrs Castleton, NY 25Mar1908 29Jun1974 Niverville Cem Saratoga Hospital Garment Seamstress W M   John Scott   Alice Garvey   Thomas Cunningham   son Francis
Curley Rev.John D. 48yrs Smith's Basin,NY 12Apr1913 20Mar1962 St.Mary's,Hudson Falls St.Peter's,Albany O.Lady Mt.Carmel,Amsterdam W   #1099              
Curran Bridget Delia   New York City 1885/1893? 14May1972   Homestead Infirmary                      
Curran Thomas F.       16Nov1964       W   #1239-48           Bridget Curran  
Curran Rose 83yrs Ireland 1877 12May1960 St. Peter's Benton's Nursing Home   W   #0976              
Curtin Genevieve 60y1m7d Glens Falls,NY 27Dec1896 04Feb1957 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0781              
Curtis John"Jack" 58yrs North Adams,MA 01-Jun-13 25-May-72 St.Stanislaus,Amsterdam Saratoga Hospital Construction laborer W M   Fred Curtis   Hattie LePort   Helen Harrow   Patricia Ralph -Daug
Czajkowski John       07Oct1974                          
Czupil Anna 85yrs Poland 20Feb1889 30Jun1974 Greenfield Ctr.Cem Adirondack Reg Hospital Housewife W W           John Czupil,Sr.   Milo,John 2sons
Czupil Katherine 73yrs Austria 13Aug1900 05May1974 Malta Ridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M           Alex Czupil   2sons 1 daughter
Czupil John,Sr. 75yrs Poland 10May1887 16Jul1962 Greenfield Ctr. Corinth Hospital   W   #1119              
Dabour Elizabeth       25Jul1968 toNYCity                        
Dachtenberg Adolph 74yrs Unknown abt.1878 25Jan1962 Greenridge RD#2Greenfield/Home   W   #0500              
D'Agostino Mario 71yrs Bari,Italy 24Oct1894 21Oct1965 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1291-49           Gina D'Agostino  
Dake Lizzie       1Jan1948   Saratoga Hospital       #0291              
D'Aluisio Patricia Ann Rice 29yrs Anckorage,Alaska 11Dec1944 16Mar1974 St. Peter's Ellis Hospital,Sch Hair Stylist W D   Harry Rice   Hulda Wyrkunen   John D'Aliusio   2 sons
D'Andrea Jean Farone 74yrs Saratoga Springs 22Jan1899 16Apr1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Grocery Store owner W M   Giovanni Faraone   Luisa Lambiase   Dominick D'Andrea   6sons,5 daughters
D'Andrea John J.   Eliz.,NJ 1943 26Oct1964 St. Peter's Store,138 Church St.   W   #1238-47 Dominick D'Andrea         Dominick, son  
Dangler Katie 62y4m4d Russia 16Apr1887 20Aug1949 Jewish Comm. Saratoga Hospital   W   #0355              
Daniels Anthony J.         Jul1986   Albany,NY                      
Daniels Martin 51yrs Saratoga Springs 27Jul1907 10Apr1959 Greenridge 120 Grand Ave   B   #0909              
Danowitz John   Jugo Slavia ! 02Mar1878 07Dec1946 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   W   #0246              
Darling Crawford J. 45y2m28d Greenwich,NY 06Apr1907 04Jul1952 Maplewood DOA S.Hospital   W   #0525              
D'Armi Gertrude   Italy 11Mar1882 17Feb1943 Federalsburg,MD Saratoga Hospital   W   #0141              
D'Armi James   Italy 14Apr1867 27Feb1943 Federalsburg,MD Scotts,5Elbern   W   #0142 1/2              
David Joseph F.,Sr.   NY City 19Jul1883 20Dec1956 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0791              
David Susan   Brooklyn,NY   28Dec1955 St. Peter's 40 Webster St/Home   W                  
Davidcjwk? Anna/Anastasia 82y2m22d Austria 24Dec1872 16Mar1955 St. Peter's Hagadorn Mills   W   #0688              
Davidczuk Michael J.   Austria 05Nov1902 24Aug1986 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Security guard,Infirmary W M   Theodore Davidczuk   Anastasia ?   Betty Flis    
Davis William H.       12Oct1964   VA Hosp.                   Geo.Davis  
Davis James   Louisana 18Nov1896 11Jan1972 Greenridge 26 Cherry St                      
Davis         08Oct1941   near Fox Farm   W   #0098              
Davis Walter LeRoy   Orangeburgh,SC   09Jun1954 Greenridge Palace Grill,Congress St   B   #0633              
Deane Daniel       19Nov1967                       C.P.Deane,VA  
Deanovic? Elizabeth 73y11m22d Hungary 23Apr1882 15Apr1956 Greenridge Ellis Hospital,Schenectady   W   #0758              
DeBitetto Vincenzo   Italy 19Jul1900 04Dec1959 St. Peter's DOA Albany Hosp   W   #0960           Paul DeMartino  
DeChants Dominick 80yrs Italy 29Nov1892 23Oct1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Mach.op. Tannery W M   Michael DeChants   Annette ?   Mary DelVecchio   2sons 1daughter
DeChants Louise Mary   Saratoga Springs 04Jun1925 ?Jan1946 St. Peter's Lake Lonley   W   #0212              
Decker Frederick A. 58yrs Saratoga 15Feb1925 09Sep1983 Dunning St. Saratoga Hospital Watervliet Arsenal W M   Fred C. Decker   Edna Aikens   Laurell Diehl    
Decker Leo A. 29y11m26d Ilion,NY 30Jul1922 26Jul1952 Mohawk Cem DOA Hospital   W   #0529              
Decoteau Elizabeth 61yrs New Jersey 26Nov1910 14Jan1972 Greenfield Ctr   R.N.   M   ??Yanik   Anna   Joseph DeCoteau    
Dees Willie James 23y7m25d Camden,AL 09Nov1928 04Jul1952   Saratoga Lake   B   #0524              
DeFebo Mary   Saratoga Springs 01May1898 08Nov1945 St. Peter's 35 Oak St/Home   W   #0204              
DeFonzo Pasquale 84y4m28d Italy 20Mar1865 18Aug1949 St. Peter's Wilton Nursing Home   W   #0353              
DeFrank Frank   Italy   16Jan1945 St. Peter's Green's Nursing Home       #0184              
DeFreitas Eleanor 87yrs NY City 20Sep1880 17Nov1967 St. Peter's Long Island       #1418-48           Alfred DeFreitas  
DeFreitas Alfred       19May1971   Albany                   Audrey O'Connell  
DeGregorio Francesco 87yrs Salerno,Italy 10May1887 08Sep1974 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Rest. Prop. W W   Vincent DeGregorio   Antoinette Verrone       4sons-3daughters
DeGregorio Petronella 72yrs Italy 16Sep1885 10Mar1958 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0857              
DeGregory Vincent 74yrs N.Y.City 09Aug1911 14Apr1986 St. Peter's Warren County Resturant owner W M   Francisco DeGregorio   Petronella Nilio   Elizabeth Foote   2 sons 1 daughter
DeGregory John 75y9m23d Italy 27Mar1880 20Jan1956 St. Peter's 31 Ash St/Home   W   #0745              
DeGregory Mary Ann   Italy   28Feb1961 St. Peter's 31 Ash St/Home   W   #1032              
Dejnozka Anna 86yrs Czechoslovakia 22Apr1887 01May1973 N.Milton Cem 23 Pine St,Corinth Housewife W M   Frantezek Uetrovski   Anna M.Kralova   Albert Dejnoska,Sr.    
Delaney Mary A. 93yrs Bald Mt.,NY 18Feb1879 29Mar1972 St. Peter's 7 Clinton St.,Sar. Housewife W W   Patrick Moriarty   Mary Golden       Helen daughter
DeLeo Albert Nicholas 15yrs Brooklyn,NY 07Jul1945 23Aug1960 Brooklyn,NY DOA Sar.Hosp   W   #1000              
Della Arthur   Salerno,Italy 12Apr1887 26Dec1947 St.Ant,Nyack,NY Saratoga Lake       #0289              
DellaPorta Mary E. 49yrs Ballston Spa,NY 20Jul1924 19May1974 Ballston Spa Cem Saratoga Hospital Town House waitress W M   Wilford Williams   Nellie Heed   Alphonse DellaPorta   2 daughters
Dellinger William R.       11Oct1974 St.Peter's.Stillwater                        
DeLorenze Thomas 76yrs Saratoga,NY 15Oct1906 17Oct1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Shoe repair,self employed W S   Pasquale DeLorenze           Ann Sliwiski,neice
DeLorenze Ceylon   Saratoga Springs 25Mar1900 19Sep1945 St. Peter's VA,Saratoga Spgs   W   #0201              
DeLorenzo Pasquale 97yrs Italy 29Mar1873 05Jan1971   10 Oak St. Flagman,RR   W   GiuseppeDiLorenzo   Mary M. Mange     Michael DeLorenzo  
DeLorenzo Antoinette   Limalota,Italy 23Aug1875 21May1939 St. Peter's 12 Oak St/Home       #0030              
DeLorenzo Alexander   Italy   06May1960 St. Peter's     W   #0974              
DeLuca Anthony Patrick         to Hoosick Falls                     Mahar Funeral Home  
DeLuca Joseph   NY ??Aug1913 12Jul1961 Greenridge Hudson State Hosp.   W   #1049              
DeLucia Franklin J.       12Aug1971 St. Peter's Glens Falls                   Dennis, son  
DeMarco Harold Raymond 50yrs Schenectady,NY 01Jul1923 05Jul1973 St.Cyril,Schectady 2103Robinwood Ave,Sch Vending Mach sales W M   Joseph DeMarco   Anna Leone   Mary Palmater    
DeMarco Lawrence J. 56y7m13d Saratoga Springs 13Jul1893 26Feb1950 St. Peter's 62 Ash St   W   #0375              
DeMartino Paul F. 46yrs Quincy,MA 08Sep1920 16Feb1967 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital       #1377-9           Cecelia DeMartino  
DeMartino Michael   Italy 08May1885 05Jan1946 St. Peter's 79 Ash St/Home   W   #0211              
DeMatteo Anna 50y2m27d Saratoga Springs 02Jun1901 29Aug1951 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0468              
Demetras James G. 67yrs Symnra,Turkey 12May1895 27Aug1963 Greenridge Albany Med   W   #1168              
DeMille Ralph M. 76yrs Green Island 21Aug1906 22Jan1983 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Am.Locomotive Estimater W M           Dorinda    
Denko Jon 14y3m25d Randolph VT 21Oct1949 24Feb1964 Dunning St. Saratoga Trailer Ct   W   #1201           Andrew Denko  
DeRossi Felix L. 63yrs Saratoga Springs 19Aug1918 04Aug1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Rest.owner,New York City W M   Alphonse DeRossi   Isabelle Mangini   Beatrice Calvino    
DeRossi Alphonse 71y3m21d Italy 13Oct1879 04Feb1951 St. Peter's 68 Beekman/Home   W   #0438              
DeRossi Isabelle   Italy 22Nov1888 07Apr1954   Saratoga Hospital   W                  
DeRossi Mario J. 49yrs Saratoga Springs 19May1910 25Jun1959 St. Peter's 73 Fifth Ave   W   #0924              
DeSantis Anna Marie   Italy 25Sep1857 26Feb1943 St. Peter's DeSantis Hotel/Home   W   #0143              
DeSessa Angeline 83yrs Salerno,Italy   29Apr1961 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1041           Frank DeSessa  
DeSessa/Sess Vincenzo/James 89yrs Italy 26Dec1879 17Oct1968 St. Peter's 26 Beekman St. Flagman,RR   W   Francesco Sessa   Antonia Meancino        
DesFosse Patrick       19Jul1988                          
Desidoro Emelio 69yrs Mechanicville,NY 09Sep1912 26May1982 St. Peter's Glens Falls Hospital City of Saratoga 35yrs W W   Marino Desidoro   Carmella Mone   Anna Ruggiero   1daughter
Desidoro Jean 63y2m19d Saratoga Springs 27Mar1893 16Jun1956 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0765           Andy  
Desidoro PFC.Stephen       10Nov1944 St. Peter's Belgium   W   #0280              
DesJardins Lucy 76yrs N.T. State 01Nov1893 12Nov1969 N.Milton Cem Saratoga Housewife   M   Warren Weed   Hattie Harris     Raymond DesJardins  
DesJardins Remi Raymond 71yrs Montreal,Canada 03Oct1890 16May1962 N.Milton DOA Sar. Hosp   W   #1109              
Deslaurier? Henry abt.77yrs St.John's,Canada   16Aug1941 St.James',Troy Rt.9,Malta   W   #0093              
Desler Joseph 17y5m26d Troy,NY 30Dec1934 26Jun1951 St.Jean's,Troy White's Beach,BS   W   #0457              
Dettling Loretta 60yrs Brooklyn,NY 15Feb1902 05Sep1962 Holy Cross,Brooklyn Saratoga Hospital   W   #1131             Joan Sullivan,daughter
Devine William A.   NY City ??Dec1893 01Jul1955 St. Peter's 8 Maple Ave/Home   W   #0705              
DeVito Angela 96yrs Italy 25Oct1886 15Feb1983 St.Paul's,Mechanicville Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W   John Costanzo       Dominic DeVito   Mary DeVito,daughter
DeVivo Mary C. 70yrs New York 31Jan1902 04Jan1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W   Pasquale Simone   Rose Funaro   Frank DiVivo   5 daughters
DeVivo Robert S.   Bari,Italy 04Dec1886 20Jul1965 St. John's, L.I Grandview Nursing Home       #1277-35           Michael DeVivo  
DeVivo Pasquale 90yrs Italy 24Jun1878 09Oct1968 St. Peter's 48 Ash St. Grocer   M   Paul DiVivo   Madeline Cagnetti   Camilla Vacca wife  
DeVivo Francesco abt.80yrs Italy   19May1939 St. Peter's Carpenter's Inf.BS   W   #0026              
DeVivo Frank   Italy   12Aug1939 St. Peter's 59Beekman/Home   W   #0038              
DeVivo Marie F.   Italy 12Jun1875 30Apr1948 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital   W   #0302              
DeVivo Salvatore,Sr   Italy   26Jun1959 St. Peter's VA Hosp,Albany   W   #0926              
Devizzio Benedetto N. 80yrs Italy 20Mar1893 19Aug1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Grocery Store Prop. W M   Frank Devizzio   Nancy?   Assunta Devizzio   3 sons 2daughters
Devizzio Frank Joseph 53yrs Italy 22Jul1920 06Aug1973 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Sulky driver harness Tk W M   Nicholas B.Devizzio   unknown   Elizabeth Ann   2sons 5 daughters
DeVizzio Margaret 63y11m23d Italy 13May1893 06May1957 St. Peter's 78 Maple Ave/Home   W   #0805              
DeVoe John Henry 4y7m26d Saratoga Springs 22Jun1951 18Mar1956 St. Peter's Rome State School   W   #0751              
DeVoe Judy 3yrs     20May1962 St. Peter's Rome State Hosp   W   #1110              
Dewey Hannis 104yrs N.Carolina 14Nov1896 14Apr1974 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Waiter,Pullman Co. B M       Marina   Margie Dewey    
Dewey Charles Nelson 60yrs Poughkeepsie,NY 05Aug1900 25Apr1961   15 Talford Pl./Home   W   #1039              
Deyoe Dora Wells, Warren       21Oct1965                       Mildred Patel,Att.  
Deyoe Mary Steglik? 48yrs Corona,L.I.,NY 26Dec1911 16Oct1960 Greenfield Grandview   W   #1010              
Diaz Benito Antonio   Spain 13Jan1882 30May1944 St. Peter's 56 Ash St/Home   W   #0172              
DiBernardo Carmela F. 105yrs Naples,Italy 29Aug1877 26Dec1982 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife W W               3sons,3daughters
Dickson Charles Ed. 47yrs Holliday PA 04Jul1910 01Jun1958 St. Peter's Fish Creek   W   #0870              
DiDomenica Grace J.Adinolfi 71yrs New York 21Sep1900 17Apr1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Winder,VanRaalte W M   Frank Adinolfi   Catherine Costello   Pasquale DiDomenico    
DiDomenico Grace J.D.       16Apr1972                          
DiFabo Leon 71yrs Italy 17Jun1889 01Feb1961 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1030              
DiFonza Delia   Ireland 02Feb1870 05Feb1944 St. Peter's Jones Convalesant   W   #0166              
DiGiaro Rose       26Jan1975 St. Peter's                        
Dingman Charles   Saratoga Springs 01May1956 26Apr1959 Loudon Cem Ballston A.opp.Peck   W   #0912           Martin Dingman  
Dinovo Joseph P. 79yrs Troy, NY 05Apr1909 29May1986 St.John,Schenectady VA Hosp,Albany,NY Boilermaker,Am.Loco W M   Frank Dinovo   Annette DeLuca   Jeanette Vazzana    
DiPasquale Rosemarie 63yrs   29Aug1905 16Mar1969 St. Peter's Ballston Spa     M   Frank Dominick   Jennie DiRienzo   Peter DiPasquale husband  
DiRienze Dennis M.   Saratoga Springs 15Oct1945 06Sep1964 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hosp   W   #12229-39           Jos.DiRienzo,Jr.  
DiRienzo Antoinette 87yrs Italy 17Jan1882 02Jun1969 St. Peter's Saratoga Hosp. Housewife   W   Bartholmew Mattrazzo   Josephine Pasquare     Joseph DiRienzo  
DiRienzo Albert   Italy 08May1847 13Oct1941 St. Peter's 60 Ash St/Home   W   #0099              
DiRienzo Joseph   Italy   07Mar1965 St. Peter's 11 Ash St/Home   W   #1252-10           wife  
Disigni Guasta Pasquale   Italy 30May1875 08Mar1949 St. Peter's Rowland's Hollow   W   #0338              
DiVesto Mary Tarantino 75yrs Giovinazzo,Italy 09Sep1909 19Dec1984 St.Peter's,Saratoga Saratoga Hospital Housewife W M   Pasquale Tarantino   Serafina Missurella   Joseph DiVesto    
DiVesto Joseph   Barre, Italy 28Feb1900 10Oct1986 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Metro Ins. Salesman W W   Nicholas DiVesto   Angeline Clay        
DiVesto Mary I. 63yrs   05Jun1905 12Aug1968 St. Peter's                     Jos.DiVesta  
Dixon Robert 64y7m16d Greenville,VA 15Mar1892 31Oct1956 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #0782              
Dockendorff Jon   Greenwich,NY   14Jun1958 Greenwich,NY 9N Union Ave   W   #0872              
Dodds James Thomas 22yrs Phila,PA 13Sep1934 17May1957 Beverly,NJ Rt.9P   W   #0806              
Doherty Dr.William B.DDS)       13Jan1965 Greenridge VA Hosp,Manhattan   W   #1243-1         Huberty Doherty   Fr.Doherty,bro
Doherty William       15Jan1965                          
Doherty Huybertie Yates 66yrs NY City   31Dec1959 Greenridge 34 Clark St/Home       #0961           Mary Yates,NYC  
Dominick Albert J. 58yrs Saratoga Springs 13Oct1903 ??Feb1962 St. Peter's VA Hosp,Albany   W   #1091           Loretta Dominick  
Dominick Carmen 50yrs NY State 03Dec1919 30Aug1970 St. Peter's Saratoga Hosp. RR Car Insp.   M   Joseph Dominick   Genevieve Peters   Joan Stone wife  
Dominick Anthony   Italy 09Jul1877 14Feb1947 St. Peter's 9 Hyde St/Home   W   #0253              
Dominick Catherine   Calabra,Italy 14Jul1856 22Jan1938 St. Peter's 34 Benedict St   W   #0002              
Dominick Benjamin 61yrs Plainfield,NJ 07Mar1905 25Feb1967 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1379-11              
Dominick Frank   Italy 04Sep1872 27Jan1945 St. Peter's 38 Oak St/Home   W   #0187              
Dominick Genevieve 64y5m25d Naples,Italy 14Jul1887 09Jan1952 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #0493              
Dominick Jennie   Italy   10Jan1942 St. Peter's 38 Oak St/Home   W   #0104              
Dominick Joseph   Italy 11Aug1873 27Nov1961 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1083           Marie Figluiolo  
Dominick Joseph 93yrs Italy 06Sep1867 12Jan1961 St. Peter's 135 Wash.St/Home   W   #1028              
Dominick Joseph F. 61yrs Saratoga Springs 30Oct1901 04Jan1963 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital   W   #1142              
Donahue Michael F. 58yrs New York,NY 07May1913 19May1971   DOA Saratoga Cook,Skidmore   S             VA  
Donahue Louise Rose 72yrs NY City 22Jun1894 10Mar1967 St. Peter's DOA Sar.Hosp   W   #1382-14           William Donahue  
Donahue Michael       01Dec1941 Brooklyn,NY Saratoga Hospital       #0101              
Doner John H.,Jr   Plattsburgh,NY 18Apr1872 16Feb1947   Saratoga Hospital   W   #0255              
Doner Martha   Thurman,NY   15Jan1945 Louden Cem 108 1/2Clinton/Home   W   #0185              
Donnelly Thomas L.   Cohoes,NY 12Feb1880 05Mar1948 St.Joseph,Waterford Rt 9,Round Lake   W   #0297              
Donohue William J. 84yrs Greenfield,NY 09Aug1888 05Sep1972 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Road Maintance W W   Daniel Donohue   Catherine Hickey       3 daughters
Doran Charles 23yrs Saratoga Springs   07Jan1960 Greenfield Ctr. Glens Falls Hosp   W   #0963              
Doran Katherine 72y10m26d Germany 06Dec1882 02Nov1955 Greenfield Cem Durhams Nursing   W   #0738           Elsie Doran  
Doran William 70yrs England 03May1889 24May1959 Greenfield Cem Saratoga Hospital   W   #0916           Elsie Doran  
Dorsa William   Baltimore,MD 12Jun1864 01Sep1946 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #0239              
Dorsa Elizabeth 84yrs Fredericksburgh,VA abt1865 19Dec1949 Greenridge 110 Congress/Home   B   #0367              
Dorsey Pauline Betty 40yrs N Carolina 28Sep1913 02Nov1953 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital   B   #0613         Stewart Dorsey    
Doyle Lawrence J.       20Sep1950 Pinelawn,L.I. Mt.McGregor   W   #0415              
Drake James Franklin   Tomes Creek,VA 03Feb1921 18Oct1947 Vale,Schenectady Rt 9Malta   B   #0279         Emma Loveless    
Draves Kenneth R. 65yrs Michigan City,Ind 14Nov1918 28Mar1984 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Electrician W D   Herman   Chella Proctor       3sons,1daughter
Dubb Gertrude 46yrs NY City 22Mar1912 04Oct1958   Rt 29,Pole 268   W   #0887              
Duff Benjamin J.   Brooklyn,NY 04Aug1878 09Aug1946 Pinelawn,L.I. Clinton Hotel   W   #0228              
Dummett Iona       29Jan1970                       Louis Dummett  
Dummett Joseph Paul 88yrs South Carolina 20Mar1879 04Feb1968 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Bldg. Super. Negro M   Frank Dummett   Priscilla McLean   Iona Pope wife John Dummett,son
DuMortier Emile       22Oct1970   Malta, NY