Saratoga County, New York

Stiles Funeral Home Records
Death Dates: 1952 through 1977

SURNAMES beginning with "B"

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Babcock, Eliz Mother
Bacon, Frank Father
Bacon, Herbert F. Deceased
Bacon, Mrs. Herbert Informant
Bailey, Edward Deceased
Bain, Elsie Mother
Bain, Emma Mother
Bain, Harry L. Spouse
Bain, Harry L. Informant
Bain, Marion Curtis Deceased
Baker, Alta Spouse
Baker, Nellie Spouse
Baker, William P. Father
Baldwin, Charles Father
Baldwin, Elizabeth Informant
Baldwin, Ethel Informant
Baldwin, Ethel D. Deceased
Baldwin, Frederick Father
Baldwin, Frederick C. Deceased
Baldwin, Jennie Mother
Baldwin, Perry Deceased
Baldwin, Robert Father
Ball, Alena Deceased
Ball, Nellie Spouse
Ballard, Allan Informant
Ballard, Allen Father
Ballard, Allen Informant
Ballard, Elias Spouse
Ballard, Ellen Deceased
Ballard, Linda Lu Deceased
Banett, Daisy Mother
Barber, Willett Father
Barker, Elizabeth Mother
Barker, Fred Informant
Barker, George W. Father
Barker, Helen L. Deceased
Barker, Mandano Mother
Barker, Sylvia Informant
Barker, Victor Father
Barker, Victor Spouse
Barker, Victor Informant
Barker, Victor H. Deceased
Barlow, Edward F. Deceased
Barlow, Frederick Father
Barlow, Mrs. Edward Informant
Barnaby, ? Mother
Barney, Annabelle Mother
Barrett, Charles Father
Barrett, Eleanor C. Deceased
Barrett, H. Hilton Informant
Barrett, Mrs. Edw Informant
Barrow, Ellen Mother
Barton, Allen Father
Barton, Donna M. Deceased
Batchelder, Charles Father
Batchelder, Hope Spouse
Batchelor, Lola Deceased
Bates, Otis Father
Bauer, Curtis H. Sr. Spouse
Bauer, Curtis Jr. Informant
Bauer, Dorothy Winkle Deceased
Baum, Henry D. Father
Beadle, Florence Mother
Beagle, Edward Deceased
Beagle, Jess Father
Beagle, Walter Informant
Beagra, Matilda Mother
Bean, Bertha Mother
Bean, Cora S. Deceased
Bean, Frank Father
Bean, Frank Informant
Bean, Frank H. Deceased
Bean, Frank H. Father
Bean, Frank Sr. Spouse
Bean, Helen Informant
Bean, Malcolm Informant
Bean, Morgan Informant
Bean, Morgan L. Deceased
Bedneza, Andrew Spouse
Bedneza, Maude DeGarmo Deceased
Begro, Matilda Spouse
Bell, Albert Informant
Bell, Arthur Father
Bell, Bertha Mother
Bell, Carrie Spouse
Bell, Edna Informant
Bell, Edward Deceased
Bell, Mrs. Peter Informant
Bell, Mrs. Peter Informant
Bell, Oliver Father
Bell, Oliver Father
Bell, Ordeana Father
Bell, Ordeana Informant
Bell, Peter Deceased
Bell, William Aaron Deceased
Bemis, Isadore Deceased
Bemis, Leon A. Spouse
Bendon, Elizabeth Spouse
Bennett, Anna Mother
Bennett, Grace Mother
Bennett, Mrs. Clayton Informant
Benson, Charles Father
Benson, Charles Spouse
Benson, Charles Informant
Benson, Charles S. Deceased
Benson, Dorothy Atwell Deceased
Benson, Edward Father
Benson, Francis Informant
Bentley, Antoinette Informant
Bentley, Daniel L. Deceased
Bentley, Grant C. Father
Bentley, Lucinda Mother
Benton, William Father
Bergquist, Adolph Informant
Bergquist, Adolph W. Deceased
Bergquist, Andrus Father
Bergquist, Andus Father
Bergquist, Edith Informant
Bergquist, Frans Edward Deceased
Bergquist, Gustav Father
Bergquist, Oscar Informant
Bergquist, Oscar W. Deceased
Bert, Bertha Mother
Billings, Earl Informant
Billings, Ellen Sarah Mother
Billings, Ellen Sarah Mother
Billings, Sylvester D. Deceased
Billings, William Father
Bills, Geo. Informant
Bills, George Father
Bills, Russell M. Deceased
Bingham, Bessie Informant
Bingham, John Lamb Father
Bingham, Thomas A. Deceased
Birch, Mary Mother
Bishop, Carrie E. Deceased
Bishop, Charles Deceased
Bishop, Charles Informant
Bishop, Charles F. Spouse
Bishop, Frank Father
Blair, Alice Mother
Blair, Ella M. Deceased
Blair, Esther Informant
Blair, Leon F. Jr. Informant
Blair, Leon F. Sr Spouse
Blair, Leon F.,Sr. Deceased
Blair, Margaret Mother
Blair, Martha Mother
Blair, Martha Mother
Blair, Mrs. Leon Informant
Blair, Nicholas Father
Blair, Samuel Father
Blanchard, Frederick Informant
Blanchard, Geo. Informant
Blanchard, George E. Deceased
Blanchard, LeRoy Deceased
Blanchard, LeRoy Father
Blanchard, LeRoy Father
Blanchard, LeRoy Spouse
Blanchard, Lucy Deceased
Blanchard, Lucy Informant
Blanchard, Rich, Fred, Ron Informant
Blankschen, Bertha Deceased
Blankschen, Milton E. Deceased
Blankschen, William Father
Blankschen, William Spouse
Blankshen, Milton Informant
Blemis, Eva Mae Mother
Blodgett, Alice Informant
Blodgett, Allie Informant
Blodgett, Charles Father
Blodgett, Charles Z. Deceased
Blodgett, Charles Z. Spouse
Blodgett, Edna M. Deceased
Blodgett, Howard C. Deceased
Blodgett, Howard L. Father
Blodgett, Howard L. Informant
Blodgett, Howard Leon Deceased
Blodgett, Judson Father
Blodgett, Judson Ambrose Deceased
Blodgett, Lillian Informant
Blodgett, Mrs. Chas Informant
Blodgett, Mrs. Howard Informant
Blodgett, William Father
Bloomingdale, Carolyn P. Deceased
Bloomingdale, Wm. Spouse
Bohnlein, Theresa Spouse
Bond, Florence Spouse
Booth, Elzanor Spouse
Booth, Ida Mother
Booth, Ida H. Mother
Booth, Lambert Father
Booth, Mabel Informant
Booth, Nicholas Father
Booth, Orrin Father
Booth, Waldo E. Deceased
Borden, Laura Mother
Bosford, Henry C. Father
Bosford, Henry C. Informant
Bosford, Robert H. Deceased
Bouchey, Archie Father
Bowers, William Mother
Bowman, Charles Father
Bowman, Charles Father
Bowman, Charles Spouse
Bowman, Charlotte Deceased
Bowman, Charlotte Informant
Bowman, Eva Winney Deceased
Boyce, Esther S. Deceased
Boyce, James Father
Boyce, James Informant
Boyce, James F. Spouse
Boyce, John J. Deceased
Boyce, John W. Informant
Boyce, Josiah Father
Boyce, Mrs. Spencer Sr. Informant
Boyce, Spencer Jr. Informant
Boyce, Spencer,Sr. Deceased
Boyce, William H. Father
Boyer, Eleanor Mother
Bradt, Hannah Mother
Brener, Harriet Mother
Brewer, Amelia Spouse
Brewer, Emma Mother
Brewer, Harriet Mother
Brewer, Ida May Deceased
Brewer, John Father
Brewer, John Father
Brisban, Aneoletta Ball Spouse
Brisbin, Harriett Spouse
Brisbin, Helen Spouse
Brooks, Baby girl Deceased
Brooks, Ernest Father
Bropson, John Father
Brown, Alfred C. Spouse
Brown, Barbara Informant
Brown, Beatrice Spouse
Brown, Carolyn Mother
Brown, Esther Spouse
Brown, Frank Father
Brown, George Father
Brown, Harold C. Deceased
Brown, Ilona Spouse
Brown, Iva Lou Deceased
Brown, Jacob Father
Brown, Joseph W. Deceased
Brown, Julia Mother
Brown, Lecretia Mother
Brown, Leona Mother
Brown, Lottie Spouse
Brown, Louisa Deceased
Brown, Lucretia Mother
Brown, Maxine Spouse
Brown, Myrtle Spouse
Brown, Shirley Spouse
Brown, Wallace Father
Brown, Wilfred Father
Bryski, Stella Mother
Bull, Mary Jane Mother
Bullard, Alfred Father
Bullard, Art & Al Informant
Bullard, Arthur W. Deceased
Bullard, David Informant
Bullard, David Informant
Bullard, Elizabeth Huggins Deceased
Bullard, Helen Informant
Bullard, Mabel Mother
Bullard, Mabel Spouse
Bullard, T. E., Dr. Spouse
Bullard, Thomas E. Father
Bullard, Thomas Kenneth Deceased
Bumpstead, Florence Spouse
Bumstead, Florence Mother
Burch, Mary Mother
Burch, Sarah Mother
Burgess, Lillian Mother
Burk, Jennie Spouse
Burke, Colon Informant
Burke, James Spouse
Burke, Mary Informant
Burke, Maud L. Bates Deceased
Burlinham, Clara Mother
Burt, Bertha Mother
Burton, Bessie Informant
Burton, Ruth Spouse
Burton, Vernabel Mother
Burton, Vernabel Mother
Bushbaum, Frank Spouse
Bushbaum, Frank Informant
Bushbaum, Frank W. Deceased
Bushbaum, Nina Deceased
Butler, Leonard Father
Butterfield, Ethel Spouse

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