Saratoga County, New York

Stiles Funeral Home Records
Death Dates: 1952 through 1977

SURNAMES beginning with "C"

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Cable, Frederick C. Deceased
Calvin, Mrs. Dwight Informant
Campbell, George Deceased
Campbell, Patrick Father
Canaboy, Thomas Father
Cannan, Alice Mother
Cannon, Alice Mother
Canty, David Father
Canty, David Spouse
Canty, David Informant
Canty, David Informant
Canty, Stillborn Deceased
Canty, Theresa Arsenault Deceased
Canzeri, Jasper Deceased
Canzeri, Joseph Father
Canzeri, Lucille Informant
Carden, Allie Mother
Carden, Allie Spouse
Carden, Blanche Informant
Carden, Blanche Informant
Carden, Charles C. Deceased
Carden, Cramer Father
Carden, Cramer L. Father
Carden, Cramer L. Spouse
Carden, Ida B. Deceased
Carden, Lewis O. Deceased
Carden, Ruth Informant
Cardin, Blanche Informant
Carey, Daniel Informant
Carey, Edwin Father
Carey, Ethel R. Deceased
Carey, Helen Spouse
Carll, Ernest Father
Carlson, Clarence A. Deceased
Carlson, Gustave Spouse
Carlson, Matilda Anderson Deceased
Carlson, Mrs. Clarence Informant
Carp, Mary Mother
Carp, Mary Mother
Carpenter, Clarence F. Deceased
Carpenter, Fred Father
Carpenter, Kathleen Informant
Carr, Betty B. Deceased
Carr, Mrs. Everett Informant
Carr, Nellie McBride Deceased
Carr, Robert L. Spouse
Carr, Robert L. Informant
Carr, William Spouse
Carr, William Informant
Cary, Eilbur L. Deceased
Case, Anna Mother
Casey, Jean Informant
Castle, Charles Father
Castle, Eunice Mother
Castle, Leona Anna Deceased
Castro, Benjamin C. Deceased
Castro, Joan Informant
Castro, Joseph Father
Chambers, Eliza Mother
Chapman, Edna Spouse
Chapman, Ednor Mother
Chapman, James C. Father
Chapman, Viola Spouse
Chase, Bertha Spouse
Chase, James Father
Chase, Nancy Mother
Cheney, Byron W. Deceased
Cheney, Catherine Informant
Cheney, Charles Father
Christensen, Anna Informant
Christensen, Chris Deceased
Christensen, Chris Father
Christensen, Mrs. Chas Informant
Christian, Augusta Father
Chubb, Bernice Spouse
Chubb, Howard Spouse
Chubb, Howard Informant
Chubb, Howard L. Deceased
Chubb, Lillian V. Deceased
Churchill, Eva Mother
Clark, Geo. Father
Clark, Helen Spouse
Clark, Jennie Spouse
Clark, Jerome T. Father
Clark, Juantio Spouse
Clark, Rachel Spouse
Clark , Coyle) Richard Father
Clarke, Edith M. Deceased
Clarke, Henry Father
Clement, Andrew Father
Clement, Helen Informant
Clement, Helen M. Deceased
Clement, Maurice K. Deceased
Clement, Seward Spouse
Clement, Susie Informant
Clement, Wm Informant
Clements, Fannie Mother
Clinek, Anna Mother
Closson, Benj. Father
Closson, Charles Father
Closson, Maggie Mother
Closson, Orley W. Deceased
Clough, Thomas Father
Cmela, Elizabeth Spouse
Cmela, John Father
Coats, Debra Mother
Cody, Burton Spouse
Cody, Burton Informant
Cody, Deborah Meader Deceased
Cody, Dwight Father
Cody, Harold Informant
Cody, Harry G. Spouse
Cody, Lena B. Closson Deceased
Cody, Lois Ann Mother
Cody, Walter Burton Deceased
Coffin, Adelbert Informant
Coffin, Anna Mother
Coffin, Anna Mother
Coffin, Ethel Spouse
Coffin, Eva Gladys Deceased
Coffin, Gertrude Irish Deceased
Coffin, Jay; son Informant
Coffin, John Father
Coffin, John Spouse
Coffin, John Informant
Coffin, Karl R. Deceased
Coffin, Mary Griffen Deceased
Coffin, Robert O. Spouse
Coffin, Wesley F. Spouse
Coffinger, Abraham Father
Coffinger, Abram Father
Coffinger, Abram Father
Coffinger, Ernest A. Deceased
Coffinger, Ernest A. Spouse
Coffinger, Ernest J. Informant
Coffinger, Ernest J. Sr. Father
Coffinger, Ernest J. Sr. Informant
Coffinger, Ernest J.,Jr. Deceased
Coffinger, Georgianna Mother
Coffinger, Henry Informant
Coffinger, Henry R. Deceased
Coffinger, John Father
Coffinger, John Spouse
Coffinger, Julia S. Deceased
Coffinger, Mable Spouse
Coffinger, Maria Mother
Coffinger, Mary D. Deceased
Coleman, Ellen C. Deceased
Coleman, Thomas Father
Collins, Eudora Mother
Collins, Eurdora Mother
Collins, Evelara Mother
Collins, Helen Informant
Collins, Mary Mother
Colvin, Gertrude Spouse
Colvin, Margaret K. Deceased
Colvin, Milton Father
Combs, Polly Mother
Compton, Florence Deceased
Compton, Frederick T. Deceased
Compton, John Father
Compton, Ralph Father
Compton, Ralph Informant
Compton, Ralph Informant
Conklin, Ebner Father
Conlee, Ebenezer Father
Conlee, Jay B. Deceased
Conlee, Katherine Informant
Conlee, Mrs. VanWyck Informant
Conlee, Mrs. VanWyck Informant
Conlee, VanWyck Informant
Connelly, Ellen Mother
Connelly, John Father
Connelly, Patricia Mother
Connolly, Mrs. Raymond Informant
Conrod, Irene Informant
Cook, Albert M. Deceased
Cook, Catherine Spouse
Cook, Daniel W. Jr. Deceased
Cook, David W. Father
Cook, Helen Informant
Cook, Leana K. Deceased
Cook, Leona Informant
Cook, Walter A. Father
Cook, Walter A. Spouse
Cook, Walter Andrew Jr. Deceased
Cook, Walter E. Father
Cooke, Katherine Mother
Cookingham, Hattie Mother
Coon, Margaret Mother
Coon, Mildred Spouse
Coons, Ann Jane Mother
Cope, Ann Mother
Corby, Rosilla Spouse
Corcoran, Rose Mother
Corcoran, Roseann Mother
Corey, Etta Mother
Cormie, Minnie Spouse
Cornell, Geo. Father
Cornell, George Father
Cox, Loretta Spouse
Craig, Blanche Informant
Craig, Emma Mother
Craig, Frank E. Deceased
Craig, Frank E. Father
Craig, John Father
Craig, Kenneth F. Deceased
Craig, Meda Mother
Craig, Meda Spouse
Craig, Mrs. Frank Informant
Cramer, Ethel Informant
Cramer, Ethel L. Deceased
Cramer, Eugene Father
Cramer, Maude Mother
Cramer, Maude Mother
Cramer, Van Spouse
Cramer, Van D. Deceased
Crandall, Emma Mother
Crandall, Emma Mother
Crandall, Flora Informant
Crandall, Geo. Father
Crandall, George Father
Crandall, Leona Spouse
Crandall, Mary Mother
Crandall, Mrs. Raymond Informant
Crandall, Raymond Deceased
Crandall, Raymond Father
Crandall, Raymond S. Deceased
Cranquist, Niles Father
Cromie, J. Leighton Informant
Cromie, James Deceased
Cromie, Jane Spouse
Cromie, Russell E. Deceased
Cromie, Thomas W. Deceased
Cromie, William Father
Cromie, William Father
Cromie, William Father
Cromie, William Father
Cromie, William N. Father
Cromie, Winnogene L. Deceased
Crucy, Edmund Father
Cruise, Mary Mother
Cruse, Mary Mother
Cruse, Mary Mother
Curtis, Grace Kinney Deceased
Curtis, Harold Spouse
Curtis, Mary Ella Mother
Curtis, William Father

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