Saratoga County, New York

Stiles Funeral Home Records
Death Dates: 1952 through 1977

SURNAMES beginning with "D"

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Dakjon, Ida Spouse
Dangelowsky, Carl Father
Dangelowsky, Catherine Informant
Dangelowsky, Eric Carl Deceased
Daniels, Harriet Mother
Danner, Elsie Mother
Dante, Edna Spouse
Dantz, Edna Mother
Dantz, Geo. Father
Darrow, Cora Informant
Darrow, Cora Tilton Deceased
Darrow, Joseph Spouse
Darrow, Joseph William Deceased
Darrow, Peter Father
Davenport, Ada Mother
Davenport, Orville Father
Davidson, Mary Mother
Davidson, Mary Mother
Davis, Ada Mother
Davis, Emily Mother
Davis, Ester Mother
Davis, Mrs. Adelbert Informant
Day, Mary Mother
Dean, Maryette Mother
DeBall, Esther Mother
DeBaum, Minnie Spouse
Decker, Luccila Mother
Decker, Myrtle Mother
Decker, Myrtle Spouse
Decker, William Father
DeFoe, Paul Father
DeFoe, Paul Informant
DeFoe, Ricki J. Deceased
DeGarmo, Emma Mother
DeGarmo, Herbert Sr. Informant
DeGarmo, Herbert W. Jr. Deceased
DeGarmo, Herbert W., Sr. Father
DeGarmo, Louisa Mother
DeGarmo, Mary Deceased
DeGarmo, Orville Father
DeGrechie, Joseph Father
DeGrechie, Josephine Spouse
DeGreshie, Lorraine Spouse
DeGroot, Mary I. Spouse
DeHeer, David, Sr. Deceased
DeHeer, John Father
DeHeer, Mrs. David Sr. Informant
DeHeer, Ruth B. Deceased
Delavergne, Belzora Deceased
Delavergne, Eugene Spouse
Delmas, George Father
Delmas, Jacques Spouse
Delmas, John Deceased
Delmas, John Informant
Delmas, Marie Deceased
Delmas, Mrs. John Informant
DeLoria, Francis E. Deceased
DeMaronville, Frances Spouse
DeMatteo, Alice Informant
DeMoranville, Merritt Father
Denton, Eliza Mother
Dermer, Atsa Mother
DeVoe, Asenath Thompson Deceased
DeVoe, Burton Father
DeVoe, Edward Father
DeVoe, Edward Informant
DeVoe, Riley Spouse
DeVoe, Riley Informant
DeVoe, Ronald Edward Deceased
Deyoe, Augustus Deceased
Deyoe, Baby girl Deceased
Deyoe, Charles Father
Deyoe, Charles Informant
Deyoe, James H. Father
Deyoe, James H. Father
Deyoe, Jesse Billings Deceased
Deyoe, Marjorie Informant
Deyoe, Sarah Ellen Deceased
Deyoe, William Father
Dibinett, Mary Mother
Dickinson, Geo. Father
Dickinson, Lawrence A. Deceased
Dickinson, Marcia Informant
Dickinson, Marcia Informant
Dickinson, Norman Father
Dickinson, Norman Spouse
Dickinson, Norman Informant
Dickinson, Norman Informant
Dickinson, Patricia M. Deceased
Dickinson, Toby Marie Deceased
Dietz, Marietta Mother
Diggins, Robert Informant
Dill, Annie F. Deceased
Dill, Fred A. Spouse
Dill, Fred A. Informant
Dixon, Betsy Spouse
Dodd, Bessie W. Deceased
Dodd, Bonnie Informant
Dodd, Charles Frederick Deceased
Dodd, Frederic Spouse
Dodd, Frederic Informant
Dodd, Frederick H. Deceased
Dodd, Frederick H. Father
Dodd, Frederick H. Informant
Dodd, Frederick Joseph Deceased
Dodd, Joseph Father
Dodd, Minnie Mother
Dodd, Minnie Mother
Dodd, Wallace Father
Dodd, Wallace Informant
Doherty, Elizabeth Spouse
Dominick, Charles Informant
Donohue, Mary Mother
Down, Ellen Mother
Downs, Anna Mother
Downs, Ellen Mother
Downs, Harriet Mother
Drake, Edith Spouse
Drake, Emma Mother
Drew, Edward Francis Deceased
Drew, John Father
Drew, Mildred Informant
Drew, Nelson Informant
DuBois, Charles Father
Duby, Mark D. Spouse
Duby, Miriam Deceased
Duda, Martha Spouse
Duffney, Henry Father
Duffney, Mary Mother
Duket, Charles Father
Duket, Earl M. Deceased
Duket, Guy Father
Duket, Guy B. Deceased
Duket, Joyce Informant
Duket, Mrs. Guy Informant
Dumas, Edw Informant
Dumas, Edward Father
Dumas, Edward Spouse
Dumas, Emma Mother
Dumas, Grace VanArnum Deceased
Dumas, Mrs. Clifford Informant
Dumas, Wallace H. Deceased
Dumas, William Father
Duncan, Daniel Father
Dunham, Caroline Spouse
Durkee, Clarence Deceased
Durkee, Margaret Mother
Dusil, Antionette Spouse
Dusil, Antoinette Mother
Dykstra, Barbara Mother

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