Saratoga County, New York

Stiles Funeral Home Records
Death Dates: 1952 through 1977

SURNAMES beginning with "G"

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Gagne, Elizabeth Spouse
Gagne, Joseph Father
Gaines, Victoria Spouse
Galagan, Ambrose Spouse
Galagan, Bertha H. Deceased
Galagan, Marcia Mother
Galagan, Mrs. Herbert Informant
Gallant, Eliza Mother
Galogan, Ellie Informant
Galusha, Alice Mother
Galusha, Allie Mother
Galusha, Allie Mother
Galusha, Allie Mother
Galusha, Beth Spouse
Galusha, Carrie Bell Deceased
Galusha, Frances J. Deceased
Galusha, Helene Spouse
Galusha, Henry E. Spouse
Galusha, Henry Eugene Deceased
Galusha, Howard Informant
Galusha, Howard E. Deceased
Galusha, Howard E. Spouse
Galusha, Levi Father
Galusha, Levi P. Deceased
Galusha, Levi P. Father
Galusha, Mary Jane Spouse
Galusha, Phoebe Deceased
Galusha, Sophia Mother
Galusha, William Father
Galusha, William Spouse
Galusha, Wm. Father
Gamache, Joe Informant
Gamache, Jos. A. Informant
Gamache, Joseph Father
Gamache, Joseph Informant
Gamache, Joseph A. Father
Gamache, Josephine Deceased
Gamache, Leo J. Deceased
Gamache, Victor Spouse
Gamache, Victor Charles Deceased
Gannon, Adelaide Spouse
Gannon, Catherine Mother
Gannon, Harriette Kimball Deceased
Gannon, James H. Spouse
Gannon, Katherine Spouse
Gardephe, Joyce Spouse
Gardinier, Harvey Informant
Garette, Francis Mother
Garette, Mary Mother
Garmley, Mrs. Ray Informant
Garnsey, Betsey Informant
Garnsey, Burton Lynn Deceased
Garnsey, Charlie Father
Garnsey, Florence Informant
Garnsey, Florence Irene Deceased
Garnsey, Helena Informant
Garnsey, Mrs. Harold Informant
Garnsey, Orson Father
Garnsey, Orson Father
Garnsey, Orson Father
Garnsey, Orson Spouse
Garnsey, Orson Informant
Garnsey, Orson G. Father
Garnsey, Orson Gordon Deceased
Garnsey, Orson L. Deceased
Garnsey, Paul Informant
Garnsey, Samuel Chester Deceased
Garnsey, Sylvia Mother
Garnsey, Sylvia Spouse
Garnsey, Wesley Informant
Garvin, Florence H. Deceased
Garvin, Oliver C. Spouse
Gates, Lucy Mother
Gates, Lucy Mother
Gates, Lucy Mother
Gates, Lucy Mother
Gentile, Josephine Informant
Germain, Amy Spouse
Germain, Boni Father
Germain, Bonie Father
Germain, Bonie Father
Germain, Charles VanAnterup Deceased
Germain, Dony Father
Germain, Edna Spouse
Germain, Elizabeth Spouse
Germain, Frank Deceased
Germain, Frank Father
Germain, Frank Father
Germain, Frank Spouse
Germain, Helen Informant
Germain, Helen L. Deceased
Germain, Joan Mother
Germain, Joan Spouse
Germain, John R. Deceased
Germain, Ken Informant
Germain, Lewis Father
Germain, Louis Father
Germain, Madeline Informant
Germain, Mary Mother
Germain, Mary Spouse
Germain, Mary Agnes Deceased
Germain, Mrs. John Informant
Germain, Polie Spouse
Germain, Polie Informant
Germain, Polie E. Deceased
Germain, Raymond Informant
Germain, Rosa Mother
Germain, Wilbur R. Deceased
Germain, Wilbur R. Spouse
Gibson, Sarah Spouse
Gifford, Bertha M. Deceased
Gifford, Leon Spouse
Gill, Lodema Mother
Gill, Lodina Mother
Gillis, Bertha Spouse
Gillis, Claude Father
Gillis, Dorothy Informant
Gillis, Paul E. Deceased
Gilmore, Calvin G. Deceased
Gilmore, George Father
Gilmore, Mary Mother
Gilmore, Shirley Informant
Glass, Mrs. Charles Informant
Gleason, Margaret Mother
Gleason, Rose Informant
Gleason, Thomas M. Deceased
Gleason, Wm. Father
Gleen, Fannie Spouse
Goff, Almira S. Deceased
Goff, Geneva P. Deceased
Goff, Gerald Informant
Goff, Gerald Informant
Goff, Gerald Informant
Goff, Herbert Father
Goff, Herbert C. Spouse
Goff, Hubert Charles Deceased
Goff, John Father
Goggin, Florence Informant
Goodale, Elmer Father
Goodale, Eunice Mother
Goodale, Eunice Spouse
Goodnow, Sarah Spouse
Goodrich, Major Father
Goodwin, Charles Father
Goodwin, Jennie Spouse
Gould, Elizabeth Mother
Granger, Elizabeth Spouse
Grant, Beatrice Spouse
Grant, Thomas Father
Graver, Mrs. Eugene Informant
Graves, Jane Spouse
Graves, Mary Mother
Gray, Sarah Mother
Gray, Sarah Mother
Green, Ann Informant
Green, Elizabeth A. Deceased
Green, Ezra Father
Green, Frances Mother
Green, Hugh Father
Green, Jane Mother
Green, Jean Informant
Green, Jean B. Deceased
Green, Oddie Spouse
Green, William S. Deceased
Greenalch, Lucian Informant
Greenalch, Richard Father
Greenalch, Wallace Deceased
Greenwalt, Clara B. Deceased
Greenwalt, Edward, Sr. Father
Greenwalt, Edward,Sr. Deceased
Greenwalt, Hector R."Rudy" Deceased
Greenwalt, Ida Mae Informant
Greenwalt, James Father
Greenwalt, Jennie Informant
Greenwalt, Samuel Spouse
Gregg, John N. Father
Gregg, John N. Informant
Gregg, Timothy M. Deceased
Grey, Sarah Mother
Griffen, Edward Father
Griffen, Edward Spouse
Griffen, Edward C. Deceased
Griffen, Herbert W. Deceased
Griffen, Isaac Spouse
Griffen, Marietta Meader Deceased
Griffen, Mrs. Inoe Informant
Griffen, Philip Informant
Griffen, Rosa Deceased
Griffen, Rose Mother
Griffen, Ruth Peterson Deceased
Griffen, Seth Father
Griffen, Seth Father
Griffen, Seth Spouse
Griffen, Seth; son Informant
Griffen, William P. Deceased
Griffin, John Father
Grippin, Agnes Conklin Deceased
Grippin, Wm Spouse
Griswald, Bertha Spouse
Griswold, Bertha Mother
Griswold, Bertha Mother
Griswold, Bertha Mother
Groesbeck, Byron Father
Groome, Rose Mother
Groszkiewicz, Antoni Deceased
Groszkiewicz, Joseph Father
Groszkiewicz, Mrs Informant
Guard, Charles Father
Guard, Elsie Informant
Guard, Frederick C. Deceased
Guard, Lititia Spouse
Guard, Mrs. Robert Informant
Gurney, Charles H. Spouse
Gurney, Maud W. Deceased
Gurnsey, Ira Father

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