Saratoga County, New York

Stiles Funeral Home Records
Death Dates: 1952 through 1977

SURNAMES beginning with "H"

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Haas, Augustus Father
Haas, Charles Spouse
Haas, Charles L. Deceased
Haas, George Spouse
Haas, Laneta E. Deceased
Haas, Sylvia Bessie Deceased
Hagadorn, Alice Spouse
Hagadorn, Charles Father
Haight, Forrest L. Deceased
Haight, Griffen Father
Haley, Charlotte Informant
Haley, Michael Father
Haley, Michael Informant
Haley, Robin Lyn Deceased
Haley, Valerie Mother
Hall, Charles Spouse
Hall, George Father
Hall, Grace Smith Deceased
Hamich, Julia Mother
Hamm, Coswell A. Spouse
Hamm, Herbert W. Deceased
Hamm, John Informant
Hamm, Mary Informant
Hamm, Mary Mezero Deceased
Hamm, Mrs. Herbert Informant
Hamm, Mrs. John Informant
Hamm, William Father
Hammond, Charles Spouse
Hammond, Charles L. Deceased
Hammond, Dale Informant
Hammond, Earl Spouse
Hammond, Frances E. Deceased
Hammond, Fred Father
Hammond, Fred Informant
Hammond, Janice Mary Deceased
Hammond, John, Dr. Father
Hammond, Lauretta Spouse
Hammond, Lillian M. Deceased
Hammond, Ruth Informant
Hanna, Charles E. Deceased
Hanna, James Father
Hanna, James Father
Hanna, Mrs. Charles Informant
Hanna, Mrs. Chas. Informant
Hanna, Mrs. Millard Informant
Hannon, Mrs. Charles Informant
Harbison, Mary Lou Spouse
Harding, Amelia F. Mother
Harper, Anna A. Mother
Harrington, Lexie Mother
Harrington, Lexie Mother
Harrington, Myrtle Mother
Harrington, Myrtle Spouse
Harrington, Rhonda Informant
Harris, Bertha Mother
Harris, Charles N. Father
Harris, Edwin S. Spouse
Harris, Florence Mother
Harris, Ida Mae Spouse
Harris, John C. Father
Harris, John J. Deceased
Harris, John J. Father
Harris, John L. Deceased
Harris, John Warren Deceased
Harris, Katherine Informant
Harris, Laura Mother
Harris, Mabel L. Deceased
Harris, Mabel; s.i.l. Informant
Harris, Mae McEckron Deceased
Harris, Marie Mother
Harris, Mary Informant
Harris, Melissa Mother
Harris, Mrs. John Informant
Harris, Walter P. Father
Harvey, Mrs. Wm Informant
Haskins, Herbert Father
Haskins, Moira Spouse
Hatch, Alvin R. Deceased
Hatch, Alvin R. Father
Hatch, Alvin R. Spouse
Hatch, Catharine P. Deceased
Hatch, Irene B. Deceased
Hatch, Mrs. Alvin Informant
Hatch, Mrs. Alvin Informant
Hatch, Phineas Father
Haught, Mrs. Forrest Informant
Havlik, Martin Deceased
Havlik, Martin Spouse
Havlik, Martin Informant
Havlik, Susan Deceased
Hay, Clark Father
Hay, Mabel Spouse
Hayes, Alma Mother
Hayes, Alma Mother
Hayes, Alma Mother
Hayes, Arthur J. Deceased
Hayes, Carolins Ann Deceased
Hayes, Cecile M. Deceased
Hayes, Charles Father
Hayes, Fred Father
Hayes, George Informant
Hayes, George Informant
Hayes, George K. Deceased
Hayes, George K. Spouse
Hayes, Mrs. Geo Informant
Hayes, Walt & Howard Informant
Hayes, William G. Deceased
Hayes, William G. Father
Hayes, Wm.G. Spouse
Heffner, Lena Mother
Hegeman, Irving H. Deceased
Hegeman, Jane Informant
Hegeman, Jane Informant
Hegeman, John Father
Hegeman, John Father
Hegeman, John Richard Deceased
Hemstreet, Bea Informant
Hemstreet, Charles Father
Hemstreet, Howard Deceased
Henry, Martha Informant
Henry, Martha Informant
Herrick, Marie Informant
Herrington, Mrs. Geo Informant
Herrington, Rena Spouse
Hespelt, Elizabeth C. Deceased
Hespelt, Paul Spouse
Hession, William Deceased
Hibbert, Geo Informant
Hibbert, Geo. Father
Hibbert, George Father
Hibbert, Mary Jane Deceased
Hicks, Mary L. Mother
Higgens, Mary Mother
Higgins, Elizabeth Mother
Hill, Mary Mother
Hillman, Christine Mother
Hills, An-Jean Spouse
Hinckley, Dan Informant
Hinckley, Daniel Spouse
Hinckley, Daniel R. Deceased
Hinckley, Donald Spouse
Hinckley, Donald Informant
Hinckley, Donald Informant
Hinckley, George Father
Hinckley, Jennie Deceased
Hinckley, Mary Pratt Deceased
Hinds, Bidney Deceased
Hinds, Charles Spouse
Hinds, Lillian Mother
Hinman, Carrie M. Deceased
Hinman, Ernest E. Spouse
Hitchcock, Harold Deceased
Hitchcock, Harold Informant
Hitchcock, Mrs Informant
Hitchcock, Orley Father
Hitchcock, Orlin B. Spouse
Hitchcock, Sara Telefair Deceased
Hoag, Emma Mother
Hoag, Emma Spouse
Hoag, Jonathan Father
Hockey, Anna Mae Mother
Hodges, Eliza Mother
Hodges, Marian Mother
Hodges, Marion Spouse
Hogan, Margaret Spouse
Holland, Jason Father
Holland, Max E. Informant
Holland, Max J. Deceased
Holland, Mrs. Max Informant
Holland, Owen S. Deceased
Hollister, Edmond Father
Hollister, Frank Informant
Hollister, John Father
Hollister, John Father
Holmes, Abigail Mother
Holmes, Grace Deceased
Holmes, John H. Spouse
Holmes, Mrs.John, D.I.L. Informant
Holmquist, Bengta Mother
Holmquist, Charles Father
Holmquist, Gertrude Spouse
Holt, Marian Mother
Holt, Marian Mother
Holt, Marian Mother
Holt, Marian Mother
Hooey, Lee Spouse
Hooey, Lee Informant
Hooey, Mabel Deceased
Hopkins, Alton D. Deceased
Hopkins, Angilia Spouse
Hopkins, Elmer E. Deceased
Hopkins, Emma Informant
Hopkins, Leonze Father
Hopkins, Mrs. Sheldon Informant
Hopkins, Sheldan Deceased
Hopkins, Sheldon Father
Hopkins, Thomas B. Father
Horn, Dora Mother
Hornbey, Mrs. John Informant
Horner, Esther Spouse
Hornibrook, Carrie Mother
Horsfield, Elizabeth Informant
Howden, Arthur Father
Howden, Miriam Spouse
Howe, Beatrice Riley Deceased
Howe, Mrs. (prearranged) Informant
Howe, Mrs. Roland Informant
Howe, Peter Father
Howe, Roland Spouse
Howe, Roland G. Deceased
Huber, Florence M. Deceased
Huber, George Deceased
Huber, George Spouse
Hubicki, Rose Spouse
Huchra, Pauline Spouse
Hudson, Minnie Spouse
Huggins, Samuel Father
Hughes, Roland Father
Huis, Addie Mother
Hulka, Anna Deceased
Hulka, Geo. Informant
Hulka, George Spouse
Hulka, George,Sr. Deceased
Hulka, John Deceased
Hulka, Martin Informant
Hulka, Paul Father
Hulka, Paul Informant
Hull, Florence Mother
Hunt, Alfred A. Father
Hunt, Annette B. Deceased
Hunt, Clarence Spouse
Hunt, Clifford Informant
Hunt, Eva Informant
Hunt, Eva M. Deceased
Hunt, Eva Moses Deceased
Hunt, George Spouse
Hunt, Herbert L. Deceased
Hunt, Herbert L. Spouse
Hunt, Herbert L. Informant
Hunt, Lester Informant
Hunt, Marguerite L. Deceased
Hunt, Maude Mother
Hunt, Phoebe Informant
Hunt, Phoebe Informant
Hunt, Walter B. Deceased
Hunt, Walter B. Spouse
Hunt, Zachary Joel Deceased
Hunter, Charles A. Deceased
Hunter, Clark Father
Hunter, Harold Informant
Hunter, Mayte Spouse
Hunter, Mrs. Basil Informant
Hunter, Mrs. Harold Informant
Huntington, Hattie Mother
Hurd, Bessie Pettit Deceased
Hurd, Casiah Mother
Hurd, Clayton Spouse
Hurd, Clayton Informant
Hurd, Clayton E. Deceased
Hurd, Frank Father
Hurd, Kasiah Mother
Hurd, Minnie Mother
Hutchins, Alice L. Deceased
Hutchins, Charles Informant
Hutchins, Charles S. Spouse
Hutchins, Mrs Informant
Hutchinson, John Deceased
Hutchinson, John Father
Hutchinson, Mrs. John Informant
Hutchison, May Informant
Hyatt, Barbara Mother

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