Saratoga County, New York

Stiles Funeral Home Records
Death Dates: 1952 through 1977

SURNAMES beginning with "M"

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Mabb, Flora Mother
Mabb, Flora Spouse
Mabb, Laura Mother
MacDougall, Ralph Deceased
MacDougall, Russ Informant
MacDougall, Russell Father
MacNeil, Mary E. Deceased
MacNeil, Robert Father
Madru, Albert Father
Madru, Ethel Informant
Madru, Theodore Deceased
Magraw, Charles Informant
Magraw, Charles M. Spouse
Magraw, Leota Blanche Deceased
Main, Edith Informant
Main, Edythe Deceased
Main, Glen Spouse
Main, Glen H. Deceased
Main, John Father
Marble, Carrie Mother
Marks, Jesse Deceased
Marks, Jethro Father
Marks, Mrs. Jesse Informant
Maroney, Dorothy Informant
Maroney, Edw. Informant
Maroney, Edward J. Deceased
Maroney, Jack Father
Maroney, John J. Father
Marshall, Charles H. Father
Marshall, Eva Spouse
Marshman, Wm. Father
Martin, George Father
Martin, George A. Deceased
Martin, Josephine Spouse
Martin, Nellie Informant
Martinuke, Maria Mother
Martis, Anna Deceased
Martis, Elizabeth Cmela Deceased
Martis, Geo. Informant
Martis, George Deceased
Martis, George Spouse
Martis, John Father
Martis, John Spouse
Martis, John H. Father
Martis, Michael Spouse
Martis, Michael Informant
Martis, Mrs. Michael Informant
Martis, Slavena "Lena" Deceased
Mason, Alice Mother
Massengale, Alexander Father
Massengale, Robert L. Deceased
Massingale, Alexander H. Deceased
Mathis, Daisie Helen Deceased
Mathis, Doris; sister Informant
Mathis, George A. Deceased
Mathis, Irene Informant
Mathis, Jacob Father
Mathis, Jacob Father
Mathis, Jacob Father
Mathis, Thomas J. Deceased
Mathis, William Father
Mattis, Frank B. Deceased
Mattis, Joseph Father
Mattis, Joseph J. Deceased
Mattis, Joseph J. Father
Mattis, Mrs.Frank Informant
Maybee, Clyde B. Deceased
Maybee, Marguerite Spouse
Maybee, Mrs. Clyde Informant
Maybee, Tyson Father
Maye, Annie Laurie Mother
McArdell, Alice Rhines Deceased
McArdell, John Father
McArdell, Mrs. Wesley Informant
McArdell, Wesley Deceased
McArdell, Wesley Spouse
McArdell, Wesley Informant
McBride, Michael Father
McCarty, Jack R. Informant
McCarty, James E. Deceased
McCarty, John Father
McClellan, Caroline Spouse
McClosky, Kathleen Mother
McCloud, Rachel Mother
McCloud, Rachel Mother
McCoy, Abigail Mother
McCreedy, Ella Mother
McDermott, Larry Informant
McDonald, Catherine Bernette Mother
McDonald, Mary Mother
McDonald, Susan Mother
McDonough, John Raymond Deceased
McDowell, Maggie Mother
McEckron, James Father
McEckron, Ralph Deceased
McGinnis, May Mother
McGrath, Betty Informant
McGrath, Harry Father
McGrath, John J. Deceased
McKannon, Edna Spouse
McKannon, John Father
McKeever, Charles Father
McKeever, Edward Deceased
McKeever, Sarah Informant
McKernan, Matie Spouse
McKinney, Katherine Spouse
McKinstry, Minnie Mother
McLean, Frank Father
McLean, Mrs. William Informant
McLean, William Donald Deceased
McLohan, Lucy Mother
McMillan, Andrew J. Spouse
McMillan, Olive Cramer Deceased
McMullen, Julia Mother
McMurray, Edw Informant
McMurray, Edward Spouse
McMurray, Gladys Dumas Deceased
McOmber, Helen Spouse
McQuain, Agnes Spouse
McQuain, William Father
McRae, Fred C. Spouse
McRae, Grace Washburn Deceased
McRae, Hildred Informant
McRae, Mary Chopman Deceased
McRae, Ruth Informant
Meader, Albert Father
Meader, Anna Spouse
Meader, Bertha Spouse
Meader, Clarence Spouse
Meader, Dan Informant
Meader, Deborah Spouse
Meader, Elmer Deceased
Meader, Elmer W. Father
Meader, Elmer W. Spouse
Meader, Emery Father
Meader, Esther C. Deceased
Meader, Frances Scott Deceased
Meader, Howard Deceased
Meader, Isaac Father
Meader, Marietta Spouse
Meader, Mrs. Informant
Meader, Mrs. Elmer Informant
Meader, Myrtle D. Deceased
Meader, Philip H. Deceased
Meader, Phillip H. Spouse
Meader, Richard Father
Meader, Rinaldo Father
Meader, Robert Informant
Mears, Edw. N., Dr. Spouse
Mears, Mary Hollister Deceased
Megginson, Alice Mother
Melagor, Ann Spouse
Melrose, Anna M. Deceased
Melrose, August Spouse
Melrose, Florence Informant
Menter, Clarendon Father
Menter, Lena Spouse
Mercer, Elizabeth W. Deceased
Mercer, Olive Spouse
Mercer, Samuel Father
Mercer, Truman Deceased
Mercer, Truman Spouse
Merchant, Genevieve Spouse
Merrill, Patricia Mother
Merrill, Philomena Informant
Merrill, Walter C. Deceased
Merrill, Walter C. Father
Merritt, Mary Mother
Mezera, John Joseph Deceased
Mezera, Jospeh Father
Mezero, John Father
Miles, William Father
Miller, Anthony Deceased
Miller, Hiram Father
Miller, Josephine Mother
Miller, Nettie Spouse
Miller, Ralph Father
Miller, Sarah Spouse
Milligan, Albert Father
Milligan, Caroline Spouse
Millis, Alexander Father
Millis, John J. Deceased
Millis, Judith Informant
Milmine, Katherine W. Deceased
Miner, Ella Mother
Mitchell, Adele Mother
Mitchell, Gloria Informant
Mitchell, Hazel Mother
Mitchell, Hazel Spouse
Mitchell, Howard J. Deceased
Mitchell, Margaret Mother
Mitchell, Miriam Mother
Moan, Hiram Spouse
Moan, Hiram Informant
Moan, Jane Davidson Deceased
Mockur, Mildred Spouse
Moddron, Elizabeth Mother
Monroe, Abbie Deceased
Monroe, Baby boy Deceased
Monroe, Franklyn L. Father
Monroe, George Father
Monroe, Isaac Deceased
Monroe, Isaac Spouse
Monroe, Isaac Informant
Monroe, Sarah Mother
Mook, Audrey Mother
Moon, Hiram Deceased
Moon, Howard; brother Informant
Moon, Wilen Father
Moore, Emma Mother
Mophair, Martha Mother
Morehouse, Alonzo Father
Morehouse, Alonzo Spouse
Morehouse, Bertha C. Deceased
Morehouse, Dorothy V. Deceased
Morehouse, Effie Mother
Morehouse, Harriet May Deceased
Morehouse, Mary Spouse
Morehouse, Mrs. Geo. Informant
Morehouse, Ray Informant
Morehouse, Ray Informant
Morehouse, Ray Informant
Morehouse, Raymond Spouse
Morgano, Guissippi Father
Morgano, Lorenzo Deceased
Moroney, John James Deceased
Morrill, Harry Informant
Morrill, Katherine Eva Deceased
Morrill, Roe F. Spouse
Morrison, Irene Spouse
Moses, Fayette Father
Mosher, Edwin Spouse
Mosher, Edwin Informant
Mosher, Edwin Informant
Mosher, Faye Mother
Mosher, Fred Spouse
Mosher, Hattie L. Deceased
Mosher, Marjorie P. Deceased
Mosher, Mrs. Elmer Informant
Mott, Augustus Deceased
Mott, Augustus Father
Mott, George G. Deceased
Mott, Mrs. Informant
Mott, Mrs. Informant
Mott, Walter Father
Mulia, Mary Mother
Mulqueen, Joanna Mother
Mundy, Marie Spouse
Munson, Mathilda Spouse
Munsy, Harriett Mother
Murphy, Elizabeth Deceased
Murray, Ruth Informant
Murray, Sarah Mother
Murtha, Allen Edward Deceased
Murtha, George Deceased
Murtha, Martin Father
Murtha, Raymond Father
Murtha, Raymond Informant
Murtha, Raymond Informant
Muzikar, Frank Informant
Muzikar, Frank Sr. Spouse
Muzikar, Mary Deceased
Myer, Edw. Father
Myers, Alice Informant
Myers, Chauncey Father
Myers, Chauncey Father
Myers, Harry E. Deceased
Myers, Mrs. Harry Informant
Myers, Roy G. Deceased

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