Saratoga County, New York

Stiles Funeral Home Records
Death Dates: 1952 through 1977

SURNAMES beginning with "P"

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Palmer, William Father
Parillo, Dorothy B. Deceased
Parillo, James Spouse
Parillo, Wm. Informant
Paris, Deborah Mother
Park, Elizabeth Mother
Parker, Lela Mother
Parker, Orra Mother
Parker, Orra Mother
Parmer, Carrie Spouse
Parrow, Lucille Spouse
Partridge, Alexander Father
Partridge, Nina Spouse
Pass, Mrs. Archibold Informant
Pataky, Elizabeth Deceased
Pataky, Joseph Spouse
Pataky, Martin Father
Patoky, Anna Spouse
Patoky, Elizabeth, cousin Spouse
Patoky, Joseph Deceased
Patosky, Anna Mother
Patsky, Andrew Father
Patterson, George Father
Patterson, George Father
Patterson, Mrs. Robt. Informant
Patterson, Robert A. Deceased
Payne, Viola Spouse
Pearson, Helen Mother
Pechette, Ruth Informant
Peck, Anna M. Deceased
Peck, Elizabeth B. Deceased
Peck, Frederick Informant
Peck, George H. Jr. Spouse
Peck, Kyle L. Deceased
Peck, Lawrence Father
Peck, Lawrence Informant
Peck, Mrs.Fred Informant
Peck, Sarah Mother
Peck, Willard Spouse
Peck, Willard Informant
Peregrim, Bryon Scott Deceased
Peregrim, Paul Father
Peregrim, Paul Informant
Periard, Delia Mother
Periard, Dorothy Informant
Periard, Marie Spouse
Periard, Max Father
Periard, Maxime Father
Periard, Maximo Deceased
Periard, Raymond Informant
Periard, Raymond E. Deceased
Periard, Rena Spouse
Perkins, David Spouse
Perkins, David Informant
Perkins, David F. Deceased
Perkins, Frances Y. Deceased
Perkins, Harriett Mother
Perkins, William Father
Perry, Dorothy Spouse
Pervis, Catherine Mother
Peters, Effie Mother
Peters, John Father
Peters, John S. Deceased
Peters, Mrs. Informant
Peterson, Augustus Father
Peterson, Augustus N. Deceased
Peterson, Nelson Father
Petit, Francis James Deceased
Petit, Isaac Father
Petit, Isaac Father
Petit, James S. Spouse
Petit, James S. Informant
Petit, Lillian R. Deceased
Petit, Ruth Informant
Petrus, Effie Spouse
Petteys, Martha Mother
Pettit, Bessie Spouse
Pettit, Carrie Mother
Pettit, Catherine Spouse
Pettit, Wm. Father
Pharmer, Edward K. Deceased
Pharmer, John Father
Pharmer, John Informant
Pharmer, John Informant
Pharmer, John M. Father
Pharmer, John M. Father
Pharmer, Marcella Kay Deceased
Phelps, Bessie Spouse
Phelps, Charles Father
Phelps, Charles S. Father
Phelps, Katherine DeWitt Deceased
Phillips, Earl E. Deceased
Phillips, Eleanor Informant
Phillips, Eleanor Informant
Phillips, Elmer Father
Phillips, Esther Mother
Pier, Bertha Mother
Pitre, Mathilda Mother
Pitt, Ben Informant
Pitt, Dorothy Spouse
Place, Myra Mother
Plummer, A.Newton Spouse
Plummer, Edmond Informant
Plummer, Sarah C. Deceased
Plympton, Diana Jeanne Spouse
Podmajersky, Bety Mother
Pollock, Julia Mother
Porcis, Florence Mother
Porter, John Father
Porter, Rachel Spouse
Post, Jeremiah Father
Post, Mary Spouse
Potter, Kathleen Spouse
Poucher, Marie Mother
Powell, Emma Lesley Deceased
Powell, Lesley M. Informant
Powell, Leslie (Sgt.) Spouse
Powell, Meifod Spouse
Pratt, Alice Robertson Deceased
Pratt, Carl N. Informant
Pratt, Catherine G. Deceased
Pratt, Charles M. Deceased
Pratt, Chester Donald Deceased
Pratt, Earl Informant
Pratt, Edward Father
Pratt, Esther Informant
Pratt, George C. Spouse
Pratt, Henry Father
Pratt, James L. Spouse
Pratt, Joan Spouse
Pratt, Lillian Informant
Pratt, Loren Spouse
Pratt, Lucy Mother
Pratt, Lucy Mother
Pratt, Lucy Mother
Pratt, Mary D. Deceased
Pratt, Mary J. Deceased
Pratt, Mrs. Earl Informant
Pratt, Phyllis Mother
Pratt, Ralph Deceased
Pratt, Ralph Father
Pratt, Ralph Father
Pratt, Ralph Father
Pratt, Ralph Father
Priest, Lillian Mother
Prindle, Margery Informant
Prindle, Mrs. Winston Informant
Purdy, Daniel Wayne Deceased
Purdy, Gladys Spouse
Purdy, Gloria Mother
Purdy, Henry Informant
Purdy, Henry C. Jr. Father
Purinton, Lyman Father
Puzzolo, Ada Informant

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