Saratoga County, New York

Stiles Funeral Home Records
Death Dates: 1952 through 1977

SURNAMES beginning with "S"

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Sabon, John Jr. Deceased
Sabon, John Sr. Father
Sabon, John Sr. Informant
Sadler, Agnes Mother
Salisbury, Maria Mother
Salisbury, Maria Mother
Salley, Loren, stepson Informant
Salls, Francis Spouse
Salls, Frank Informant
Salls, Frank Informant
Salls, Helena Brewer Deceased
Salustri, Philomena Spouse
Sanders, Eugene Father
Sanders, Eugene Thomas Deceased
Sanders, Frank Father
Sanders, Hazel Informant
Sanders, Idalee Informant
Sanders, Neil T. Deceased
Sarle, Charles Father
Sarle, J.Robert Informant
Sarle, J.Robert Informant
Sarle, J.Robert Informant
Sarle, John R. Deceased
Sartain, Fleda Mother
Savelis, Alfred Informant
Savelis, Anna Zinkas Deceased
Savelis, Wm. Spouse
Sawyer, Bertha Mother
Schaefer, Edward H.,Sr. Deceased
Schmitt, Alexander Spouse
Schmitt, Esther Odenheimer Deceased
Schmitt, Marie Spouse
Schwartz, Conrad Spouse
Schwartz, Elizabeth Deceased
Schwartz, Mrs. Alfred Informant
Schwarz, Andrew Father
Scott, George Father
Searles, Harriett Mother
Searles, Hiram Father
Seeley, Oneita Spouse
Sellers, Sarah Mother
Seney, Eli Father
Severie, Margaret Spouse
Seymour, Bertha H. Deceased
Seymour, Leonard Spouse
Seymour, Leonard Informant
Shaurman, Elmer Spouse
Shaurman, Eva Deceased
Shaver, Henry Father
Shaver, Lottie Informant
Shaver, Lottie Informant
Shaver, Mrs. Geo. Informant
Shaver, W.Elmer Deceased
Shaw, Edith Mother
Shaw, Mrs. Robert Informant
Shaw, Wm.J. Father
Shea, Beatrice M. Deceased
Shea, Francis Spouse
Shea, Francis Informant
Shelden, Elma Mother
Sheldon, Henry Father
Sheldon, James E. Deceased
Sheldon, James E. Spouse
Sheldon, Lena M. Deceased
Sheldon, Mrs. James Informant
Shepard, Mary Mother
Shepard, Rachael Mother
Shephard, Harriet Mother
Shepherd, Hannah Mother
Shepherd, Mary Mother
Shepmyer, Mrs. Carl Informant
Sheppard, Mrs. John Informant
Sherman, Alice Informant
Sherman, Alice Hagadorn Deceased
Sherman, Arthur M. Father
Sherman, Beatrice C. Deceased
Sherman, Clara Mother
Sherman, Edward H. Spouse
Sherman, Elisha Father
Sherman, Elmer Deceased
Sherman, Elmer Spouse
Sherman, Elmer Informant
Sherman, Ethel Germain Deceased
Sherman, Grace Lansing Deceased
Sherman, Harper Spouse
Sherman, Harper Informant
Sherman, Mary Mother
Sherman, William A.,Sr. Deceased
Sherman, William H. Spouse
Sherrick, Elizabeth Mother
Sherrick, Elizabeth Mother
Shiffors, Ida Mother
Shoemaker, Doris Spouse
Shovelton, Marie Mother
Simmons, Eva Mother
Sinnott, Julia Spouse
Sipperly, Bert Deceased
Sipperly, Nelson Father
Skellie, Alexander Father
Skellie, Alvin Father
Skellie, Alvin Father
Skellie, Alvin Father
Skellie, Alvin Father
Skellie, Alvin Informant
Skellie, Alvin Informant
Skellie, Alvin Informant
Skellie, Alvin Informant
Skellie, Andrea Jean Deceased
Skellie, James Walter Deceased
Skellie, JoAnn Deceased
Skellie, Michael W. Deceased
Skellie, Mrs. James Informant
Skiff, Charles A. Deceased
Skiff, Mrs. Charles Informant
Skiff, Samuel Father
Slade, Louise Mother
Sloan, Martha Mother
Smith, Abbie Mother
Smith, Ada Spouse
Smith, Albert Father
Smith, Bertha Meader Deceased
Smith, Caroline Mother
Smith, Clyde E. Jr. Informant
Smith, Clyde; Social Services Informant
Smith, Donald R. Deceased
Smith, E. Raymond Deceased
Smith, E. Raymond Spouse
Smith, E. Raymond Informant
Smith, E. Raymond Informant
Smith, Edna Mother
Smith, Ella Mother
Smith, Esther Spouse
Smith, Frank B. Father
Smith, Geo. Father
Smith, Harold Informant
Smith, Harry Father
Smith, Jennie Mother
Smith, Jennie B. Mother
Smith, Margaret F. Deceased
Smith, Margaret J. Deceased
Smith, Marie Informant
Smith, Phoebe Mother
Smith, Robert Father
Smith, Ruth Spouse
Smith, William Spouse
Smith, William Informant
Smith, William A. Deceased
Snover, John J. Spouse
Snover, John J. Informant
Snover, Nellie Deceased
Snyder, Carlin Informant
Snyder, Mabel Deceased
Snyder, Philip Father
Snyder, Phillip Father
Snyder, William M. Deceased
Sobon, Frank Father
Sobon, John Deceased
Sobon, Mrs. John Informant
Sodeberg, Marie Mother
Sonn, Addie E. Deceased
Sonn, Israel Spouse
Southard, Alvin L.(Frank) Deceased
Southard, Cornelius Father
Southard, Cornelius D. Deceased
Southard, Cornelius D. Spouse
Southard, George Father
Southard, Mary L. Deceased
Southard, MaryJane Spouse
Southard, Mrs. Informant
Southard, Mrs. C. D. Informant
Southard, Nellie Informant
Sparling, Evelyn Mother
Sparling, Harry E. Spouse
Sparling, Hazel Williams Deceased
Sparling, Leon Informant
Spateholts, Clark Father
Spinks, Mrs. Clarence Informant
Spring, Earl Spouse
Spring, Jennie Deceased
Squires, Agnes Informant
Squires, Agnes Julia Deceased
Squires, Charles Deceased
Squires, Charles Spouse
Squires, Herbert Deceased
Squires, Herbert Father
Squires, Howard Spouse
Squires, Howard Informant
Squires, Lillian Booth Deceased
Squires, Samuel Father
Stafford, Anna Mother
Stalker, Alexander Father
Stalker, Almira Mother
Stalker, Almira Spouse
Stanley, Elizabeth Mother
Stanley, Elizabeth Mother
Stanley, Elizabeth Mother
Stanton, Gloria Informant
Starks, Julia Mother
Statker, Mrs. Raymond Informant
Stein, Carrie Mother
Stein, Frank Father
Stein, Frank W. Deceased
Stevens, James Father
Stevens, Kay Informant
Stevens, Ray Winfred Deceased
Stiles, Bertha Chase Deceased
Stiles, Elton Spouse
Stiles, Elton Informant
Stiles, Elton W. Deceased
Stiles, Warren Father
Still, J. T. Informant
Still, J.Barnaby Deceased
Still, Joseph Father
Still, Olive Informant
Still, Olive E. Informant
Stoker, Violet Spouse
Stone, Bonnie S. Deceased
Stone, Inez Spouse
Stover, Aaron Father
Stover, Charles; brother Informant
Stover, Ida M. Deceased
Sullivan, Julia Mother
Sullivan, Mary Mother
Sumner, Evelyn Spouse
Sutfin, Caroline Mother
Sutfin, Cora Mother
Sutfin, Cora Mother
Sutfin, George Father
Swartwout, William Father
Sweet, Anne Mother
Sweet, Marjorie Spouse
Swinton, Ethel Mother
Szeckely, Anna Patosky Deceased
Szeckley, John Sr. Father
Szeckley, John Sr. Informant
Szeckley, Joseph Deceased
Szekely, Anna P. Informant
Szekely, John Deceased
Szekely, John Spouse
Szekely, John G. Father
Szekely, Mrs. John Informant
Szmit, Angela Mother

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