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Stiles Funeral Home Records
Death Dates: 1952 through 1977 SURNAMES beginning with "W" thru "Z"

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Wagner, Frank Informant
Walker, Harold Deceased
Walker, Herbert Father
Wallace, James Spouse
Wallace, Nellie Deceased
Walsh, Lelah Mother
Walton, Lucy Spouse
Wanamaker, Richard Father
Wanmer, Edith Deceased
Wanmer, Harry Deceased
Wanmer, Harry Father
Wanmer, Harry Spouse
Wanmer, Hugh Informant
Wanmer, Hugh and Harry Informant
Warner, Elizabeth Mother
Washburn, Martin Father
Watson, Dorcas Mother
Wayne, Herbert Deceased
Weatherwax, Mildred Mother
Weatherwax, Nancy Mother
Weaver, Cora Mother
Webster, Dorothy Deceased
Webster, Wm B., Dr. Father
Weed, Mrs. Howard Informant
Weeks, Henry Deceased
Weeks, Pauline Deceased
Weeks, Pauline Informant
Weeks, Stanley Spouse
Weeks, William Father
Weils, Albert Informant
Weils, Albert Deceased
Weils, Barbara Spouse
Weils, Edward Deceased
Weils, Fred Father
Weils, Frederick Father
Weils, Mary Mother
Weils, Mary Mother
Weils, Wm Informant
Weiss, Dora Mother
Welch, Clara Mother
Welch, Gertrude Mother
Welch, Lafayette Father
Welch, Lafayette Father
Wells, Anna Deceased
Wells, Harriett Mother
Wells, Harriett Mother
Wells , Wm Informant
Wells, Wm F. Sr. Spouse
Welsh, Lafayette Father
Welsh, Margaret Spouse
Wemple, Elizabeth Spouse
Wemple, Volkirk Father
Wendell, Eliza Informant
Wendell, Mildred Mother
West, Mae Mother
West, Mae Spouse
West, Samuel Father
Westcott, Alma Informant
Westcott, Catherine Deceased
Westcott, Gerald Father
Westcott, Gerald Father
Westcott, Gerald Father
Westcott, Gerald Informant
Westcott, Gerald Informant
Westcott, Paul Deceased
Westcott, Susan Deceased
Wester, Beng Father
Westerland, Mrs Armand Informant
Whaley, George Father
Whaley, Ruth Spouse
Wheaton, Benjamin Spouse
Wheaton, Martha Deceased
Wheeler, Antoinette Mother
Wheeler, Lulu Mother
Whitbeck, Florence Spouse
Whitbeck, Lena Mother
White, Della Mother
White, Henry Deceased
White, Lyman Father
White, Mildred Informant
White, Mrs Edgar Informant
White, Phoebe Mother
White, Phoebe Mother
Whorton, Ethel Informant
Wilbur, Anna Deceased
Wilbur, Edward Spouse
Wilbur, Elizabeth Spouse
Wilbur, Elizabeth Deceased
Wilbur, Estelle Mother
Wilbur, Ida Mother
Wilbur, Ida Mother
Wilbur, Stanton Spouse
Wilbur, Stanton Informant
Wilcox, Anna Mother
Wildy, Sanford Father
Wiley, Mary Mother
Willette, Baby Deceased
Willette, Clarence Father
Willette, Clarence Informant
Willette, Clarence Deceased
Willette, Lillian Informant
Willette, Paul Father
William, Lydia Mother
Williams, Carrie Mother
Williams, Cora Deceased
Williams, Dorothy Mother
Williams, Ethel Deceased
Williams, Fayette Father
Williams, George Deceased
Williams, Gloria Spouse
Williams, Harold Informant
Williams, Harry Father
Williams, Henry Father
Williams, Hope Informant
Williams, Irene Informant
Williams, John Deceased
Williams, Judith Spouse
Williams, Lucinda Mother
Williams, Lucinda Spouse
Williams, Mary Mother
Williams, Mary Mother
Williams, Orin Informant
Williams, Orrin Father
Williams, Orrin Father
Williams, Orrin Informant
Williams, Orrin Informant
Williams, Pauline Mother
Williams, Thomas Father
Wilmot, Elsie Mother
Wilsey, Ella Mother
Wilson, Amy Informant
Wilson, Belberta Informant
Wilson, Durwood Deceased
Wilson, Elmer Deceased
Wilson, George Father
Wilson, George Father
Wilson, Joseph Father
Wilson, Lillian Mother
Wilson, Lillian Spouse
Wilson, Lillian Spouse
Wilson, Marian Informant
Wilson, Mary Mother
Wilson, Mrs Hollis Informant
Winkle, Patrick Father
Winney, Bertha Spouse
Winney, Elsie Spouse
Winney, Esther Informant
Winney, Eva Mother
Winney, Eva Mother
Winney, Frank Father
Winney, Irvin Deceased
Winney, LeRoy Deceased
Winney, Mrs Irvin Informant
Winney, Myrtle Informant
Winney, Nate Father
Winney, Nathan Father
Wisell, Fannie Mother
Wolfe, Clifford Informant
Wolfe, Edna Deceased
Wolfe, George Father
Wolfe, Georgianna Mother
Wolfe, Marritt Deceased
Wolfe, Mattie Mother
Wolfe, Merritt Informant
Wolfe, Merritt Spouse
Wolford, Anthony Father
Wolford, Bessie Mother
Wolford, Bessie Spouse
Wolford, Fern Deceased
Wolford, Howard Spouse
Wolford, Howard Informant
Wood, Anna Deceased
Wood, Charlotte Mother
Wood, Charlotte Mother
Wood, Delberta Spouse
Wood, Edmund Father
Wood, Edmund Father
Wood, Edmund Informant
Wood, Elzanor Informant
Wood, Faye Deceased
Wood, Floyd . Sr. Father
Wood, Floyd ,Jr. Deceased
Wood, Floyd Informant
Wood, Frederick Deceased
Wood, Jeanette Deceased
Wood, John Father
Wood, John Father
Wood, Julia Mother
Wood, Lucy Mother
Wood, Lucy Mother
Wood, Lucy Mother
Wood, Lucy Mother
Wood, Marshall Father
Wood, Marshall Informant
Wood, Mrs Octave Informant
Wood, Mrs Thomas Sr. Informant
Wood, Mrs Wm Sr. Informant
Wood, Myrtle Mother
Wood, Thomas Father
Wood, Thomas. Sr. Deceased
Wood, Thomas Sr. Spouse
Wood, Thomas Deceased
Wood, William Deceased
Wood, William Spouse
Wood, William Informant
Woodard, Daniel Father
Woodard, Daniel Deceased
Woodard, Daniel Father
Woodard, Lena Mother
Woodard, Lena Mother
Woods, Margaret Spouse
Woodward, Lena Mother
Wooley, Everett Spouse
Wooley, Everett Informant
Wooley, Kirk Deceased
Woolley, Leslie Deceased
Wortman, Aaron Father
Wright, Jennie Mother
Wrightman, Anna Deceased
Wrightman, Floyd Spouse
Wrightman, Floyd Informant
Wrzesinski, Anthony Father
Wrzesinski, Anthony Jr. Deceased
Yatsinitch, Isabel Deceased
Yatsivitch, Michael Spouse
Yaworaki, Julianna Mother
Yellen, Mary Mother
York, John Father
Youmans, Charles Deceased
Youmans, Charles Spouse
Youmans, Charles Informant
Youmans, Christina Deceased
Youmans, Frances Spouse
Young, Mrs Chester Informant
Younger, Alma Spouse
Yoymans, Charles Father
Yurgis, Alice Spouse
Zambernardi, Jos Informant
Zdobkow, Mrs Informant
Zdobnikow, Mykola Deceased
Zdobnikow, Paul Father
Zeller, Ken Informant
Zerwick, Frank Father
Zerwick, Raymond Informant
Zerwick, Robert Deceased
Zerwick, Theresa Informant
Ziemer, Otealia Mother

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