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Description: “Copied from the Thompson Family Bible”

“Published and Sold by Daniel D. Smith at the Franklin Juvenile Book and Stationery Store, No 190 Greenwich Street

Also by the principal booksellers in the United States



Note:  this transcription omits the “other things on the marriage and death pages [which] refer to Thomas B. Thompson’s family.”  Transcribed in a letter to former County Historian Grace Leddick from “Mary Clark” who stated further that she also had in her possession the John Reynolds Bible and the Harlow Lawrence.




John Thompson


Oct. 17th 1769

Hugh Thompson


Oct 2nd 1771

Catherine Thompson


Sept 3, 1773

Jane Thompson


April 29th 1775

David Thompson


March 18, 1877

Ebenezer Thompson


March 8, 1780

Sidney Thompson


Nov 18th 1782

Thomas B. Thompson


Jan 3 1785

Elisabeth Thompson


Jan 3 1787

Ann Thompson


Jan 5th 1789

Samuel Thompson


Nov 14th 1791

Lewis B. Thompson


May 5th 1796




Thomas B. Thompson

   Born 31st January 1785

Alena M. Thompson

   Dau. Of Samuel L. Thompson &

   Susan Lawrence

   Born Dec. 9th 1871


Sarah Lewis his wife

   Born 18th Oct. 1794


[Children of Alena M. Thompson & D. S. Griffin)]

   Orville Thompson Griffin

   Born Dec. 2d, 1901


Elizabeth Thompson

   Born 25th June 1819

Susan Catherine Griffin

   Born Oct. 13, 1903


Sarah Thompson born

   7th January 1821


Amelia Ann Griffin

   Born Oct 6, 1905


Ann Thompson born

   2nd May 1824


Lawrence Brayton Griffin

   Born September 3, 1908


Samuel L. Thompson

   Born July 12th, 1831


Mary Alena Griffin

   Born July 27, 1910


Joshua Clayton Thompson  born

May 24, 1835






Sarah Thompson departed this life on

   Monday the 27th of Sept. in the year 1824

   aged 3 years, 8 mon. and 20 days

Thomas B. Thompson died March 28, 1864

   in the 79th year of his age.


Clayton Thompson died Oct 16, 1866 aged

   31 years, 4 months and 6 days


Sarah L. Thompson died Nov. 30, 1876

   aged 83 years


Elizabeth Thompson died March(?) 5th

   1877, aged 58 years


Samuel L. Thompson died April 21,

   1895, aged 64 years


Susan Lawrence Thompson, wife of

   Samuel L. Thompson, died Dec. 1932


Alena Thompson Griffin (wife of

   Daniel S. Griffin) died April 25, 1912

Ann Thompson Cole died March 7, 1906

   aged 82 years



Charles Cole (her son) died about 1914







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