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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1945

Surnames Beginning A

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1945 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Aaron, Ira Father
Abbott, Anna Mother
Abbott, Ira Father
Abbott, Jane Elizabeth Deceased
Abdalla, George Orderedby
Abdalla, Mrs Orderedby
Abdella, George Orderedby
Abel, ? Mother
Abel, David L. Orderedby
Abel, Ellen Mother
Abel, Ellen Mother
Abel, Ellen Mother
Abel, Elmer E. Deceased
Abel, Florence Mother
Abel, George Edwin Deceased
Abel, James Luther Father
Abel, Mrs.George E. Orderedby
Abel, William Father
Abell, Mary Eugenia Deceased
Abelson, ? Mother
Ableman, Ellen Mother
Ableson, Bessie Deceased
Ableson, Morris Orderedby
Abrahamson, Carl Deceased
Abrahamson, Carl Father
Abrams, Adeline Mother
Abrams, Mary Hall Mother
Ackerman, Abe Father
Ackerman, Amanda Mother
Ackerman, Louis Deceased
Ackerman, Rebekah Mother
Ackison, Ellen Mother
Ackler, Diantha Mother
Ackley, Irene Deceased
Adams, ?? Father
Adams, Abraham Father
Adams, Catherine Mother
Adams, Clarence M. Orderedby
Adams, Dorcas E. Deceased
Adams, Eileen Orderedby
Adams, Eldridge Orderedby
Adams, Eldridge S. Deceased
Adams, Ella Deceased
Adams, Ezeakil A.P. Deceased
Adams, Fannie Clearer Deceased
Adams, George Deceased
Adams, George Belton Deceased
Adams, Harriet Mother
Adams, Helen Deceased
Adams, Helen A. Mother
Adams, Helen E. Orderedby
Adams, Jason Father
Adams, Jessie A. Deceased
Adams, John Father
Adams, John Father
Adams, John E. Deceased
Adams, John H. Father
Adams, Julia Mother
Adams, Laura Mother
Adams, Laura Fidelia Mother
Adams, Laura Fisher Mother
Adams, Leonard Father
Adams, Marion Moore Deceased
Adams, Mary Mother
Adams, Mary A. Deceased
Adams, Mary E. Mother
Adams, Mary E. Mother
Adams, Melissa Mother
Adams, Minerva Mother
Adams, Mrs.Arthur Orderedby
Adams, Mrs.Ella Orderedby
Adams, Mrs.George Orderedby
Adams, Mrs.Mary Orderedby
Adams, Mrs.S.F. Orderedby
Adams, Nancy Ida Deceased
Adams, Rene H. Orderedby
Adams, Reuben J. Deceased
Adams, Reynolds Father
Adams, Samuel Orderedby
Adams, Sarah Mother
Adams, Sidney D. Deceased
Adams, Sidney V. Father
Adams, Solomanions Father
Adams, Susan Mother
Adams, Thomas Father
Adams, W.H. Orderedby
Adams, William Father
Adams, William H. Deceased
Adams, William H. Orderedby
Adams, William W. Orderedby
Adcock, Henry Deceased
Addock, ? Father
Adee, Bertha Orderedby
Adee, F.M. Orderedby
Adee, Frank M. Deceased
Adee, Frank M. Orderedby
Adee, George Orderedby
Adee, George E. Orderedby
Adee, Leona D. Deceased
Adee, Matilda E. Deceased
Adee, Mrs.W.L. Orderedby
Adee, Napoleon B. Father
Adee, Napoleon B. Father
Adee, Phoebe Orderedby
Adee, William L. Deceased
Adjes, Henry Deceased
Adkins, Catherine Deceased
Adkins, Edward Orderedby
Adkins, Edward Father
Adkins, Edward T. Deceased
Adkins, Elizabeth Deceased
Adkins, Elizabeth Deceased
Adkins, Mary L. Deceased
Adkins, Mrs.Edward Orderedby
Adkins, Richard Father
Adkins, Richard Father
Adkins, Sarah Mother
Adkins, William Father
Adler, Hilda Mother
Admond, Mary A. Mother
Adriance, Jacob Father
Adsit, Walter Father
Agan, Lucy A. Mother
Ahearn, Catherine Mother
A'Hearn, James A. Father
A'Hearn, Mary Mother
A'Hearn, Mary A. Deceased
Aikens, David Father
Ainsley, Isabella Mother
Ainsworth, Amanda Mother
Ainsworth, Ella M. Deceased
Ainsworth, Erma Elizabeth Deceased
Ainsworth, George W. Father
Ainsworth, Samuel Father
Ainsworth, Samuel Father
Ainsworth, Samuel W. Orderedby
Ainsworth, Samuel William Father
Ainsworth, Sylvia A. Mother
Ainsworth, Sylvia A. Mother
Aitken, James Father
Akin, ? Father
Akin, Bella Deceased
Akin, John Orderedby
Albert, Emma E. Deceased
Albert, Harry N. Orderedby
Albert, Jacob Father
Albert, Rose Jones Deceased
Albore, Albert Deceased
Albore, Lewis Father
Albore, Mrs Orderedby
Albright, Helen Orderedby
Alcock, Nora Mother
Alden, Bertha M. Deceased
Alden, Henry Deceased
Alden, Joseph D. Deceased
Alden, Mrs.Joseph Orderedby
Alden, Peter Father
Alden, Ruben Father
Aldershoff, Ella Mother
Aldredge, Sarah Mother
Aldrich, Belle Hettrich Deceased
Aldrich, Loduska Mother
Aldrich, Ruth Orderedby
Aldrich, Sally J. Mother
Aldrich, Sarah E. Mother
Aldridge, Nancy Mother
Alexander, Henry Father
Alexander, Henry Father
Alexander, John Father
Alexander, Marion B. Mother
Alexander, Philip Orderedby
Alexander, Philip Henry Deceased
Alford, Mary Mother
Alger, Roswell Father
Allan, Jane H. Mother
Allan, Jane Hogarth Mother
Allan.Jane H. Mother
Allard, Abial Father
Allard, Helen Deceased
Allard, Helen Mother
Allard, Ina A. Mother
Allard, Ina G. Mother
Allard, Ruth Mother
Allen, ? Father
Allen, Abigail Mother
Allen, Alonzo Deceased
Allen, Ann Orderedby
Allen, Arthur W. Father
Allen, Betsey Ross Deceased
Allen, Bridget Deceased
Allen, Carrie E. Deceased
Allen, Carroll Orderedby
Allen, Carroll Orderedby
Allen, Carroll Orderedby
Allen, Carroll Father
Allen, Carroll Father
Allen, Carroll Father
Allen, Carroll A. Deceased
Allen, Charles Father
Allen, Charles R Father
Allen, Charles Rollin Deceased
Allen, Dr.W.L. Orderedby
Allen, Easta Mother
Allen, Edward Deceased
Allen, Eli J. Orderedby
Allen, Enos Father
Allen, Enos Father
Allen, Everett W. Deceased
Allen, Fanny Mother
Allen, Frances Deceased
Allen, Frances Deceased
Allen, Gardiner Deceased
Allen, Hester Deceased
Allen, Hewlett Father
Allen, Inez Mother
Allen, Jane E. Mother
Allen, Jane E. Mother
Allen, Jane E. Mother
Allen, Johnathan Father
Allen, Laura Mother
Allen, Lettie B. Deceased
Allen, Lewis Father
Allen, Louis J. Deceased
Allen, Lucy C. Deceased
Allen, Mabel Orderedby
Allen, Mary E. Deceased
Allen, Mary Elizabeth Deceased
Allen, Michael Deceased
Allen, Mrs.Everett Orderedby
Allen, Mrs.F.J. Orderedby
Allen, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Allen, Mrs.Myron Orderedby
Allen, Mrs.Wm. Orderedby
Allen, Myron J. Father
Allen, Myrtle A. Deceased
Allen, Narcissa Mother
Allen, Olive Mother
Allen, Olive Mother
Allen, Phebe Caroline Deceased
Allen, Phineas P. Father
Allen, Phoebe Mother
Allen, Polly Mother
Allen, Rebecca Deceased
Allen, Rufus Father
Allen, Sally Mother
Allen, Silas G. Father
Allen, T.B.S. Deceased
Allen, Tobias Father
Allen, Viola E. Deceased
Allen, Virginia Deceased
Allen, Walter Orderedby
Allen, William B. Orderedby
Allen, William L. Deceased
Allen, William L. Orderedby
Allen, William R. Deceased
Allent, George Father
Allerdice, Anna L. Deceased
Allerdice, Annie Mother
Allerdice, Charles Father
Allerdice, Cora Orderedby
Allerdice, Cora E. Deceased
Allerdice, Jean L. Orderedby
Allerdice, Marion B. Deceased
Allerdice, Miss Anna Orderedby
Allerdice, Wallace W. Deceased
Allerdice, Wallace W. Orderedby
Allerdice, William Father
Allerdice, William W. Father
Allerdice, William W. Father
Allgayer, Christian Deceased
Alliger, Maria Mother
Alliger, Rebecca Mother
Almaine, Hester Mother
Almedia, Ella Deceased
Alvin, Alice Mother
Amadon, John H. Father
Ambler, Betsey Mother
Ambler, Enos Father
Ambler, Phoebe Mother
Ambler, Phoebe W. Mother
Ambrose, Catherine Mother
Ameden, A.H. Orderedby
Ameden, A.H. Orderedby
Ameden, Eugene W. Deceased
Ameden, Hamilton Father
Ameden, Laura T. Deceased
America, Mary Ann Deceased
Americo, Richard Deceased
Ames, ? Father
Ames, Charlotte A. Deceased
Ames, Elizabeth Orderedby
Ames, Ellen L. Deceased
Ames, Frank Orderedby
Ames, George Deceased
Ames, Julia E. Deceased
Ames, Justin Father
Amith, Bertha Mother
Amlet, Celestia Mother
Amos, Jane Mother
Amstutz, Carl J. Deceased
Amstutz, Daniel W. Father
Amstutz, Mrs.Allen Orderedby
Anchampaugh, Maryanette Deceased
Anderson, Ablison Father
Anderson, Andrew Deceased
Anderson, Anna Orderedby
Anderson, Charles J. Orderedby
Anderson, Erland Folka Deceased
Anderson, Estelle Deceased
Anderson, Freda Mother
Anderson, George Father
Anderson, Harvey Father
Anderson, Hattie Mother
Anderson, Henrietta C. Deceased
Anderson, Irene Elaine Deceased
Anderson, John Deceased
Anderson, John Orderedby
Anderson, John Father
Anderson, Margaret Mother
Anderson, Sally Mother
Anderson, Sarah C. Deceased
Anderson, William Father
Anderson, William Father
Andres, Bessie Orderedby
Andress, David Amwyl Deceased
Andress, Frank E. Father
Andress, Frank T. Orderedby
Andress, John J. Deceased
Andress, Mrs.J.J. Orderedby
Andress, Mrs.William Orderedby
Andress, William Deceased
Andress, William Father
Andrew, Antha Mother
Andrews, Alice Orderedby
Andrews, Andrew Father
Andrews, Ann Eliza Mother
Andrews, Ashabel Father
Andrews, Caroline Mother
Andrews, Chantin Father
Andrews, E.A. Orderedby
Andrews, E.F. Orderedby
Andrews, E.F. Orderedby
Andrews, E.F. Orderedby
Andrews, Edwin Orderedby
Andrews, Edwin T. Deceased
Andrews, Ellen Mother
Andrews, Ellen Mother
Andrews, Emily Morgan Deceased
Andrews, Frances M. Deceased
Andrews, Franklin Father
Andrews, Henry Deceased
Andrews, Henry Father
Andrews, Joseph B. Deceased
Andrews, Joseph B. Father
Andrews, Louisa Mother
Andrews, Louisa Mother
Andrews, Margarthe Deceased
Andrews, Martha Mother
Andrews, Mrs.Robert Orderedby
Andrews, Mrs.Robert T. Orderedby
Andrews, Mrs.W.S. Orderedby
Andrews, Robert Taylor Deceased
Andrews, Samuel E. Father
Andrews, Thomas Father
Andrews, William Henry Father
Andrews, Winfield S. Deceased
Andrews.Laura Mother
Andrus, Ann G. Deceased
Andrus, Charles Deceased
Andrus, Charles B. Deceased
Andrus, Chas.B. Orderedby
Andrus, Eugene Father
Andrus, Eugene A. Deceased
Andrus, Gertrude Orderedby
Andrus, Henry C. Father
Andrus, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Angell, Daniel M. Father
Angell, Helen Orderedby
Angell, John H. Deceased
Angell, John H. Father
Angle, Aaron D. Deceased
Angle, Arthur Deceased
Angle, Avion Father
Angle, Ethel Mother
Angle, Frank Deceased
Angle, Frank Orderedby
Angle, Frank Father
Angle, George D. Father
Angles, Mrs.Frank Orderedby
Anmen, Jane Mother
Annanias Father
Annis, Frank Merrill Deceased
Annis, Malcolm Deceased
Annis, Miss Marjorie Orderedby
Annis, Nathan Father
Annis, Nicholas G. Father
Annis, Olivia Eugenia Deceased
Anscombe, Abraham Father
Anscombe, Abraham Father
Anscombe, Abraham Father
Anscombe, Annie Orderedby
Anscombe, E.Adella Deceased
Anscombe, George W. Deceased
Anscombe, Gracia N. Orderedby
Anscombe, Gracie N. Orderedby
Anscombe, Mary E. Deceased
Anscombe, Naomi Deceased
Anscombe, Stephen Orderedby
Anscombe, Stephen P. Deceased
Anthony, Burton C. Father
Anthony, Carlton B. Deceased
Antis, Minerva Mother
Antiss, C.S. Father
Appel, Alice Orderedby
Appelt, Genevive Deceased
Appelt, Mrs.Jennie Orderedby
Appelt, Paul Father
Aprahamian, David W. Deceased
Aprahamian, K.S. Orderedby
Aprahamian, Khosroff Father
Archer, Mrs.Jennie Orderedby
Archer, Samuel A. Father
Arlin, George Father
Arlin, Norbert A. Deceased
Armb, Celista Orderedby
Armb, Elizabeth Mother
Armb, Elizabeth Mother
Armb, Elizabeth B. Mother
Armb, Elizabeth B. Mother
Armb, Lorenzo Father
Armb, Lorenzo M. Deceased
Armer, Julia Agnes Deceased
Armitage, Emma Deceased
Armold, Mrs.George Orderedby
Arms, Horace W. Deceased
Arms, Mrs.H.W. Orderedby
Armstrog, Elizabeth Mother
Armstrong, Elizabeth Mother
Armstrong, Gordon Deceased
Armstrong, Louisa Mother
Armstrong, Maria Mother
Armstrong, Mary Deceased
Armstrong, Scott Father
Armstrong, susan Mother
Armstrong, William Father
Armstrong, William Father
Arnett, Rev, William W. Father
Arnett, William Orderedby
Arnold, ? Father
Arnold, Albert J. Orderedby
Arnold, Alton D. Deceased
Arnold, Alvin Father
Arnold, Arthur Orderedby
Arnold, Arthur Orderedby
Arnold, Arthur P. Deceased
Arnold, Augusta Deceased
Arnold, Christian Father
Arnold, Cordelia Mother
Arnold, David M. Deceased
Arnold, Edwin M. Orderedby
Arnold, Ella Mother
Arnold, Emma E. Deceased
Arnold, Frank Palmer Deceased
Arnold, Fred Deceased
Arnold, George Deceased
Arnold, George Father
Arnold, Harry Deceased
Arnold, Irving Orderedby
Arnold, Irving Father
Arnold, John V. Father
Arnold, Lucy Mother
Arnold, Luman S. Father
Arnold, Lydia A. Deceased
Arnold, Maria Mother
Arnold, Maria Mother
Arnold, Maria Mother
Arnold, Marie F. Deceased
Arnold, Mary Mother
Arnold, Mrs Orderedby
Arnold, Mrs.George Orderedby
Arnold, Mrs.Volney Orderedby
Arnold, Perry Father
Arnold, Perry Father
Arnold, Sarah Orderedby
Arnold, Theodore Orderedby
Arnold, Theodore E. Deceased
Arnold, Thomas Father
Arnold, Thomas Father
Arnold, Thomas D. Father
Arnold, Thomas D. Father
Arnold, Volney Deceased
Arnold, Volney Father
Arnold, William Deceased
Arnold, William Father
Arnold, Zilpha Mother
Arpe, Mrs. Herman Orderedby
Arpey, James J. Orderedby
Arpey, James J. Father
Arpey, Richard K. Deceased
Arpia, Carl? Father
Arpia, Elizabeth Orderedby
Arpia, Margaret Deceased
Arpia, Peter Deceased
Arpia, Peter Orderedby
Arpia, Peter Father
Arters, ? Mother
Arthur, Mary May Mother
Arthur, William H. Father
Ashe, Patrick Orderedby
Ashley, Fanny Mother
Ashley, James Father
Ashley, Jane Mother
Ashley, John Father
Ashley, John Quincy Deceased
Ashley, Mrs.J.Q. Orderedby
Ashnuard, A.D., Co Orderedby
Ashton & Qua Orderedby
Ashton, David Father
Ashton, David B. Father
Ashton, E.B. Orderedby
Ashton, Elizabeth Deceased
Ashton, Frances Deceased
Ashton, Hattie E. Deceased
Ashton, W.Alexander Orderedby
Aspinnall, James Father
Astel, Minerva Mother
Atherton, Henry H. Father
Atherton, Mary Mother
Att, Adam Father
Atwater, Charles Deceased
Atwater, Randall Father
Atwell, Charles Orderedby
Atwell, Colon Father
Atwell, Colon W. Father
Atwell, Henry Father
Atwell, Jessie Deceased
Atwell, Mary E. Mother
Atwell, Mary Eliza Mother
Atwell, Mary Eliza Mother
Atwell, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Atwell, Stephen Deceased
Atwood, Mary Mother
Atwood, Susan L. Mother
Auchampaugh, Hiram Deceased
Auerbach, Herman Isreal Deceased
Auerbach, Simon Father
Augerine, David Father
Augerine, Sarah Deceased
Auinger, George Deceased
Ausman, Herbert M. Orderedby
Ausman, Herbert M. Orderedby
Ausman, John C. Father
Ausman, U.Milton Deceased
Austin, Anthony Father
Austin, Charlotte Mother
Austin, Elam Father
Austin, Elisha Father
Austin, Ernest Orderedby
Austin, James W. Deceased
Austin, Johnathan Father
Austin, Julia Mother
Austin, Julia E. Deceased
Austin, Lucia L. Deceased
Austin, Lucretia Mother
Austin, Minnie Orderedby
Austin, Preston Father
Austin, Stephen F. Father
Avery, Calvin M. Father
Avery, Calvin M. Father
Avery, Caroline Mother
Avery, Frederick Father
Avery, Harriett Mother
Avery, Louis E. Orderedby
Avery, Mary Mother
Avery, Mary Mother
Avery, Mary C. Mother
Avery, Mrs.Louis Orderedby
Avery, Myranda R. Deceased
Avery, Nancy Mother
Avery, Oscar Calvin Deceased
Avery, Oscar R. Orderedby
Axtell, Dr.Salmon Father
Axtell, Minerva Mother
Ayen, Charles F. Deceased
Ayen, Conrad Father
Ayen, Elizabeth J. Mother
Ayen, Jacob Deceased
Ayen, Mrs.Jacob Orderedby
Ayer, Mrs.Charles Orderedby
Ayers, Emma F.M. Orderedby
Ayers, Mary Mother
Ayers, Sarah A. Deceased
Azier, Anna Sophia Deceased
Azier, Julia Mother

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