Saratoga County, New York

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Tunison Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates: 1906 through 1926

Surnames beginning with C

This is part of an all-name index to the 1906-1926 record books of the Tunison Funeral Home. The column after the names reveals the capacity in which that person is listed. Select the radio button for the individual name for which you would like to see the full transcribed record, then click on a "Submit" button on the right.

Caden, Ellen Mother
Cadman, Ezra Father
Cadwell, Mary Mother
Cady, Ann Mother
Cady, Myra M. Mother
Caesar, Sarah Ordered by
Caesar, Susan R. Ordered by
Caffrey, Catherine M. Mother
Cahill, Bridget Mother
Cahill, Joseph Father
Cahill, Patrick Father
Cahill, Peter A. Deceased
Caisals, Deborah Mother
Caldwell, Elizabeth Mother
Caldwell, Emmett Ordered by
Caldwell, George B. Deceased
Caldwell, John Father
Caldwell, Joseph Ordered by
Caldwell, Joseph H. Father
Caldwell, William M. Deceased
Calkins, Amanda Mother
Calkins, Edmund Father
Calkins, Frederick Ordered by
Calkins, Jane Mother
Calkins, Jane Mother
Calkins, Jonathan Father
Calkins, Mary E. Deceased
Calkins, Roxanna Mother
Calkins, Waity Mother
Callaghan, John Father
Callahan, George Father
Calloway, Julia Deceased
Calloway, Mark Father
Calvin, Hiram Father
Camerira, Antonio Deceased
Camerira, Joseph Father
Cameron, Alexander Father
Cameron, Beecher D. Deceased
Cameron, Beecher D. Ordered by
Cameron, Duncan Father
Cameron, ennie Turner Deceased
Cameron, Minnie H. Deceased
Cameron, Mrs.B.D. Ordered by
Camfield, Frank E. Ordered by
Camfirld, Jean Mother
Camp, Carl J. Deceased
Camp, Eugene H. Father
Camp, Mary W. Deceased
Camp, Mrs. Carl Ordered by
Campaigno, Mrs Henry Ordered by
Campazze, Joseph P. Deceased
Campazzi Ordered by
Campazzi, May J. Deceased
Campazzi,? Father
Campbell, Agnes W. Mother
Campbell, Elizabeth Mother
Campbell, Ethel Mother
Campbell, F.E. Ordered by
Campbell, Isabelle Mother
Campbell, Jennie E. Mother
Campbell, John Father
Campbell, Mary Mother
Campbell, Peter Father
Campion & Sons Ordered by
Campion & sons Ordered by
Campion & Sons Ordered by
Campion & sons Ordered by
Campion & Sons Ordered by
Caney, Clara E. Deceased
Canfield, Anna Mother
Canfield, Ella Ordered by
Canfield, Frank E. Deceased
Canfield, George E. Father
Canfield, George E. Father
Canfield, eorge Henry Deceased
Canfield, Mary Mother
Canfield, Mrs.Geo. Ordered by
Canfield, Philip Deceased
Canfield, William Father
Cannon Father
Cannon, Patrick Deceased
Cantwell, Mary Mother
Cantwell, Mary Mother
Canty, Julia Mother
Capen, Daniel C. Deceased
Capen, Daniel T Ordered by
Capen, Edna Ordered by
Capen, Levi Father
Capers, Elizabeth Mother
Cardenis, Consuelo Mother
Cardenis, Manuel Deceased
Carey Children Ordered by
Carey, Cynthia Mother
Carey, Ebenezer Father
Carey, Edward Father
Carey, Elizabeth Mother
Carey, lizabeth Wendell Deceased
Carey, Mary J. Deceased
Carey, Rev.Joseph,D. . Deceased
Carey, Robert Father
Carey, Stephen F. Ordered by
Carey, tephen Francis Deceased
Carey, Thomas Father
Carighead, Alice Ordered by
Carleton, A.H. Ordered by
Carleton, Elmer Father
Carleton, Frank Jones Deceased
Carleton, Roger Ordered by
Carleton, Roger Ordered by
Carleu, Grace D. Mother
Carlin, F.M. Ordered by
Carlin, Julia Josephine Deceased
Carlin, none listed Deceased
Carlton, Roger Ordered by
Carlton, Rogers Ordered by
Carlucci, Rose Mother
Carlyle, Garrett A. Ordered by
Carmel, Edmond Father
Carmel, Francis Deceased
Carney, Harvey Father
Carney, Margaret A. Deceased
Carothers, Alice Mother
Carp, Elizabeth Deceased
Carp, Seymour Ordered by
Carpenter, Abbie Mother
Carpenter, Adelbert R. Deceased
Carpenter, Agnes Ordered by
Carpenter, Ann Mother
Carpenter, Daniel B. Father
Carpenter, Edith Janet Deceased
Carpenter, Francis Father
Carpenter, Franklin W. Deceased
Carpenter, Franklin W. Ordered by
Carpenter, Gilbert F. Deceased
Carpenter, Gilbert O. Deceased
Carpenter, Gilbert O. Father
Carpenter, Gilbert O. Ordered by
Carpenter, Laura M. Deceased
Carpenter, Mary Mother
Carpenter, Mary E. Mother
Carpenter, Mrs. Ordered by
Carpenter, Mrs.Arvis Ordered by
Carpenter, Mrs.Gilbert . Ordered by
Carpenter, Mrs.William Ordered by
Carpenter, Ralph W. Father
Carpenter, Sirena Mother
Carpenter, William Father
Carr, A.&son Ordered by
Carr, Annie Mother
Carr, Charles H. Ordered by
Carr, Charlotte J. Mother
Carr, Chloe Deceased
Carr, David Father
Carr, Dr.Frederick Deceased
Carr, Edward Deceased
Carr, Ella Deceased
Carr, Ella M. Deceased
Carr, Emma Deceased
Carr, Ernest George Deceased
Carr, Ferdinand Ordered by
Carr, Frank I. Father
Carr, Frank I. Ordered by
Carr, Harriet A. Deceased
Carr, Henry B. Father
Carr, Henry&Frank Ordered by
Carr, Infant daughter Deceased
Carr, James Father
Carr, James Ordered by
Carr, James Ordered by
Carr, Jenny Ordered by
Carr, John H. Father
Carr, Joseph Father
Carr, Lovemoney Ordered by
Carr, Mabel R. Deceased
Carr, Marion J. Deceased
Carr, Martha Mother
Carr, Mary Cordelia Deceased
Carr, Otis S. Father
Carr, Otis S. Ordered by
Carr, Robert Ordered by
Carr, Robert L. Father
Carr, Sally Mother
Carr, Sally A. Mother
Carr, Sherman S. Ordered by
Carr, William Father
Carr, William Father
Carr, William Father
Carragan & Waring Ordered by
Carragan, Anna M. Deceased
Carragan, Augustus Father
Carragan, Clara C. Deceased
Carragan, Edwin Ordered by
Carragan, Edwin L. Deceased
Carragan, Edwin L. Father
Carragan, Edwin L. Father
Carragan, Emmett Ordered by
Carragan, Frances E. Deceased
Carragan, Harry B. Deceased
Carragan, James Father
Carragan, Mary Mother
Carragan, Mrs Augustus Ordered by
Carragan, Walter F. Ordered by
Carragan, William H. Ordered by
Carragan,? Father
Carrington, Alice Mother
Carrington, Infant Deceased
Carrington, Mary T. Deceased
Carrington, Robert M. Father
Carroll, Anna Mother
Carroll, Catherine Mother
Carroll, Mary Ordered by
Carroll, Michael Father
Carroll, William J. Father
Carroll, William J. Ordered by
Carroll, William W. Deceased
Carscadden, James Ordered by
Carscadden, James Ordered by
Carscadden, James Ordered by
Carscadden, James Ordered by
Carshore, Daniel Father
Carshore, Phebe A. Deceased
Carson, Agnes Mother
Carter, Marguerite Mother
Carter, Mrs.Winston Ordered by
Carter, Robert L. Ordered by
Carter, Robert L. Ordered by
Carter, Winston Allen Deceased
Carver,? Mother
Cary, Edward E. Ordered by
Case, Amy Mother
Case, Dora Ordered by
Case, Emeline Mother
Case, Frank William Deceased
Case, George N. Deceased
Case, Horace Father
Case, Jennette Deceased
Case, Julius F. Deceased
Case, Minnie M. Deceased
Case, Mortimer Father
Case, Mortimer Father
Case, Mrs.F.W. Ordered by
Case, Mrs.Julius Ordered by
Case, Mrs.Julius Ordered by
Case, Mrs.Wm.J. Ordered by
Case, Olive Mother
Case, Sarah Mother
Case, Sidney D. Ordered by
Case, William J. Father
Case, William James Deceased
Casey, Bridget Mother
Casey, Martin Father
Casey, Michael Ordered by
Casey, Michael M. Deceased
Casey, Mrs.Michael Ordered by
Casper, Caroline Deceased
Casper, George J. Deceased
Casper, John J. Father
Casper, Leonard Deceased
Casper, Leonard Ordered by
Cassidy, Catherine Mother
Cassidy, Charles Deceased
Cassidy, Charles Father
Cassidy, Mary Mother
Cassidy, Patrick Father
Caterina, Falzarano Mother
Cather, Mary Mother
Catherine Mother
Catman, Elenora Mother
Caufield, Grace L. Deceased
Caufield, P.A. Ordered by
Cavanaugh, Frederick . Deceased
Cavanaugh, Mrs William Ordered by
Cavanaugh, William Father
Cavanaugh, William Father
Cavanaugh,? Mother
Cavenaugh, John G. Ordered by
Celia Mother
Cerodock, Merinda Mother
Chaffee, Anna Mother
Chaffee, Frank Ordered by
Chaffee,? Father
Chalk, Henry Father
Chamberlain, Geo.O. Father
Chamberlain, Louisa Mother
Chamberlin, Champion . Deceased
Chamberlin, Chester U. Father
Chamberlin, Emily Mother
Chamberlin, Ernest S. Ordered by
Chamberlin, Freeborn Father
Chamberlin, Henry C. Ordered by
Chamberlin, Julia E. Deceased
Chamberlin, Luther W. Deceased
Chamberlin, Mary A. Deceased
Chamberlin, Mrs.L.W. Ordered by
Chamberlin, Rodney Ordered by
Chambers, Richard Father
Chapin, Sarah Mother
Chapman, Annie A. Deceased
Chapman, Charles P. Deceased
Chapman, Elias Father
Chapman, Mrs.William Ordered by
Chapman, Reuben Father
Chapman,? Father
Chappell, Julia Mother
Charles, Catharine Mother
Chase, Ann Deceased
Chase, Anna L. Deceased
Chase, Benjamin Father
Chase, Bertha E. Mother
Chase, C.O. Ordered by
Chase, C.O. Ordered by
Chase, C.Thurston Father
Chase, Elizabeth A.E. Mother
Chase, Frank B. Deceased
Chase, Henry Father
Chase, Isabelle Mother
Chase, James Lester Deceased
Chase, James W. Father
Chase, Lucy Mother
Chase, Maria Mother
Chase, Mary Ann Deceased
Chase, Mrs.J.Lester Ordered by
Chase, Nancy Mother
Chase, Timothy Ordered by
Chase, Timothy H. Deceased
Chase, Zilpha Mother
Chase,? Father
Chatfield, Abigail L. Mother
Chatfield, Ezekiel Father
Chatfield, Laranda Mother
Chatfield, Lavanda Mother
Chatfield, Reuben Father
Cheeseman, Allen P. Deceased
CHENIS, Mary Jane Deceased
Chennette, M.E. Mother
Cherry, Ann Deceased
Cherry, Ella C. Deceased
Cherry, Helen Ordered by
Cherry, Joseph Ordered by
Cherry, Mrs.William A. Ordered by
Cherry, William Father
Cherry, William A. Deceased
Cherry, William A. Father
Chichester, Rosalie Mother
Chilson, Eliza Mother
Chittendan, Eliza A. Deceased
Christi, Mary Mother
Christian, Helen Ordered by
Christie, Charlotte M. Deceased
Christopher, Hannah Mother
Christopher, Thomas Father
Church, Elliott K. Father
Church, Margaret Deceased
Church, Martha Mother
Churchill, Dr.A.L. Ordered by
Churchill, Georgianna Deceased
Claiers, Georgianna Mother
Clancy, Elmer G. Deceased
Clancy, George W. Father
Clancy, James Father
Clancy, ames Lawrence Deceased
Clancy, Mrs. Ordered by
Clapp, Benjamin W. Father
Clapp, Caroline Mother
Clapp, Joseph Father
Clapp, William Father
Clapp, illiam Augustus Deceased
Clapper, Mary Mother
Clark Ordered by
Clark, A.W. Ordered by
Clark, Agnes Deceased
Clark, lexander Fonda Deceased
Clark, Alice M. Mother
Clark, Amy Ordered by
Clark, Amy A. Deceased
Clark, Andrew Deceased
Clark, Andrew Father
Clark, Anna Celestine Deceased
Clark, Charles Father
Clark, Clarence K. Deceased
Clark, Clement Father
Clark, Clement A. Father
Clark, Clement T. Deceased
Clark, Edward Father
Clark, Edward A. Deceased
Clark, Eliza Mother
Clark, Ellen Ordered by
Clark, George Father
Clark, George Ordered by
Clark, George H. Ordered by
Clark, Helen Deceased
Clark, Ida A. Mother
Clark, Ira L. Ordered by
Clark, J.M. Ordered by
Clark, James E. Ordered by
Clark, Kenneth Father
Clark, Maria Mother
Clark, Marian Mary Deceased
Clark, Mary Mother
Clark, Mary Ordered by
Clark, Mary J. Deceased
Clark, Mertice L. Deceased
Clark, Mimmie Ordered by
Clark, Mrs. Ordered by
Clark, Mrs.C.A. Ordered by
Clark, Mrs.C.A. Ordered by
Clark, Mrs.Edward Ordered by
Clark, Mrs.George Ordered by
Clark, Nancy Mother
Clark, Orissa A. Mother
Clark, Robert Father
Clark, Sarah Mother
Clark, William A. Deceased
Clark, William J. Father
Clark,? Mother
Clarke, Benedict Father
Clarke, Charles Father
Clarke, Hearty Mother
Clarke, Jeanette M. Deceased
Clarke, Julia M. Deceased
Clarke, Robert Father
Clary, Mary Ford Deceased
Clayton, Etta Mother
Clayton, Etta Mother
Clayton, George W. Father
Clearer, Robert Father
Cleaver, Emmaretta Ordered by
Cleaver, Emmeratta L. Deceased
Cleaver, Olive Mother
Cleaver, Robert Father
Clement, Abram Father
Clement, Adela Deceased
Clement, Col H.S. Ordered by
Clement, Daniel W. Deceased
Clement, Darius C. Deceased
Clement, Emily M. Deceased
Clement, George H. Ordered by
Clement, James E. Deceased
Clement, James Henry Deceased
Clement, John J. Father
Clement, Julia Y. Deceased
Clement, Mabel Ordered by
Clement, Mrs.D.W. Ordered by
Clement, Mrs.James Ordered by
Clement, Myron J. Ordered by
Clement, Rachel Mother
Clement, Samuel Father
Clements, Abner Deceased
Clements, Abraham Father
Clements, Albert Ordered by
Clements, Albert H. Father
Clements, lbert Harrison Deceased
Clements, Asa Father
Clements, Asa Father
Clements, Deborah Mother
Clements, Deby Mother
Clements, Dr.Zina Father
Clements, Frederick L. Deceased
Clements, Georgia A. Deceased
Clements, Georgiana Ordered by
Clements, Mary Mother
Clements, Moses Father
Clements, Mrs.George Ordered by
Clements, Mrs.George Ordered by
Clements, Mrs.George Ordered by
Cleminshaw, Laura Ordered by
Clemons, John Ordered by
Cleveland, Charles Ordered by
Cleveland, Charles O. Deceased
Cleveland, rederick Walter Deceased
Cleveland, Freeman P. Father
Cleveland, James Father
Cleveland, Lawrence Ordered by
Cleveland, Mrs.Chas. Ordered by
Cleveland, William Father
Cleveland, William H. Deceased
Cleveland, William H. Father
Clickner, Catherine Mother
Clifford, Charles Deceased
Clifford, George Father
Cline, Henry Father
Cline, Hiram C. Father
Clingen, Alta M. Deceased
Clingen, Thomas Father
Clingen, Thomas Ordered by
Clipper, Jennie Deceased
Clipper, Wesley Father
Clitz, Capt.Henry C. Father
Clopton, Robert Father
Close, Josiah Father
Close, Mary Mother
Close, Mary Mother
Closon, C.S. Ordered by
Closson, Bart A. Deceased
Closson, C.S. Ordered by
Closson, C.S. Ordered by
Closson, C.S. Ordered by
Closson, C.S. Ordered by
Closson, C.S. Ordered by
Closson, C.S. Ordered by
Closson, C.S. Ordered by
Closson, C.S. Ordered by
Closson, Fannie Ordered by
Closson, Frederick E. Father
Closson, Sarah Deceased
Clothier, Benjamin Father
Clothier, Benjamin P. Deceased
Clothier, Helen E. Mother
Clothier, Lavinia Mother
Clothier, Lillie Mother
Clothier, Mrs.B.P. Ordered by
Clougher, ary Catherine Deceased
Clougher, Thomas Father
Clum, Christina Mother
Clunis, Edwin Ordered by
Clunis, Erwin Ordered by
Clunis, Erwin A, Father
Clunis, Erwin A. Ordered by
Clunis, Kathlein Deceased
Clunis, Myra Deceased
Clute, Asa Father
Clute, Asa Father
Clute, Catherine Deceased
Clute, Eliza H. Deceased
Clute, Gerchan, oversee f poor Ordered by
Clute, Jacob H. Father
Clute, Julia M. Mother
Clute, William Father
Clute,? Father
Cluvis, Erwin A. Father
Cluvis, Quentin R. Deceased
Clyne, Elman A. Ordered by
Clyne, Sarah A. Deceased
Cochran, Joseph H. Deceased
Cochran, Robert R. Father
Cochran, Robert R. Ordered by
Cochrane, lizabeth Roberto Deceased
Cochrane, Mrs.Robert Ordered by
Cochrane, Mrs.Robert Ordered by
Cochrane, Mrs.Robert Ordered by
Cochrane, Robert Father
Cochrane, Robert R. Deceased
Cochrane, Robert R. Father
Codner, Arthur Deceased
Codner, George Father
Codner, George Ordered by
Coe, Hannah Mother
Coe, Maria R. Mother
Coe, Marie Mother
Coffee, Margaret Mother
Coffey, Clara V. Deceased
Coffey, James J. Deceased
Coffey, Margaret Mother
Coffey, William H. Ordered by
Coffin, Elisha Father
Coffin, Elizabeth M. Ordered by
Coffin, Elvin M. Deceased
Coffin, Saloma Mother
Coffinger, Anna W. Deceased
Coffinger, David Ordered by
Coffinger, David Ordered by
Coffinger, Grace Deceased
Coffinger, Sarah Deceased
Cogan, Ercelia E. Deceased
Cogan, Peter Deceased
Cogan, Walter H. Ordered by
Coggins, James Father
Cohen, Clarence Father
Cohen, Rebecca Deceased
Cohen, Samuel Deceased
Cokefair, Mrs.Isaac Ordered by
Colbert, Mary Mother
Colburn, Deceased
Colburn, Deceased
Colburn, daughter Deceased
Colburn, Edward Father
Colburn, Edward Father
Colburn, Edward Ordered by
Colburn, Edward Ordered by
Colburn, Frank Ordered by
Colburn, Jennie Ordered by
Colburn, Mary Deceased
Colburn, Mary Mother
Colcord, onathan Marshall Deceased
Colcord, Mrs Ordered by
Colcord, Samuel Father
Cole, Alida J. Deceased
Cole, Amanda E. Mother
Cole, Barton Deceased
Cole, Celia A. Deceased
Cole, Christina Mother
Cole, Collins B. Ordered by
Cole, Collins,B. Deceased
Cole, Cornelius Father
Cole, Enos W. Father
Cole, Enos W. Father
Cole, Harvey Frederick Deceased
Cole, Henry Father
Cole, James Father
Cole, Louis E. Ordered by
Cole, Mabel A. Deceased
Cole, Mary Mother
Cole, Minnie Deceased
Cole, Mrs.J.M.,Jr. Ordered by
Cole, Mrs.Wallace Ordered by
Cole, Myra Mother
Cole, Myron H. Father
Cole, Myron H. Ordered by
Cole, Nellie M. Mother
Cole, Orissa A. Deceased
Cole, Rachael Mother
Coleman, Albert C. Deceased
Coleman, Evalina W. Deceased
Coleman, Ezra Father
Coleman, Helen Mother
Coleman, Mary H. Deceased
Coleman, Mrs Ordered by
Coleman, Mrs.Thomas Ordered by
Coleman, Nathan Father
Coleman, Nathan F. Father
Coleman, Obed M. Deceased
Coleman, Obed M. Father
Coleman, Oscar Deceased
Coleman, Oscar Father
Coleman, Thomas Ordered by
Collamer, Charles M. Ordered by
Collamer, Cyrena Mother
Collamer, Cyrena Mother
Collamer, Hiram Father
Collamer, John H. Deceased
Collamer, Mary Mother
Collamer, Mary S.R. Deceased
Collamer, Mrs.John Ordered by
Collamer, Teresa Mother
Collamer, Warren B. Deceased
Collamer, William Father
Collar, Anna Ordered by
Collar, Augustus M. Deceased
Collar, John Father
Collar, Theodore M. Father
College, Dr. Ordered by
Coller, Anna Ordered by
Coller, Francis H. Deceased
Coller, Theodore M. Father
Colligan, Edward Father
Colligan, Elsie Mother
Collins, John DeLaney Deceased
Collins, Julia Mother
Collins, Margaret A. Deceased
Collins, Mary Deceased
Collins, Mary Mother
Collins, Mary Ordered by
Collins, Mary Ordered by
Collins, Mary Ann Mother
Collins, Moriah Mother
Collins, Robert S. Father
Collins, Robert S. Ordered by
Collins, Viola Mother
Collord, Alonzo Father
Colson & McKay Ordered by
Colson, Anna Ordered by
Colton, Mrs.S.S. Ordered by
Colton, Mrs.S.S. Ordered by
Colton, Sidney Smith Deceased
Colvin, Amy Ordered by
Colvin, Hiram Father
Colvin, Hiram Father
Colvin, Margery Mother
Colvin, William D. Deceased
Coman, Eugene B. Deceased
Coman, Isaac Father
Comber, Jane Mother
Combs, Phebe Mother
Comings, Ferris Father
Comisky, Joseph Deceased
Comisky, Philip Father
Comstock, Dr.Carl Ordered by
Comstock, Elizabeth Ordered by
Comstock, Fred Ordered by
Comstock, Gideon Father
Comstock, Mary Mother
Conbren, Mary E. Mother
Conde, Miguel Deceased
Condi, Consebis Father
Condi, Ensebis Ordered by
Condon, Bridget Mother
Condon, James P. Deceased
Condon, Mrs.James Ordered by
Condon, Thomas Deceased
Condon, Thomas Father
Condon, Winifred Mother
Confer, Ethel Minnie Deceased
Confer, Infant Deceased
Confer, Maurice Father
Confer, Maurice Ordered by
Confer, Maurice J. Ordered by
Congiski, Michael Deceased
Conkey, Ella M. Ordered by
Conkey, Ithernas Father
Conkey, Lucinda Mother
Conklin, George B. Father
Conklin, eorge Belcher Deceased
Conklin, Jacob Father
Conklin, Mary Deceased
Conklin, Mrs.Othneil Ordered by
Conklin, Othniel Deceased
Conklin, Sidney S. Father
Conkling, Father
Conley, Alfred Father
Conley, George A. Deceased
Conley, Margaret Mother
Conley, May Mother
Conley, Thomas Father
Conlin, Teresa Mother
Conlon, Alice Mother
Conlon, dward Walter Deceased
Conlon, Michael F. Father
Conlon, Mrs.Michael Ordered by
Connell, Bridget Mother
Connell, James Father
Connell, Mary Mother
Connelly, Mary Mother
Connelly, Mary Mother
Connelly, Mary Mother
Conners, Infant dau. Deceased
Conners, John F. Father
Conners, John F. Ordered by
Connihan, John Father
Connihan, Thomas J. Deceased
Connolly, Catherine Mother
Connolly, ennie Tabor Deceased
Connolly, John Father
Connolly, Margaret Mother
Connolly, Wesley T. Ordered by
Connor, Michael* Ordered by
Conover, Katherine E. Deceased
Conroy, Catherine Mother
Converse, Jeremiah Father
Converse, Jeremiah L. Deceased
Conway, Ellen Deceased
Conway, James Father
Conway, James Father
Conway, James J. Ordered by
Conway, John Deceased
Cook, Grace Ordered by
Cook, Andrew Father
Cook, Asher Father
Cook, Augustsus Deceased
Cook, Augustus Father
Cook, Beysey E. Mother
Cook, Charlotte Mother
Cook, Claude J. Deceased
Cook, Ely R. Father
Cook, Etta E. Deceased
Cook, Frank Ayrs Deceased
Cook, George Deceased
Cook, George Father
Cook, Harvey Deceased
Cook, Harvey J. Father
Cook, Harvey,Jr. Father
Cook, Infant Deceased
Cook, John J.M. Father
Cook, Leslie Ordered by
Cook, Leslie A. Father
Cook, Leslie A. Ordered by
Cook, Leslie A.,Jr. Deceased
Cook, Leslie,Sr. Father
Cook, Luther W. Deceased
Cook, Lydia Ann Deceased
Cook, Margaret Mother
Cook, Margaret Edith Deceased
Cook, argaret Maines Deceased
Cook, Maria Louise Deceased
Cook, Mary Mother
Cook, Mrs Ordered by
Cook, Mrs.Augustus Ordered by
Cook, Mrs.Claude Ordered by
Cook, Mrs.F.A. Ordered by
Cook, Mrs.Harvey,Jr. Ordered by
Cook, Ransom Father
Cook, Ransom Ordered by
Cook, Rev.Asher Deceased
Cook, Samuel Father
Cook, W.H. Ordered by
Cook, William Father
Cook, William H. Father
Cooke, Lucy L. Mother
Cooke, Mrs.Rolland Ordered by
Cooke, Rolland Clarke Deceased
Cooke, Sarah Mother
Cooke, William W. Father
Cookingham, Anna B. Deceased
Cookingham, Lewis W. Ordered by
Cooley, Andrew Deceased
Cooley, Wellington Ordered by
Cooley, William Father
Coombs, Elizabeth Mother
Coombs, William Father
Coomer, Betsey Mother
Coon, Clark Father
Coon, Frank W. Deceased
Coon, Irving Ordered by
Coon, Joseph Father
Coon, Mary Mother
Coon, Mary Mother
Coon, Mrs.Frank Ordered by
Coon, Mrs.Joseph Ordered by
Cooney, Catherine Mother
Cooney, Katherine Mother
Coons, Carrie Ordered by
Coons, Mary E. Deceased
Cooper, Abigail Mother
Cooper, Alice Ordered by
Cooper, Alice M. Deceased
Cooper, Betsey Deceased
Cooper, Charlotte Mother
Cooper, David S. Ordered by
Cooper, Harry Ordered by
Cooper, Henry Deceased
Cooper, Henry Father
Cooper, Mary Mother
Cooper, Mary Mother
Cooper, Regina Mother
Cooper, Regina Mother
Cooper, Robert Father
Coots, Minnie Mother
Cope, F. Mother
Corbett, Eliza Mother
Corbett, Eliza Mother
Corbett, Ellen Mother
Corbett, Mary Mother
Corbett, Patrick Father
Corbin, Harold Ordered by
Corbin, Harold Ordered by
Corbitt, Margaret Deceased
Corey, Josephine Ordered by
Corey, Albert Father
Corey, Mrs.Robert D. Ordered by
Corey, Newton S. Father
Corey, Robert D. Deceased
Corey, Ruth S. Deceased
Coriell, Elizabeth H. Deceased
Cork, Caroline Mother
Cork, Charles Father
Corlew, Bertha Deceased
Corneil, Elizabeth Mother
Cornell, Amelia J. Deceased
Cornell, Daniel B. Ordered by
Cornell, Eleanor Deceased
Cornell, Eva Mother
Cornell, H.N. Ordered by
Cornell, H.N. Ordered by
Cornell, Henry Father
Cornell, Mary Mother
Cornell, William W. Father
Corning, Eliza Mother
Cornwell, Daniel Father
Cornwell, Margaret C. Deceased
Corp, Albert Deceased
Corp, Bessie Ordered by
Corp, Mattie C. Mother
Corp, Orville Father
Corp, Ruth Mother
Corrigan, Polly Mother
Corse, Zranziska Mother
Corsen, Margaret Mother
Cory & Maguire Ordered by
Costello, Anna Deceased
Costello, Bertha M. Ordered by
Costello, Bertha May Deceased
Costello, Catherine Deceased
Costello, Edward Deceased
Costello, Edward Ordered by
Costello, George Father
Costello, George H. Deceased
Costello, George H. Ordered by
Costello, James Deceased
Costello, John Deceased
Costello, John Father
Costello, John Ordered by
Costello, Martin Father
Costello, Martin Father
Costello, Mrs.Thomas Ordered by
Costello, Phillemon Deceased
Costello, Sarah A. Deceased
Costello, Thomas Deceased
Costello,? Father
Costello,? Father
Cote, Frank Father
Cote, Frank Father
Cote, Louis G. Deceased
Cote, Stewart Deceased
Cotter, Fanny Mother
Cotter, Margaret Mother
Cotton, Henrietta Mother
Cotton, Laura A. Deceased
Couch, Electa Mother
Coudray, Elizabeth Mother
Cougdon, mma Mather Deceased
Coughlin, Ellen Mother
Coughlin, Margaret Mother
Coughlin, Mrs.John Ordered by
Courtney, George Leo Deceased
Courtney, Mrs.Thomas Ordered by
Courtney, Sarah Mother
Courtney, Thomas Father
Couse, James E. Father
Couse, John E. Deceased
Couse, Sarah Ordered by
Covell, Isaac Deceased
Covell, Loretta Mother
Covell, Seth Father
Covell, Seth Father
Covell, Seth Father
Covell, Seth,Jr. Deceased
Covell,? Father
Covell,? Mother
Covell,? Father
Covelle, Carrie Mother
Covelle, Cora D. Mother
Covey, Catherine Mother
Covey, Sarah Mother
Coville, Beulah Mother
Cowan, ugustus Palmer Deceased
Cowee, David Father
Cowee, David,Jr. Deceased
Cowee, Eleanor Ordered by
Cowen, Hugh Ordered by
Cowles, Accuith Mother
Cox, Lindrell Ordered by
Cox, Forrest Blaine Deceased
Cox, Frank Father
Cox, James S. Deceased
Cox, Jane Brewster Deceased
Cox, Mary Ordered by
Cox, Mary Ordered by
Cox, Mary Ann Deceased
Cox, Mrs.James Ordered by
Cox, Smith Father
Cox, William Father
Coxe, Helen Susan Deceased
Coxe, James T. Ordered by
Cozzens, George Father
Cozzens, Lewis Father
Cozzeus, Julia Deceased
Crafts, Thankful Mother
Craig, Agnes Mother
Craig, Charlotte Deceased
Craig, Elizabeth J. Deceased
Craig, John W. Ordered by
Craig, May Mother
Craig, Priscilla Mother
Craighead, arriet VanAuken Deceased
Cramer, Conrad Father
Cramer, Couried Father
Cramer, George H. Deceased
Cramer, George H. Ordered by
Cramer, John C. Deceased
Cramer, Lucinda A. Deceased
Cramer, Margaret Mother
Cramer, Mrs.George Ordered by
Cramer, Mrs.George Ordered by
Crandall, Alvah J. Deceased
Crandall, daughter of Deceased
Crandall, Ellen Mother
Crandall, Florence M. Mother
Crandall, Loretta Mother
Crandall, Maria Mother
Crandall, Mary S. Mother
Crandall, Stephen Father
Crandell, Fones Father
Crandell, Mrs.P. Ordered by
Crandell, Philander Deceased
Crane, Cornelia Yates Deceased
Crane, Edgar W. Ordered by
Crane, Edgar William Deceased
Crane, Frances Mother
Crane, Infant son Deceased
Crane, Jennie Ordered by
Crane, Mary E. Deceased
Cranston, Eliza Mother
Crawford, Charles B. Deceased
Crawford, Elida Mother
Crawford, Elida Mother
Crawford, Elizabeth Mother
Crawford, Margaret Mother
Crawford, Mary Mother
Crawford, Robert Father
Crawford,? Mother
Cray, Carrie Mother
Creasey, George Father
Creed, Elizabeth Mother
Creen, Catherine Mother
Cribley, Eugene Father
Cribley, Mary A. Deceased
Crippen, eorge Morgan Deceased
Crippen, Kate Baker Deceased
Crocker, Susan Mother
Crocket, Lina Mother
Croff, Eliza Taft Deceased
Crolius, Erma Frances Deceased
Crombie, John Father
Cromwell, Florence Ordered by
Cromwell, Elizabeth Deceased
Cromwell, Ella Mother
Cromwell, Oliver Father
Cromwell, Oliver Father
Cromwell, Philip Father
Cronin, Ordered by
Cronin, Cornelius Father
Cronin, Cornelius Father
Cronin, Ellen Deceased
Cronin, Hannah Mother
Cronin, John J. Ordered by
Cronin, Mary Deceased
Cronkhite, Arahel P. Father
Cronkhite, Arba S. Deceased
Cronkhite, Charles Ordered by
Cronkhite, Eveline M. Deceased
Cronkhite, Martha A. Deceased
Cronkhite, ary Bockes Deceased
Cronkhite, Porter Father
Crooks, Andrew Deceased
Crooks, Andrew Father
Crooks, nfant daughter Deceased
Crooks, James Ordered by
Crooks, James A. Father
Crooks, James A. Ordered by
Crooks, Martin Father
Crooks, Martin Ordered by
Crooks, Sarah T. Deceased
Croones, Walter Ordered by
Crosby, Althea Mother
Crosby, Bertha Ordered by
Crosby, dward Wendell Deceased
Crosby, James F. Father
Cross, Mary Mother
Crossing, Edward Father
Crouch, Fannie Mother
Crowl, Alvin A. Father
Crowley, Thomas Father
Crozier, Amelia Mother
Crozier, Charlotte Mother
Crozier, Mrs.William B. Ordered by
Crozier, Mrs.Wm. Ordered by
Crozier, Thomas Father
Crum, Richard Ordered by
Crump, Kaziah Mother
Cruse, Lucinda Mother
Cruse, Mary E. Mother
Cudney, Dudley D. Ordered by
Cudney, Margaret C. Deceased
Cullard, Charles A. Ordered by
Culpepper, Miles Father
Culver, S.L. Ordered by
Culver, Lois Starr Deceased
Cummings, Agnes Deceased
Cummings, Alice May Deceased
Cummings, Anna L. Deceased
Cummings, es Alice Jennie Ordered by
Cummings, ane Elizabeth Deceased
Cummings, Matilda Deceased
Cummings, Michael Ordered by
Cummings, Mrs.Chas Ordered by
Cummings, Mrs.James Ordered by
Cummings, Mrs Michael Ordered by
Cummings, Sylvester Father
Cummings, Sylvester Father
Cummings, Sylvester Father
Cummings, Sylvester Ordered by
Cummings, Sylvester J. Deceased
Cummings, Sylvester J. Father
Cummins, Delphine Mother
Cumnmings, James J. Ordered by
Cunniff, John Deceased
Cunniff, Richard Father
Cunningham & Tarou Ordered by
Cunningham children Ordered by
Cunningham, Deceased
Cunningham, Andrew Father
Cunningham, Baby Deceased
Cunningham, Bridget Mother
Cunningham, Bridget Mother
Cunningham, Charles Father
Cunningham, Charles Ordered by
Cunningham, Charles . Ordered by
Cunningham, Chas W. Ordered by
Cunningham, Ethel A. Deceased
Cunningham, Henry Ordered by
Cunningham, Henry H. Deceased
Cunningham, Henry H. Father
Cunningham, Jane Deceased
Cunningham, ohn Andrew Deceased
Cunningham, John H. Ordered by
Cunningham, Margaret Mother
Cunningham, Maria V. Deceased
Cunningham, Mary Mother
Cunningham, Mary Mother
Cunningham, Mary Mother
Cunningham, Mary C. Mother
Cunningham, Michael Father
Cunningham, Mrs Charles Ordered by
Cunningham, Mrs Willard Ordered by
Cunningham, Raymond Father
Cunningham Raymond Ordered by
Cunningham Raymond Ordered by
Cunningham, Ronald A. Deceased
Cunningham, Willard Deceased
Cunningham, William Father
Curine, Alma Deceased
Curley, Thomas Father
Curley, Thomas Henry Deceased
Curran, Isabelle Mother
Curry, Abigal Mother
Curry, Julia E. Deceased
Curry, Patrick Father
Curtis, A.E. Ordered by
Curtis, Allison Elmore Deceased
Curtis, Ann Eliza Deceased
Curtis, Anna G. Mother
Curtis, Chauncey Father
Curtis, Clarence S. Father
Curtis, Clarence S. Ordered by
Curtis, Cordella Mother
Curtis, ouglas Winfred Deceased
Curtis, dward McKendry Deceased
Curtis, Eleanor Mother
Curtis, Elizabeth Mother
Curtis, Elizabeth Mother
Curtis, Elizabeth Mother
Curtis, Emily Mother
Curtis, Eugenia Ordered by
Curtis, Florence M. Deceased
Curtis, Foster H. Father
Curtis, Henry B. Ordered by
Curtis, Irena Mother
Curtis, Irene Mother
Curtis, Jemima Mother
Curtis, Mary Mother
Curtis, Mary M. Deceased
Curtis, Minnie A. Deceased
Curtis, Mrs.Addison Ordered by
Curtis, Phoebe A. Mother
Curtis, Rosena Ordered by
Curtis, Sarah Mother
Curtiss, C.S. Ordered by
Cushing, Albert Henry Deceased
Cushing, Ella Ordered by
Cushing, Ernest Ordered by
Cushing, Harriett L. Deceased
Cushing, Leonard Father
Cushing, Mrs.A.H. Ordered by
Cushman, Abigail Mother

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