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"Reminiscences of Saratoga"
compiled by Cornelius E. Durkee

Page 9


Feb. 8th, Thos. J. Marvin married Mrs. Harriet Fraser.

Feb. 13th, Miles Beach died. He was postmaster and also the father of W. A. Beach.

March 31, Richard L. Mien, M.D. married Aurelia Ann Putnam, daughter of Benj. R. Putnam.

Apr. 25. Sidney J. Cowen and Thos. Rogers opened a law office.

May 1. Steele & Allen opened a drug store on Broadway opposite Washington St.

May 15th. Union Hall was opened for the season of 1837 by Washington Putnam and Asher I. Taylor.

June 26, Richard Searing died at the age of 72 years. He was the father of Col. Wm. M. Searing.

August, Railroad station was moved from Broadway to present location of Depot.

Oct. 3, Gary B. Moon married Harriet Hart.


John M. Davison was appointed register of the court.

March 23., Dr. John H. Steele died. He was then postmaster. Dr. Allen was appointed at his death and continued in office until 1841 when Judiah Ellsworth was appointed.

Dolly M. Abel died April 25th. She kept a select school, first on Broadway and then on Washington St. in the house which stood east of the present Episcopal Church.


May 28, John H. Beach married Mary S. daughter of Col. Samuel Young. He died in California and the widow resided here marrying Dr. Wayland.

June 3, U. S. Hotel and Congress Hall opened for the season of 1839.

Pavilion Hotel was kept by Wm. Lee, as agent for Daniel McLaren.

July 24, E. K. Bangs married Emma Matilda Watts. Mr. Bangs kept a select school in a building located south of the residence of the late Former Senator Edgar Truman Brackett.

Aug. 1, U. S. Hotel was kept this season by Thomas and Marvin.

Sept. 9, McDonnell and Savage opened a Hardware Store on Broadway.

Sept. 24th, Nicholas E. Young married Caroline A. Andrews.


Gideon Putnam married Stella C. Shaw. He was the oldest brother of Judge John R. Putnam.

N. E. Young opened a jewelry store on Broadway.

April 7, Geo. W. Spooner commenced publishing The Saratoga Whig, a weekly paper.

June 9, Union Hall was opened for the season of 1840 by W. and R. Putnam, as proprietors.

Pavilion Hotel was opened by William Colyer.

Dr Samuel Freeman came from Ballston and formed a partnership with Dr. J. L. Perry.

This year George W. Wilcox built the American Hotel.

July 9, Jas. M. Andrews married Rosanna Brown.

Sept. 28, Jas. Savage married Eunice L. Barnum.

Henry Cushing, father of L. R. Cushing, kept the Railroad House, now the Worden Hotel, this year.

Dec. 8, C. W. & J. Patrick opened a grocery store on Broadway opposite the United States Hotel.


Lieut. Col. E. D. S. Young married Mary L. Lyon. He kept a grocery store on Broadway, south of Washington St. and R. H. Hathorn was his clerk.

Wilbur and Corey published the Saratoga Sentinel.

April 13, H. R. Hathorn and W. N. Young opened a dry goods store on Broadway south of Washington St., succeeding E. D. S. Young.

May 11, Joseph Wescott opened a store on Broadway opposite Division St.

Montgomery Hall located south of Washington St. was kept by J. T. Blanchard.

June 24, Judiah Ellsworth, was appointed postmaster in place of Dr. Allen. The Post Office was moved to the basement under the American Hotel now a barber shop.

July 15th, Ladies Fair at Covent Garden House for sale of articles, the proceeds of which were to be used to furnish the new Presbyterian Church, then on the north

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