Surrender of General Burgoyne
By John Trumbull, 1821
Courtesy of the Architect of the Capitol

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September - October 1777


       Heritage Hunters is proud to have this national park as part of our rich historical tradition in Saratoga County. The park commemorates the two battles fought there during the Revolutionary War. Of these two battles of Saratoga, known as the Battles of Freeman's Farm, Bemis Heights or Stillwater, the second battle was the first great victory of the Americans and was deemed by many historians to be the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

       The British campaign was designed to split the colonies by taking control of the Hudson River. General John Burgoyne was to advance south from Canada, General Barry St. Leger east along the Mohawk River and Sir Henry Clinton (replacing Sir William Howe) north from New York City. Neither St. Leger nor Clinton was successful, leaving Burgoyne's forces alone in the campaign. Burgoyne easily took Fort Ticonderoga but suffered a stinging defeat in an attempted raid on Bennington.

       Burgoyne continued south, crossing the Hudson River on September 13, 1777, halting near the Saratoga site of what is now the village of Schuylerville. The Americans, under the leadership of General Horatio Gates, assisted by Major Generals Benedict Arnold and Benjamin Lincoln, Colonel Daniel Morgan's corp of Indian fighters, and other Continental and Militia troops were entrenched at Bemis Heights. With American forces threatening his rear, Burgoyne attempted to break through on September 19th but the engagement was indecisive. He attempted a second breakthrough on October 7th, but was repulsed and forced to retreat eight miles back to old Saratoga. The British entrenched there, but surrounded by American forces and low on supplies, were forced to surrender on October 17th.

       The Saratoga National Historical Park has amassed a wealth of documents relating to this period and has graciously allowed Heritage Hunters volunteers to examine, evaluate, and record for our SaratogaCoWebPage, information regarding those who fought there on the American side. The Park Superintendent, Frank Dean, has appointed Rangers Gina Johnson and Eric Schnitzer to function in liaison with Heritage Hunters and they are providing valuable guidance in this research.

       These records have been developed from various reference materials developed and maintained by National Park personnel and volunteers. We have also been able to utilize reference materials maintained by others across the country who have been generous in their contribution of additional information. The "Ref." listed with each record provides reference information. For these references see below this foreword or use the link under the index above. Persons are included who were at or in support of the engagements between the date of the first battle and the surrender of Burgoyne.

       Heritage Hunters volunteers have spent many hours scrutinizing these documents, including some very old handwritten records, to develop the information below. Those volunteers include Fletcher Blanchard, Karen Clark, John Paris and others. Harold Howe spent considerable time researching and organizing this project. Frank Goodway has edited the data into a web page format and he and Fletcher Blanchard have provided additional information from other sources. Carol Farrell and Kara Phillips are also helping enter new information. Pat Peck is providing editing for the files.

       A major source for information about New Yorkers at the battles has been Donald E. Lampson. He has furnished materials about the 2nd and 4th NY Continental Line regiments (cited as NY04) and has put together a large compilation of pensions, payroll and lists regarding the 10th Albany Militia regiment (cited as DL01). His contribution is greatly appreciated. The materials he has provided have turned over to the Saratoga National Park.

      Considerable effort was spent to assure that the records on these pages, which came from more than 100 different sources, represent an accurate account of the participants in the battles of Saratoga. Some records state clearly that the participant was indeed present, but many require interpretation to arrive at this conclusion. In the case of a soldier, his membership in a Company and Regiment known to have been at the battles, muster rolls, pay accounts, enlistment dates and periods, appointment dates; all provide evidence to evaluate.

      As an example, One of the largest record sources has been (MA01), "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution," originally published (Boston, 1896). Many of these records include Co., Regt. and pay periods that infer participation and others give different qualifying information.

      While the inclusion of the militia regiments was straightforward, in (MA01) there were 15 continental line regiments at the battles whose records do not specifically list Saratoga battles information. However, the National Archives confirm that the persons included were there during the battle dates.

      In addition, some participants are listed as being in a Colonel's, Lieut. Colonel's or Major's company. These types of companies did not exist until after the battles, but they are preserved as part of the original record. Additional information in each record usually indicates who the Captain was in 1777.

      As with any such project, please consider this a "work in progress." We would appreciate learning of any errors or omissions and would be pleased to correct or augment any of these records with new valid information. Please direct such information to:

Frank Goodway
Original Publication
August 1997
Last Updated Nov 2012
About 18,000+ entries
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